Protect Yourself from Negative Entities: “Hyper-Dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment” (Webinar)

Hyper-Dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment (Webinar)

Wake Up World

3rd July 2016

Entitled “Hyper-dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment”, this eye-opening panel discussion covers a range of topics relating to hyperdimensional interference, attack and manipulation, including emotional traps, and hyperdimensional “technologies”, plus valuable information to help you identify interference and attacks, and effectively protect yourself from them.

Recorded online in May 2016, this frank and honest discussion features insights from Eve Lorgen, Tom Montalk, Carissa Conti, Laura Leon, Bernhard Guenther, and James Bartley.

(If you are wondering if this video presentation may be of interest to you, please check out details of the topics and points discussed by the panel, which are listed just below the video.)

Video via TimeOfTransition.

“Hyper-Dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment” (Webinar)

Topics and points discussed:

  • The macro-perspective/bigger picture of the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System and how it ties in with the micro-perspective: hyperdimensional interference on a personal/individual level. Clarification and definition of basic concepts.
  • Suppression of extra-sensory perception and social/cultural conditioning (starting in childhood) keeps hyperdimensional forces hidden from our awareness.
  • Hyperdimensional “technologies” used for interference/manipulation: shape-shifting, thought injections, manipulation of perception, etc.. They have knowledge of our physiology and psychology and use it against us.
  • As powerful as negative entities seem, their “achilles heel” is lack of creativity (when it comes to attack/interference) and are actually not as powerful as they like us to believe. Patterns easily detectable if there is knowledge and awareness.
  • Importance of gaining knowledge about this topic and educating oneself for empowerment and protection.
  • Ancient cultures were very aware of the hidden forces influencing our reality/world. Suppression of Knowledge. Corruption of Science. “Modern” world caught in limited 3D reductionist thinking and view of life/reality. Outer technological progress at cost of developing our inner technology (mind-body split by design}, which cuts us off from our full potential and ability to perceive these forces.
  • All our unresolved issues within us are gateways for hyperdimensional interference and suggestions that influence our behaviors and actions.
  • Manipulation of desires and emotions. Entities controlling groups/crowds and feeding off of the “loosh”, including worship/admiration (gurus, priests, politicians).
  • Normalization of pathology in society. The predator gave us its own mind.
  • Importance of healthy skepticism (Discernment) as opposed to blind belief and extreme skepticism.
  • Normalization of sexual pathologies. Internet porn, strip clubs as feeding grounds. Hosting/Possession. Sex addiction, compulsions, change of personality. Manipulated sexual desires. Etheric implants.
  • Interference on internet message boards, forums, social media (Facebook). Important to check your compulsions, triggers, urges, thoughts before posting/reacting.
  • Interference while reading/researching about this topic and seeking truth: tiredness, distraction, ear ringing. Technological malfunctions. Negative synchronicities.
  • Disinformation “agents” sent your way. Ego hooks. Fake new “friends”.
  • People don’t know how much they are influenced and controlled by hyperdimensional forces until they start to wake up, seek truth, gain knowledge and engage in self work (de-programming, de-conditioning).
  • The end-game/goal of their agenda from a macro-perspective is full take-over of our bodies in order to lock us in a frequency prison, priming our bodies for their essence to host in. Hence the push for dis-embodiment, increasing the body-mind split via increased mental activity/distraction through technology/A.I. as well as poisoning the body via GMOs, EMF radiation, vaccinations, chemtrails, etc., for genetic modification. —> Hybridization.
  • Disinformation/trap of “positive aliens”supposedly upgrading our DNA, which is actually a “downgrading”. Discernment! Ties into MK Ultra, abductions/contactees (fake screen memories). New Age deception.
  • Embodiment (full soul integration, connecting to our inner “technology”) is key for protection, awakening and  anchoring higher frequencies, reconnecting to our original genetic blue print.
  • Humanity is being used as an “interface”. Soul recycling, stuck in incarnation loop and physicality.
  • Narcissism and Borderline Personality Disorders (as well as Sociopathy and Psychopathy) as major gateways (vehicles) for hyperdimensional hosting/interference. Trap of agreement when getting into reactive behavior; triggered into their “game”.
  • Importance of zero-point consciousness: Non-reactive; not making/taking things personal. Trap of interpersonal fighting which is what these entities want and feed of off.
  • Importance of boundaries and taking self-responsibility for the hyperdimensional forces can only target what resonates with our own wounds and weaknesses (psychologically and emotionally.
  • Trap of victim-consciousness and blame, which these entities encourage us to react with since that state disempowers us even more.
  • Via non-reactive zero-point consciousness and especially not getting/feeding into fear and paranoia, we can starve them so they lose interest and move on. i.e. not giving them what they want.
  • Certain reactions (fear/paranoia) are a form of permission for more interference/attacks because of the frequency match. Keeps increasing because of the feedback-loop.
  • Divide and conquer/in-fighting in the “truth movement” from a hyperdimensional perspective. Lack of emotional intelligence, embodiment and self-work in many well-meaning activists and conspiracy researchers. “Truthers” can become unconscious disinformation “agents”, especially if there is lack of understanding of the hyperdimensional matrix.
  • Oftentimes online/public personas are very different from how people are in person. Careful of “cult of personality” or “celebrity” style personas in the truth/conscious “movement” (ties into projection, worship, etc) who feed off of the attention and are caught up in drama/gossip/martyr/savior/victim mindsets, which is what negative hyperdimensional entities want and feed off of, working though them. Unconscious on their part.

  • Frequency Resonance Vibration and the power of our own minds with regards to shaping our experiences (for better or worse). Our lack of understanding of who truly are and what we are capable of is being used against us. Interferences/attacks don’t happen over night but build up slowly, manipulating our free will choice, resulting in traps of agreement.
  • Emotionally charged thought projections create “entities” or attracts them. Paranoid mechanical thought loops.
  • Timeline shuffling via thought injections and emotional manipulation, hijacking our minds, which results in negative forces creating reality through us that is in alignment with their agenda. We are way more creative and powerful than them, hence they need us to create through us via free will manipulation.
  • Trap of hyper-sensitivity/self-consciousness with regards to what other people think of you. Guilt and shame based due to past wounding.
  • Silence as a permission for interference and consent/trap of agreement. Be vocal about boundaries and question everything we perceive as “normal”: media, culture, government.
  • Government is an archonic creation and the most basic set-up of the Matrix Control System through which the hyperdimensional overlords work through. We don’t need government in any shape or form.
  • Voting is consent to be ruled over (a government body taking over your life), a trap of agreement giving away our power as sovereign individuals, and also a consent to the Matrix Control System based on authoritarianism. It has negative metaphysical repercussions despite any well-meaning intentions, manipulating people’s free will choice to align with the “alien” agenda.
  • Importance of making conscious choices and using true free will. Most people mistake free will for their mechanical programmed reactions based on social/cultural, unconscious programming and past trauma, i.e. they are not choosing consciously but do as they are programmed to do under the illusion of “free will”.
  • Hyperdimensional forces need our free will consent/choice to align with their agenda. Forced choice is not “nutritious” to them and not “quality food”, hence the manipulation of consciousness and mass beliefs. Manipulated need for authority  —> Stockholm Syndrome.
  • Sincere Self-work is imperative, deprogramming from cultural/social conditioning. Disillusionment is inevitable in the process of waking up.
  • Embodiment, the alchemical marriage of the inner male and female, connecting to spirit/nature and or own inner “authority” and guidance.
  • Importance of basic psychological self-work; shadow work. What are your emotional triggers?
  • Issues in relationships (not related to Love Bite/Dark Side of Cupid) when one person starts to wake up, engages in truth-seeking and self-work but the other person isn’t. Trap/danger of trying to make the other person “see” and “wake up”.
  • Anyone who is not in the process of sincere self-work, seeking truth (and not aware of the hyperdimensional matrix) can become a “trojan horse”, being used by entities to get to the one who is in the process of awakening. Discernment in relationships (not just the romantic kind)!
  • Safe vs. unsafe behaviors in relationships.
  • Trap of needing approval, resulting in self-diminishment and poor choices/relationships. Importance of self-worth and healthy self-love. Letting go of people-pleasing based on low self-esteem and lack of establishing healthy boundaries.
  • All about choice; what we align ourselves with and what not. Not making a choice is a choice as well (most often giving consent for interference/manipulation)
  • The socialist collective mindset the world is conditioned with on a political level is part of the NWO agenda and ultimately the hyperdimensional control system, priming the masses for full take-over with their manipulated free will consent. Group psychology and hive mind thinking, from small crowds to large spiritual, religious and political groups/parties.
  • Divide and conquer. Controlled opposition. Forced choices via manipulation.
  • Waking up is an individual process. We cannot force others to awaken. Infringement of free will. Most people are conditioned with lifetimes of lies, traps of agreements and programming that can’t be done away with “over night” by confronting them. You can’t do it for them. Spread “seeds of awareness”.
  • True “healers” and “guides” are facilitators and don’t save us or do the work for us.
  • The role of positive higher forces and how they help/guide and assist us.
  • The difference between true positive higher forces as opposed to negative forces posing as “positive” ones. False light teachings. Danger of rituals, calling in entities and aliens, ETs. Disinformation in the UFO community and various disclosure/exo-politics movements/organizations trying to connect with “positive” aliens and calling in UFOs. Discernment!
  • Pay attention to your intuitive insights and bodily messages (your gut!) regardless how intellectually clever and knowledgeable a person may appear (especially online).
  • All there is are lessons. Attacks are initiations. Utilizing negative forces as “teachers”. Importance of self-responsibility.
  • Timeline reality split. Integration. Embodiment. Alignment.

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