Energy Flows Where Our Attention Goes

Mind Your Own Energy!

10th August 2016

By Lynn Williams

Guest writer for Wake Up World

We are living “batteries” and the energy our minds and bodies generate allows us to create and take action toward those creations. While we do continually generate new energy, at any one moment in time, we have a limited amount of energy to use to create, take action toward our creations or to give to others. After a long day, we feel “drained” and need to sleep to regenerate our energy.

And it is because of the limited amount of energy available to us at any one moment that we need to be mindful of where we focus it. There are so many distractions coming at us at lightening speed through technology, media and people in our lives, that we can expend enormous amounts of energy trying to pay attention to it all, take it in and process it. And often, the things we focus on are of no value to us, do not enhance our lives and simply drain us.

Which is why it is wise to be mindful of where we are placing our energy throughout the day — so we can use it in ways that most benefit us. I have struggled with this in the past when I’ve been pulled to read Facebook posts that call my attention as they tumble down my news feed, but really have no benefit to my life (or anyone else’s) in any meaningful way. The time and energy I spend on them, I can never get back. The same happens if we mindlessly park ourselves in front of the TV (I gave mine away so that distraction is now gone for me); we can get off the couch feeling like we wasted hours of our time (and energy) watching some vacuous drivel. And we feel this way because on some level we know that we have spent our limited energy carelessly, in a way that did nothing to benefit us.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with relaxing to recharge ourselves after a long day. It is all about how we choose to do it.

There are other ways to recharge and relax that can actually replenish our energy reserves… such as quietly sitting and grounding in nature; giving of our time (energy) to a worthy cause; reading articles and books that expand our interests and knowledge; meditation; hanging out with with friends who don’t drain us but exchange energy in kind; snuggling with a pet; taking a walk; eating energy-rich foods; sunbathing to get some natural vitamin D; or creating something you are inspired to create, etc. There are millions of things we can do that regenerate us instead of draining our energy reserves.

This may seem like common sense, but if you do an assessment of where you spend your energy in a day, you may find it siphoning away into things that are of no value to you whatsoever. No wonder you find yourself exhausted or drained at the end of a day!

When we make better choices in how we spend our energy (e.g. on those things that replenish us) we find we stabilize our energy flow/loss, are generally happier, more fulfilled and need less sleep to replenish our lost energy. We also no longer waste our precious energy on things that merely distract us, but do nothing to add value to our lives. Now more than ever, with so much stimuli bombarding us, it behooves us to take stock of where we expend ourselves in order to remain balanced and healthy in body, mind and spirit.

As I make better choices on how to expend my own energy, I am finding that there is a peacefulness that has come over me… I feel less stress and I am a very happy person most of the time as a result. This has taken some willpower as I turn away from the things and people who drain me, but it has paid huge dividends in how I feel.

You may want to try choosing those things that replenish your energy and passing over those things that do not, and see how you feel after a week or so. Feel free to share your experiences with me on my Facebook page ( or join the conversation at

About the author:

Lynn Williams

Lynn Williams is a Psychic Intuitive, Energy Healer and Transformational Life and Spiritual Guide & Coach. She has been an  Empath and Claircognizant since she was a child. After her profound Spiritual Awakening in 2010, whereby all of her other psychic gifts of feeling, seeing and hearing into the other realms were opened, Lynn has dedicated her life and work to assisting others in their own spiritual awakenings, emotional healing and shadow work, teaching them how to remove etheric interferences that hinder them, and inspiring them to live healthier, more fulfilled lives. Lynn can activate awakenings within people with her words and “downloads” messages for her coaching clients directly from Source. She also works with people, pets and horses as a telepathic Energy Healer.

Lynn has been interviewed on numerous radio shows with regard to her Awakening experience and transformational teaching/coaching work. She has a BA in Human Resources from the University of Connecticut; attended The Coaches Training Institute to become a Certified Life Coach in 2003; and completed her Reiki Level I and II training from a 10th degree Master Teacher in 2011.

Lynn can be reached for coaching and teaching sessions via her Facebook page HERE.


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