Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius – Your True Uncensored Self

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius - Your True Uncensored Self 1

18th August 2016

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

Exciting times are upon us! With today’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, the internal process of deconstructing the old form of human society has reached its peak. During the last couple of years the radical change and mutation of our collective awareness has shown us truly what our journey on earth is really all about for us — experiencing and exploring consciousness in human form. Having spent much of 2016 working to liberate ourselves from the prevailing (and limited) worldview, a new paradigm is opening up for us now, and today’s Full Moon offers its full energetic support to this transition, showing us the new horizons and new ways of being that are just waiting for us to explore.

Let’s take a look at the astrological alignments that are supporting our current evolution.

Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius

A powerful theme is being reflected by the connection of Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius; overcoming the suppression of our individuation, and awakening and returning to our natural state of inner authority. In isolation, the movement of Mars (instinct) through Sagittarius brings us the feeling and power of the fire elements: joy, positivity, optimism and hope. In combination with Saturn (boundaries and structure) which is also in Sagittarius, this formation is offering a new shift in perspective regarding our relationship to ourselves (and by extension, each other) as unique individuals.

We all share the trauma of judgements being passed by others with regard to our uniqueness and individuality. Collectively, we have historically found safety in numbers, not individuality; we reject others’ beliefs because we cannot totally understand them, and create social boundaries and structures that reflect a common condition; a place we mutually feel secure and unchallenged. Yet, these kinds of social contracts and conditions require us to give up our sovereignty and exploration of our uniqueness to the will of the collective — creating further energetic trauma. As Mars (instinct) and Saturn (structure) connect in Sagittarius, the energetic effects will take place in an abstract yet very influential aspect in our collective consciousness — that which is associated with the South Node of Uranus (deconditioning).

The South Node of Uranus

Each of us brings into each moment the influence of the South Node of Uranus. Generally speaking, South Nodes of planets simply represent the past experiences that we have gone through, which transmute in our consciousness into what call our ‘past’. Now in the case of a South Node of an outer-system planet like Uranus, we are essentially looking very far back into our collective experiences on Earth. In the current astrological context, the South Node of Uranus is opening us up to see diversity as a way to understand the totality of creation.

So, at this time, we are being asked to honour the different paths we walk individually as extensions of the same collective Source. Each of us is here to observe and experience our Earthly journey from our own unique viewpoint, as consciousness in form, and to share what we experience with others — uncensored, and free of the limitation of conditioning — so we may come to know (but not judge) the totality of human experience.

With today’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, this new energetic direction is available for us now — a totally new way of being. A radical transformation into who and what we really are is now ready for us to go and explore, guided by instinct (Mars) and free of the constraints of socially-reinforced censorship and conformity (Saturn).

Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in Virgo

Jupiter’s recent influence has been about purifying our outmoded and deeply-ingrained truths, and we are now reaching the point where we can begin applying those new truths to our daily lives in a practical manner. In essence, it is a process of healing our past, by honouring and committing to our new path.

The culmination of Jupiter’s (representing our beliefs and philosophies) transition through the sign of Virgo (introspection) will soon be taking place, with the powerful connection to Venus and Mercury travelling alongside it. Additionally, during this month, Venus (needs and values) and Mercury (logical function) have made contact with the North Node which is also placed in Virgo. These planets will soon be squaring Mars (instinct) and Saturn (structure) in Sagittarius, and this diverse alignment will create an energetic tension of sorts — between our inner values and external structures, between the introspective and the instinctual. This will reveal to us great clarity around the evolution of our perspectives and truths, which have been rooted in the traditions and conditions of the past (and no longer serve our best interests), and the new evolutionary path that lies ahead of us.

The Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Libra - fbLanding at 25 degrees, the Full Moon in Aquarius holds a strong message: each of us holds a unique blueprint which, when awoken, can bring a very radical experience of our human journey here on Earth. As a vibrational archetype, Aquarius reflects how we see and experience the world in our own personal way; what our path is about on Earth and how we get to share that unique perspective with our fellow humans. The Moon, which is naturally ruled by the current alignment of Uranus in Aries, is amplifying this story of personal freedom, liberation and self-expression — a theme further intensified by today’s Lunar Eclipse.

At an energetic/karmic level, what we are dealing with is the collective hangover of 2000 years of spiritual suppression and patriarchal behaviour that has distorted the structures (social, economic, political, religious etc.) that regulate how we as a society relate to ourselves and each other. We have collectively begun awakening to this reality (in an extremely sobering way) since Uranus’s entrance into the sign of Aries in 2012. The Sun (ruled by Leo) in opposition to the Moon (ruled by Aquarius) is highlighting the lesson that self-validation is key to understanding our uniqueness — the lesson of the Leo archetype. Essentially, if we are to understand our journey on this plane, we have to first see ourselves, and validate and accept ourselves, for who, where and what we truly are.

Full Moon Message

So, who are you, really? What is the real you like? Beneath all the learned behaviours, the social norms, the expectations, the ‘niceness’, the adaptability to circumstances, and the self-defenses we use against them… Who are you? Have you ever been all that you are, without censoring yourself even just a little?

We live in a world which is always a physical representation of the past. It can only be that way, because it takes time to manifest a new or changing inner reality into physical creation. This means that every soul born into the world – as an evolving piece of consciousness itself – holds a level of consciousness that has already evolved beyond the outdated reality into which he or she is born. From that moment of birth, our minds begin to absorb information from our environment, experiences, education (both formal and informal), families, media, and observing the behaviours of others around us. And we continue collecting such data as we go through life, learning from what is — the outdated outer reflection of what has been. This is how conditioning takes place. This is how we learn to navigate the world around us, and to conform to its existing systems and methods. And this is also how we learn not to be who we truly are.

The body, with all its innate intelligence, is the vehicle for our journey. It responds to life in the moment, one step at a time, connecting, feeling and sensing in every moment. Yet, unlike any other species on Earth, we have learned to disconnect from that innate intelligence, and value instead the (limited, and easily misdirected) mind as the primary means of regulating our lives and behaviours. But, if you allow natural intelligence to lead through the sensations the body and instinct, it will take care of you, providing information (far beyond the 5 senses) to help you choose the path most aligned to your unique flow with life. It will show you what you are passionate about, what you fear, who you are, and how you are — by guiding you where you are meant to be; to the right place at the right time for the right circumstances to unfold, for you to be your true, unique and uncensored self.

Don’t allow your mind to limit your potential. Don’t allow yourself to be shaped by what you aren’t. You are here to be you, not to fit into the world. It’s time to stand up, and be your true uncensored self.

Simon & Jennifer.

About the authors:

Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Simon Vorster is an evolutionary astrologer and teacher who has been practising astrology for over 11 years. Together with his partner and co-founder of Raising Vibrations, Jennifer Langstone, their work is rooted in helping souls de-condition the self and empower the soul into making new conscious choices. Through their website, Raising Vibrations, and the consulting services they offer, Simon and Jennifer share their thoughts and insights and, using the powerful tool of evolutionary astrology, help and guide others to find their own spiritual paths, live authentically in the moment and understand ways they are able to positively effect their own spiritual evolution.

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