Are You Sabotaging Your Life with Negative Stories?


By Nanice Ellis

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Discover how to change your life, by changing your story.

Quite naturally, we all tell stories about our lives, but few of us realize that life unfolds according to the stories we tell, and, in fact, the moment you project meaning onto an experience, the story unfolds as you tell it — and this is how you create your reality!

This invisible process of creating reality is so smooth and seamless that few of us ever realize we are doing it, but nonetheless, whether conscious or unconscious, we all create our lives based on the meaning we apply to virtually everything.

To utilize this creative power for your highest good, the first thing you need to know is that there is a constant two-way communication between you and your life and because life is actually living consciousness, it willingly morphs and molds according to your thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, every time you apply meaning or tell a story about a past or present experience, you inadvertently communicate instructions to your life, and it loyally obliges by offering you more real life experiences that reflect the story you are telling, and, as a result, you determine your future.

So, if you frequently worry, look for potential problems or fear the worst, you may be sabotaging your life, and unconsciously choosing the reality you least desire, and this may explain nasty patterns of unwanted events.

Although we might be quick to judge an undesirable experience as “bad” no experience is really bad until we curse it with our judgment, and, in fact, when something “bad” happens, the moment you give it meaning, you decide the outcome. Even when a situation, event or relationship is predestined, the outcome is completely up to you and determined by the story you tell and the meaning you apply.

Although the future appears unpredictable, we can accurately predict it according to our current and past stories, so why predict a challenging future when you can call forth a wonderful life?

What about Facing Reality?

Some “realists” might argue that you should always face reality because ignoring reality is naïve, but why be a realist who must always react to reality (by nature of being a realist) when you can call forth a desirable reality by consciously aligning your thoughts and beliefs? Those who taught us to be “realistic” never knew the Power of Mind, but it is never too late to claim this power, simply by telling a better story.

Let’s be clear, this does not mean “trying to be positive” or always looking for the silver lining, and, in fact, it’s difficult to perceive or experience a silver lining from a negative viewpoint or “realistic mindset.” So, instead of pretending to be giddy with optimism, all you need to do is open to possibility!

The Space of Possibility

No doubt, there is a huge cost to focusing on negative outcomes, because, in doing so, you inadvertently block the quantum field of infinite potentials where the best outcome for any experience exists, and would naturally manifest if you didn’t get in the way. I call this the Space of Possibility and it is always available, but you cannot access this space while experiencing any type of resistance, whatsoever. And, let’s be honest, saying you are open doesn’t mean you are really open, especially if you are still drawing negative conclusions, waiting for the other shoe to drop, or preparing for the worst.

Releasing resistance requires that you let go of what you think you know – this includes, but is not limited to, logical outcomes, expected reactions, and your interpretation of the facts. This means that even when a difficult situation seems impossible to solve, you must relinquish the concept of impossible, and you must believe that the Universe can effortlessly solve any issue no matter how big or small.

By confidentially holding the space for the impossible to become possible, without jumping to negative conclusions or reacting to current feedback, the Universe can conspire for your highest good, and a miracle can materialize out of thin air (we call it a miracle, but it is just proper use of the quantum field).

In the Space of Possibility, you have the power to make the impossible possible!

All is Perfect, Always!

Doesn’t your life deserve a wonderful story with a very happy ending? Well, it is completely up to you! So, instead of allowing a negative story to decide an outcome or a series of negative stories to decide your fate, why not allow the Omnipotent Universe to orchestrate magic on your behalf?

Every experience contains the “seeds of positive potential,” but you must hold the space for those seeds to grow into gifts. The loss of one thing may lead to the manifestation of something substantially better; a missed train could result in a life-changing encounter, or a relationship break-up could align you with your soul mate. Indeed, you never know how life will unfold, and, in fact, all challenges are really gifts in disguise.

As you affirm “All is perfect for me, always” you invoke the Power of the Universe on your behalf!   

In love, grace and gratitude,

Copyright: Nanice Ellis 2019. All rights reserved

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