Chronic Viral Activity: a Functional and Integrative Approach to Profound Healing

November 23rd, 2017

By Raluca Schachter

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Alternative medicine and especially functional and integrative medicine recognizes the importance of a well functioning gastrointestinal system for good health. This includes, among many other actions, removal of problematic pathogens from the body.

Parasites, bacteria and fungi are able to generate a wide range of imbalances and illnesses. But the presence of latent viruses, which are hard to eradicate and often lead to chronic symptoms, is often missed and remains undetected or undiagnosed.

Often, chronic viruses develop and remain alive in the body without the carrier even being aware of them. Most people, including many physicians, believe that you get a virus and then you recover from it, without considering that many viruses may actually never leave the body. They simply “set up shop” in your body. This fact presents a threat to the health of millions of people, as chronic viral infections can wreak havoc on your health months, years or decades after first exposure. Any pathogen is able to derail the neurological and immune system, mitochondrial energy, methylation capacity and genetic expression.

Viruses have evolved a number of strategies for evading the immune system to establish a chronic infection. Some viruses encode specific genes that target infected cells or the immune system. Some viruses persist in certain cell types, where they are hidden from the immune system. Some viruses limit their replication, thus limiting the antigen available to alert the immune system. Some viruses are error prone in their replication, increasing the probability of generation of escape mutants. These viral mechanisms of immune evasion are balanced by mechanisms of regulation within the immune system.

Several chronic viruses that are found to be most common and problematic are: Herpes Simplex I (the “fever blister/cold sore” virus), genital herpes, Epstein-Barr Virus  (“Mono”, or Infectious Mononucleosis), Cytomegalovirus, Varicella Virus (Chicken Pox/Shingles), Parvo Virus B19 and Coxsackie A & B (the “Hand-Foot & Mouth” virus).

Dr Judy Mikovits and Frank Ruscetti are renowned researchers in the area of viral immunity and retroviral infections. Particularly, their research in chronic fatigue syndrome and its association with herpetic viruses and certain forms of cancer offered extremely valuable knowledge to the medical community.

A retrovirus is an RNA virus containing the enzyme reverse transcriptase.  When the virus enters the cell, it uses reverse transcriptase to direct the cell to create viral DNA.  This viral DNA becomes integrated into the host cell DNA. Once the DNA becomes impacted by this change in DNA transcription, the infected person is susceptible to numerous genetic mutations, including MTHFR and many other genes which control methylation.

In one of her presentations in 2009, Dr Mikovits revealed her findings from an article published (and later retracted) in the journal Science, which showed that a recently discovered retrovirus, XMRV (xenotropic murine leukemia virus related virus), had been found in 67% of chronic fatigue syndrome patients and at 3.75% in healthy patients. The main route of infection was through vaccines contaminated with mutated viruses…

Dr. Mikovits and her research team claimed that 6% of Americans were harboring this retrovirus, which was appearing in a very high percentage of people with diseases such as prostate cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, treatment resistant Lyme’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease. XMRV-like retroviruses compromise natural killer cells and T-cell rearrangements were identified.

New research indicates that as many as 55% of people with chronic fatigue syndrome have a defective form of Epstein-Barr Virus, making it difficult for the body to recognize the virus and to produce antibodies and cell-mediated immunity against it. Most doctors believe that EBV is “everywhere”, that virtually all of the population has been exposed and will carry antibodies to the disease, but are not affected by the virus unless it is active.  While this may be true in some cases, it is not a reason to dismiss  the notion that defective viruses may have pathogenic consequences, causing chronic inflammation and immune compromise in many people.

As also emphasized by Drs. Mikovits and Ruscetti, viral latency and aberrant viral behavior can prevent detection along with chronic stimulation of many host systems.  Viruses can hide in tissues rather than in the blood stream, and in the process of integrating in these tissues, evade and/or silence normal T and B cell functions which would attack and purge the virus.  A very close affinity for thyroid tissue has been observed with Herpes viruses, especially HHV-6A.  Approximately 85% of people with chronic fatigue syndrome have thyroiditis.  It is well known that viruses like Epstein-Barr or herpes contribute to autoimmune diseases.

Many individuals with autism inherited a toxic viral load or they received viral particles from vaccines, which their bodies weren’t able to properly attack and eliminate. The virus, together with the presence of some additional pathogens and toxins are overwhelming the immune system and determine dysfunctions in the nero-immune and endo-immune system, which will be unable to respond efficiently.

A Word About Proper Healing.

Only a surprisingly small number of genetic mutations is directly and exclusively responsible of causing illnesses, without the influence of toxins and pathogens, combined with the person’s health state and his/her defense mechanisms. If we fail to correctly detect the source of the stress, we’ll also fail to correct the problem by solving the underlying causes.

Therapeutically, the strategy needs to start by stabilizing the body first and by establishing a correct nutritional plan that fits each unique individual on a biochemical and genetic level. Then, it’s essential to detect all potential disruptors – hidden imbalances, deficiencies, infections, toxicity and metabolic dysfunctions and to understand the systems most impacted in the individual’s constitution. Lastly,  we need to address them in order of priority for that individual, considering his/her detox capacity and supporting this all the way through. The anti-viral supplementation program needs to be followed for a few months and even longer for long-lasting, chronic cases. It will contain specific and powerful nutrients like baicalin, pure, high quality CBD oil, monolaurin, polysachharidesglutathione and more.

Thanks to traditional herbal medicine and to strong clinical, scientific evidence, today we have hope for illnesses “without solution”, which can be actually reversible, once you are armed with the necessary knowledge and resources.

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