Enlightenment: To Die Before You Die

By Lorraine M. Newman

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Spiritual teachers say that to ‘die before we die’ is a requirement on the road to enlightenment, but what does this really mean? The words ‘to die’ hold feelings of endings, loss, and bereavement, so examining how we regard death, and even immortality, might help us to arrive at a place where this statement makes sense to our conscious minds.

Ancient spiritual traditions had insights into immortality, but over time these were lost or misunderstood. The Mayans, in their Pyramid of Fire Codex page eleven, say that if man returned the occult energy in their heart to the sun, it would make them immortal. The ancient Egyptians believed it was possible to ascend their ethereal bodies into the higher dimensional fields of the universe by-passing physical death, through a ritual using the spiritual technology of the pyramids. These references to transcendence by the ancients show us that they did not see death as an end.

To re-capture this spiritual heritage of immortality, it is worth looking at what our bodies are made of and how they age.

Today, in the accepted human condition, the body grows old, degenerates, and dies. This is something that we all know and experience in the world of form. Our bodies age as the cells that form them comply with the matrix of our beliefs and thoughts, to produce or out-picture what is in our minds: the ageing, decaying formula that we accept as real. The cells that renew our bodies are still subject to our beliefs, which we continue to produce according to what is in our minds; but although our bodies age, they are really a play of light and energy.

We all carry a spark of Source/God/All That is into this world, and as we evolve spiritually, this spark grows brighter. But why does our body continue to age and die even though we are progressing spiritually and holding more light? It is because we are still connected to a matrix of belief that says disease and death exist, and so of course this is what plays out before our eyes.

Some healers and spiritual teachers say that death, disease, and decay, are all illusions or paradigms, that result from the trauma of perceived separation from Source. The truth of immortality has been obscured from humanity for millennia, behind fathomless levels of screening from conditioned human minds, programmed to accept the impression of separation from Source, and the false reality of fear-based beliefs.

We have been left with the illusion that we are separate, unsafe, not good enough, broken, weak, or incomplete. We are none of those things; we are eternal divine spirit, and as such we are not subject to limitation, lack, or the present accepted construct of life and death.

It is possible to lengthen our physical lives, or improve our physical health by releasing some of the heavy, burdensome, negative concepts and beliefs through personal and spiritual development, even though rejuvenation is not the purpose of the practice. Nonetheless, to heal unto physical death through a long illness is a true healing, as there can be acceptance and flow into zero-point or the Now, in this situation.

Zero-point opens for us when we live in the Now, when there is complete acceptance and presence with whatever we may be experiencing in our lives in the present moment. It is a still-point where our thoughts do not impinge on the truth of our eternal spiritual nature. Spiritual teachers of Ascension teach that Source can be  freed up to work its magic in the point of love and acceptance of the present moment. Once we accept that we are eternal spirit, not a body limited to a physical existence, and are ready to let go of all we think we know, Unity Consciousness can arise.

There is a saying: ‘Keep remembering God until you have forgotten yourself; to die before we die, we need to realise that there is no death; our immortality stretches before us into infinity through countless existences and forms, always and forever part of Source. When you can let go of what you think you are in this life now, knowing that when this life ends you will exist in all eternity, you have died before you die. In this space of complete acceptance, the magic may start. Who knows — we may even begin to look a little younger!

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About the author:

Lorraine Newman: My passion is connecting with the deep spirituality of what it is to be human. I have a long standing practice of meditation spanning more than thirty years, now being a practitioner of Ishayas’ Ascension. My background is in Yoga and healing. I was a Yoga teacher and healer for over twenty five years, specialising in Yoga for pregnancy, post-natal Yoga, and Yoga in prisons, as well as mainstream classes.

In my healing career I was a member of the register of Shiatsu practitioners for twenty years with an unbroken clinical practice. I have been a Reiki Master since 2005. However, I have always believed that the ability to heal is intrinsic to the human being, and now at sixty four, I have chosen to finish working one to one to put more energy into writing about spirituality and healing. I want to empower people to recognise their own self-healing abilities.

I am passionate about raising consciousness in the world, seeking truth and enlightenment. For me this has taken the shape of writing articles, blogs, and a novel, which you can see on my website at the link below.

Website: www.lorrainemnewman.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/AuthorLorraineMNewman

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