Breaking Through the Moment Into Your Miraculous Cosmic Self

Breaking Through the Moment, Into Your Miraculous Cosmic Self 2

16th May 2018

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

It seems to me that just about everybody is searching for something — be it joy, love, material abundance or some kind of fulfillment. And so often, all that’s found, are dancing veils in a world of disillusion. Many people are close, tantalisingly close to the ultimate prize that will complete them. It’s right there, in every single moment — the potential to break through into your deepest Cosmic Self, the magnificent destiny of all toil and struggle; the answer to every question. But where do you look? And most importantly, how do you look?

The fundamental challenge every soul faces

It helps to first appreciate the fundamental challenge that every soul faces — identification, and thereby a degree of loss of vibration, within the physicality of life.

The soul is a streaming flow of consciousness, from the Source, that is unique for each of us. It’s purpose is to fully realise and actualise itself in every single moment, and there is nothing else going on. In the actualisation of self, reality is created as mirrors, by which to experience the glory of your soul – to see and feel yourself. The unbridled liberation of soul is the ultimate prize — the elixir of life — something available to us in every single moment. It is a streaming flow of abundance.

But you have to recognise that the soul also gets stuck within. This is where it identifies with the illusion — where it forgets that the manifestation of Self is the ultimate prize, and not the creation flowing from it. Where you identify with the creation that you’re manifesting (be it a job, a possession or a relationship), then you consign the soul into a limiting eddy current that is lacking. The flow switches off, and you begin to live a life of fate rather than destiny, one that is much less than who you really are; much less than your realised full potential.

However, to realise the potential of your Cosmic Self, is not simply to drop the distortions and attachments like dropping the proverbial ‘hot coals’. Because this simply disconnects you from reality, causes a subtle inner identity that is denying, and limits the true expansive expression of soul. Although peaceful in the beginning, it leads to a life of non-fulfillment and frustration.

Unleashing the Soul in every single moment

There is a way of liberating your soul in every moment, and unleashing it on the outstretched wings of the divine, such that your life becomes not only joyful, but stupendously fulfilling. And it’s straightforward. It’s not necessarily easy, but it is straightforward. I call it Breakthrough.

Breakthrough is to recognise that in any single moment there is likely to be some tightness of attachment, resistance or some disconnect, be it at the mental, emotional or energetic levels. First witness this tightness, go right into the heart of it and express it out into your world. The soul is exposed to its own shadow. It then becomes possible to unwind the attachment by feeling into the ‘heat of the moment’ and becoming as-one with the experience. This unwinds the soul and unleashes full authentic expression. You soar on the out-stretched wings of the divine. It becomes a continually miraculous experience of living. You’re constantly liberating your Cosmic Self by becoming fully present in the moment.

Did I say it was easy?

Easy it isn’t. But it is straightforward. The key is not to resist the tightness — the pain of identification with the moment — where you need reality to be a certain way. But then not to simply ditch it either, or to pop some kind of ‘pill’ to deaden the pain (be that soft comfort or distraction). It takes courage and commitment to go right into the heart of it and feel the fullness of it — to express it and thereby fully honour it.

You are seeded to succeed

Ultimately, you become able to identify this tightness in the very moment it is happening, and to continually expand out through it. In every moment you’re now unleashing the fullness of soul. Creation happens as a streaming non-attached flow all around you. This is the enlightened state — to be fully in the illusion, and creating abundantly, but not at all attached to any of it. You can create it and then immediately let it go. The creation ceases to be the necessary outcome — the actualisation of your Cosmic Self is what truly satisfies.

In the beginning, it is unlikely you’ll be able to do this immediately, all the time, in the moment it’s happening. That’s no problem. After the event (where you became tight and identified), you can ‘regress yourself back into the situation’: take time out, find a quiet space, close your eyes, then see the images of the event and feel the feelings. Where is the tightness? Is it mental, emotional or energetic? Let yourself express the pain of it. Maybe its a sense of worthlessness or being unloved? Maybe you feel alone? Maybe you don’t feel successful? Express that pain — whatever it is — out into your surrounding reality. Then in the midst of it, locate the inner tightness the attachment creates. Recognise this attachment does not define you, it is not who you are. Open a doorway through it, into the sense of pure presence — of The One. Totally accept the tightness without needing it to go away — “you are NOT this experience”. When you’ve tired of the experience, and you’re totally accepting of it, then you’ve become “The One” in it. Then you can unwind the tightness by putting your attention in it and simply feeling the sense of unwinding, releasing. Now feel the energy of your soul – the sense of Cosmic Self — coming through. Unleash that out into the world through creative expression in the moment. The reflection of your Cosmic Self is now gloriously realised!

Breakthrough takes a lot of practice in the beginning. But everyone is seeded to succeed, because this unwinding process is the natural journey of self-realisation of the soul. Breakthrough is a process that aligns with this naturally enlightening dynamic through the Universe. It’s an aligned reflection of light breaking through darkness in the greater macrocosm.

An epic, true story of awakening

To help people understand this tremendous process of “Breakthrough”, I felt to share an epic true Journey of Awakening, a regression through a seekers life, of trials and tribulations in relationships, careers, through sport, academia, the military and business. It it is sure to reflect to situations and circumstances in your life, demonstrating how to work into the tightness such situations create, how to work to liberate soul through them, and what you’re likely to experience the deeper you go. Just reading it alone is sure to inspire your own miraculous Breakthrough. And to live that way in every single moment.

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