New Moon in Gemini – Manifesting Our Authentic Nature (in a World That Isn’t Yet Ready)

June 13th, 2018

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

The energy of the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 29 invited us deeper into our recent ongoing process of re-creation, and as a result of the energy it reflected, the past two weeks have seen a process of redefining and reframing our beliefs, intentions, self-definitions and inner dialogue, thereby creating space to embody our simplest and greatest natural gifts and allow our heart’s guidance to re-shape our relationship to the outside world.

Now, with the arrival of today’s New Moon in Gemini, we are asked to take a vital step in this journey; to integrate our lives with our deepest and most natural values, and bring them into a world that is not yet ready to understand or support them. We are being called to to remain true to our inner knowing, even though the the world is not yet reflecting what we feel back to us. We are being called to be the change — and to be it first — to manifest our authentic nature in the world, and to trust that we are paving the way for others to follow.

Let’s look at the energy patterns that are shaping our evolution during this current lunar cycle.

Resolving the past and building the future.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn

The path of Pluto through Capricorn (2008 until 2024) has so far brought profound change to our sense of identity as a human race. A big theme we have all endured during the last 10 years of this transit has been learning to ride the waves of emotional material that is surfacing within us. The emotions associated with Pluto in Capricorn invoke a deep sense of disempowerment within us, and in relation to the Shift humanity is currently undergoing.

This New Moon, Pluto is joined in Capricorn by Saturn, and as a result this story of emotional challenge becomes even more intensified. Saturn, which is ruled by Capricorn, reflects the boundary between the conscious and unconscious awareness of one’s self, and the nature of structure within nature itself. It vibrates in our lives as the natural way in which we form structure, both of our own individual consciousness and our relationship to the external world.

With this energy pattern in play, we are now faced with two concurrent directions — one in which we feel and acknowledge that a new free world is available for us to embody, and the second, the knowing that in order to do this we need to challenge and break away from the patterns that limit us from feeling free. In this space we are being made aware not only of the freedom and beauty that awaits us but also of that which blocks and limits us, which will eventually lead us to distraction. The more distracted we become the less we can feel the power of our spirit move through our bodies bringing us into alignment with what we are here to see and transform through.

The past paradigm has been one of getting ahead in life, building security, and establishing a sense of achievement on the material plane — often at the expense of each other, due to the competitive nature of our societal and economic structures. But now, in the new paradigm, we are merging into a state of connection with our own personal internal growth patterns, values, and timing for life changing events. The resolution of the past leads to building experiences aligned to our highest selves. We are learning to merge with an abstract part of our selves and to do what we need to clear old emotional layers that separate us from unification with our divine purpose.

Back to the future

Mars conjunct the South Node and Venus Conjunct the North Node – both square Uranus

The opposition currently forming between Mars and Venus is creating an important need to balance our inner changes to the outside changing world. With Mars and Venus conjunct the Karmic Nodes of the Moon and both squaring Uranus, it is easy for us to feel like we are being pulled in two opposite directions. On one side we experience situations that feel like an outdated sense of self, and on the other side we recognise the need to apply our awareness of our new selves. When this happens we find ourselves constantly changing our older selves through liberation from the past, a process that leads us closer to with alignment with our hearts and the deeper meaning of our personal nature.

The key to navigating this energy is to allow the day to flow through you, observe each interaction, and open up your heart to deeper layers of personal alignment. Opening space for our new aligned self to flourish is is a main objective of our growth during this time, as it is in this new space that new places of possibilities — and a new sense of meaning — will form.

Being guided by a new story line

Neptune in Pisces square the Sun and Moon in Gemini and trine Jupiter in Scorpio

The energy reflected by this alignment brings us an opportunity to open ourselves to new possibilities and connections.

At the time of the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 29, both the Sun and Moon were opposite each other, and both squaring Neptune. Now, as the New Moon comes to pass once more, the Sun and Moon are squaring Neptune but are both aligned in the sign of Gemini. The energy of these alignments create an openness for curiosity and optimism, as we embrace a new way to openly communicate our feelings and emotions.

The energy of Neptune helps us flow into synchronicity by helping us identify our emotional space. If our emotional space feels inspirational, we follow it; when our emotional space seems void of meaning, we objectify it and allow the ebb and flow of creation to move us to our next point of meaning and inspiration. The life-force of our human connection is found in our ability to live through the spectrum of our emotions and feelings, and ride the ebb and flow it creates.

What can truly empower us right now is to recognize how ungrounded the energy may seem, and acknowledge that we feel scattered by the multiple options and choices available to us. Any confusion surrounding our desired path can be made clear by asking the question: Why do we value or see meaning in each experience that affects us?


The New Moon’s Message: Manifesting Our Authentic Nature

Our essential nature, our goodness and innate values as embodied conscious souls, have often been compromised by our need to survive in this world. Many natural laws have been replaced by man made laws during the past 2,000 years. Removed from our place in the natural order, we have moved so far away from the life of connection and symbiosis with our living environment that many of us now find it difficult to differentiate thoughts and beliefs from our most natural instincts.

Natural law functions in accordance with nature, with the natural cycles and timing. Nothing is separate and nothing functions independently in the natural ecosystem. Natural law recognises and allows this natural growth to take place from the inside out in total connection to all other things. Every change affects the whole and there cannot be any isolated incidents within the oneness of natural order. Everything has its place and purpose within the natural ecosystem, and nothing is excluded from entirety.

If we translate this into our human values, it means that we live with consideration of the whole, of the effects of our choices, and that we give and receive equally; that we recognise the abundance of support and love available to us and naturally desire to share that abundance and support; that we allow our natural place in the world to take place in its own timing and we do not minimise any role we individually live, as we understand it is the combined effort of the whole that serves the whole.

Instead we have found ourselves in a state of isolation, needing to compromise our true nature for our survival, seeking to fulfill superficial needs which serve only to compensate for our true unfulfilled needs. We often fail to understand that our definitions of positions in a hierarchical systems are a part of a man made system which only serves the individual at the disadvantage of others.

As the urge to awaken from this illusion and return to our true nature intensifies, so too we awaken to our dissatisfaction and the need to seek out quick fixes to fill the emptiness we feel inside. But eventually we come to realise that we cannot escape it, there is no way out of this cycle but to turn within. If we get to this point and still seek to find the solution to our suffering outside of ourselves, we are met with total hopelessness and futility.

The existential void we all carry within us can only be filled with the realisation of our true nature; our return to our core values and our realisation of the total connection of all things. Thus, our healing journey is the return to our core nature, and the forgiveness of how we individually and as a whole have defied nature, and our nature. It is a process of allowing ourselves — and others — the compassion we need to feel safe enough within ourselves to step into the shadows of disconnection and bring them to light.

A vital step in this journey is to integrate ourselves with our natural values, and bring them into a world that is yet to support them; to remain true to our inner knowing, even though the the world is not yet reflecting what we feel back to us. The reflection we see in the world around us is of the past. It is what we collectively manifested in our shadow state — in separation and fear — and if we wish to manifest what is true to our nature, we must seek that reflected image within ourselves, and trust that we will be supported as we integrate our true nature into the outside world, and create a place for ourselves in the outside world that does not compromise our inner nature.

If you are struggling to know how to integrate your new found sense of self into the existing structures of the world, if you are confronted with difficulties or fears, know that your heart can penetrate the meaning of the situation by seeking the reflection and answers within yourself. If you can trust in your true nature, in your innate values and wisdom and in your connection to the whole, and know that you are a part of the whole of humanity and nature seeking to manifest these changes, and that your individual role supports the whole just as the whole supports your role, you will find the strength and guidance you need to continue on your path. And in doing so, you will pave the way for others who will follow your lead as they awaken those same parts of themselves. Then, when those who follow awaken to the same truths that you have, the world will not seem so hopeless and there will be reflections of your actions already manifested for you — and others — to find hope in.

It is not an easy path, but this is what it truly means to be the change!

With love,
Simon & Jennifer

About the authors:

Simon Vorster is an evolutionary astrologer and teacher who has been practising astrology for over 14 years. Together with his partner and co-founder of Raising Vibrations, Jennifer Langstone, their work is rooted in helping souls de-condition the self and empower the soul into making new conscious choices. Through their website, Raising Vibrations and the consulting services they offer, Simon and Jennifer share their thoughts and insights and, using the powerful tool of evolutionary astrology, help and guide others to find their own spiritual paths, live authentically in the moment, and understand ways they are able to positively effect their own spiritual evolution.

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