4 Meditation Tools for Self-Awareness and a Quiet Mind

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Stop and smell the roses. Have you seen the intricate beauty in flowers and the natural world around you lately? It is confounding and amazing to me how many people deny themselves of moments to pause and reflect on the beauty of the intricacy of the world and life. Generally people convince themselves they do not have time to meditate in any form let alone in the form of simply pausing and reflecting on the beauty of entirety.

People are busy and busy-minded and make conditions in their life that makes meditation difficult. Many people think meditation is too complex a practice, or that meditating is for people without complexity. But meditation can be as simple as observing the beauty of a flower, or a butterfly. In fact, meditation describes a whole panorama of practices and tools to better enable individuals to explore our own inner worlds and the outer world.

There are innumerable forms of meditations and meditation tools. Here I would like to share four tools and practices that better enable self-awareness and promote a meditative mind state. These four meditation practices correspond with the energy of the four dimensions of geometry, and enable the inner understanding of ourselves as well as outer understandings of the world. Use these four meditation tools as your own, for whatever situation you find them applicable.

Meditation Tools for Self-Awareness and a Quiet Mind


Wherever you may be, whether on the subway or the mountain top (preferably a natural setting), whether sitting or standing, observe your surroundings and reflect them, as well as reflect upon them. Observe the intricate simplicity and infinite beauty behind and beyond the beautiful natural web of life you are immersed in. Reflect on the beauty of the entirety of creation, the volume of the here and now.

The reflection meditation tool enables better observation and understanding of the volume of one’s surroundings. If a situation is difficult to understand we reflect upon it in order for the solution to present itself.


When and if you are feeling as if you require some space or feel threatened, imagine there is an energetic fence just around you. The fence might be golden or crystal or whatever you imagine. The fence is however tall you need it to be so you can stand up tall on what feels like your ground. It has a perimeter of however much space you can comfortably hold as your own. Ideally though, the fence transforms into a tiny fence about a foot tall, and maybe six or so feet around you. This way you can easily hold the space, but you are not completely paneling yourself off from the world, and hiding. This way others know you are there and yet are left implored to ask permission to come over the small fence still.

The protection meditation tool promotes wellbeing and confidence when situations are overwhelming using the plane energy of fences.


Sometimes we might feel like we need protection whereas other times we might feel the need to refine our projection. The simplest most effective meditation/tool to project yourself is to open your heart. To view the world with your heart instead of with your brain changes how everything is seen.

In meditation, imagine there is a window over your chest enabling your deepest heart center to see the world. As a tool open the window of your heart when you are communicating with others. Allow them to look into your heart center and allow yourself to see them through and communicate with them through your heart center.

The projection meditation tool sends a loving ray of light through line energy to assist us to properly communicate and reveal love to others.


Observe the observer. Quiet the mind, and as you do so take note of the ideas, thoughts, and emotions that come up. Just observe them. Observe your ideas, thoughts and emotions as if they are not your own — or, from just enough of a ‘distance’ so as to better understand your deepest own self.

The introspection meditation tool peers within to find the point of a situation and the ‘heart of the matter’, so to speak. The point is, of course, the simplest dimension of geometry, but the inner journey is always the most profound. The projection tool is efficient in finding our role in a situation and then development from that point becomes easier.


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Activist, author and Tai Chi teacher Ethan Indigo Smith was born on a farm in Maine and lived in Manhattan for a number of years before migrating west to Mendocino, California. Ethan’s work is both deeply connected and extremely insightful, blending philosophy, politics, activism, spirituality, meditation and a unique sense of humor.

You can connect with Ethan on Facebook, check out his author page on Amazon, or visit his websites, Geometry Of Energy and Meditation 108, where Ethan offers lessons on individuation, meditation, the conceptualization of energy, and the metaphysical significance of 108.

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