Clean Up Your Act – How to De-Clutter Your Body

By Hilde Larsen

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

In part one of this four-part series on de-cluttering your life, we looked at ways to de-clutter your thoughts and emotions. Now, let’s talk about your health.

Your body is your most valuable asset, your temple. Without it, there is no life. With a cluttered and weighed down body, life looks and feels different. Heavier, less inspiring. Believe me, I have been there! That’s why it is so important to de-clutter your body.

Why de-clutter your physical body?

You might not think of your physical body, your health and your appearance as a de-cluttering project, but it very often is. Any physical symptom you might experience is a sign of clutter, of obstruction and stagnation. Health and disease cannot coexist, and neither can stiffness and flexibility. When you are overweight, you are constipated, and when you are in pain, you are the same.

Any less than optimal health and vitality experience is a product of your level of acidosis through stagnant lymph and weaknesses in organs and glands. From genetic hand-me-downs, to self-inflicted intoxication, the body is simply a by-product of our lives in full.

We are damaging our cells by leaving out real foods, poisoning the body, but also by hindering elimination. Our great grandparents would have had a hard time recognizing 80% of what is today sold in a typical supermarket as food. The health of a cell, therefore the whole body, is mainly about elimination. The cells can’t be healthy if they are bathing in waste and acids. The environment, the internal terrain, needs to be supportive of healthy cell formation and regeneration.

Look at it this way; if you leave a diaper on a child without changing it, a very sore little behind will manifest. The acids will burn. Waste is acids, and when left inside the body, it will burn our cells. The waste is created in many ways, and I will get back to that, but the simple explanation is this; The lymphatic system is our sewer system. It is where our metabolic waste and the waste in form of any bacteria, toxins, acids and damaged cells, goes to be eliminated. The kidneys are then filtering out this acidic waste, and this is where we’ve gotten into big trouble.

By our consumption of a high protein diet, our poor genetic composition and stress, our kidneys are getting weaker by the generation. The stress that we put ourselves under has slammed our adrenals to the point of fatigue, and as they sit on top of the kidneys, controlling them, we are heading for a fall. Our precious adrenals, those little glands that have such an impact on our elimination of waste, are such an important key to our lost health. They fire up the kidneys, and by being impaired from stress, it is easy to see where things are heading. When the kidneys become weak, they stop filtering, and we are left holding on to that acidic waste. The acids are burning our cells, and we are living the result. Day by day, meal by meal, hectic day by stressful job, we are living and experiencing the result of our sick lifestyle. [1]

By detoxifying our body, we are inviting in true health and vitality. Shit out, vibrancy in, literally.

Tips for de-cluttering your physical body:

Being the authority and taking charge is vital to any success, and when it comes to our physical body it is very transparent. We are feeding ourselves, and we move by our own accord. If you let anyone else decide what you eat, or authorize your exercise plan, how much you move or not, stop it. Let them go right now. Tell them “bye, bye”, and take the wheel. Being head chef can be scary and intimidating, but no-one but you will have to live the result of your body’s health and strength. Believe me when I say this: Without your health, everything falls apart, and to not be the one accountable is even more devastating. Take out the garbage, condition yourself to do what you need to do, and show up every single day. Like with everything else, practice is mandatory. Always doing better, working it, changing the input to change the output.

Educate yourself like a boss and strive to make it your own business to have the knowledge that you need. You need to know a weed from a rose, good food from bad. You need to know how health is built, how toxicity is avoided, and you need to coach yourself to be your own health-keeper. De-clutter your informational sources. Be wise and critical about what you are reading and listening to health wise and get focused on what rings true. Spend time listening to those that have lived what you want, and that have first-hand experience. Get a mentor and learn how to be smart about your body and it’s amazing healing abilities. Read more books on the topic and watch less TV.

De-clutter your body like your house. Let uninvited guests go. Realize that parasites thrive in a less than optimal inner terrain. They might show up uninvited, but they only stay if they are fed and nourished. Like we would. Detoxify your whole body, through parasite cleansing and alkalization.

Use it or lose it. Movement and exercise will always keep things flowing in the right direction. If your health is optimal, you know that being active is a great part of that scenario. Sometimes building what we want is what will force out the old and unwanted. A reverse way of cleansing and de-cluttering any space. Once you start exercising and building muscle, as well as building health, extra weight and illness will fade. Look at your ability to move every day. Do you need to de-clutter your garage, let go of old equipment not used? Are you one of those who have exercise videos collecting dust somewhere, and old high school gym shorts hidden in the closet? Re-examine your whole wardrobe and equipment halt and throw out everything you haven’t used for the last six months. Give it away or sell it. Clear the space for your new routines. Even though you have old stuff sitting that might be perfectly alright, you need the energy of new. If your current situation does not allow you to invest in your own home gym, or a fitness membership. Don’t worry. All you need is a new pair of shoes. Put them on and get going. Moving is free. Get creative.

Take a serious look at your refrigerator. Open all your kitchen cabinets and start throwing out anything that is not serving you or your family as real food. Read my book Know the Truth and Get Healthy”, and other books and resources like it, to get educated on what real food is. Bring into your house only that which you are going to eat. Shop smart and make your food from scratch. When you de-clutter your mind from false beliefs on health and healing, you will automatically start to clean up your diet, your kitchen and shopping habits. The circle of growth. It is showing us how everything is connected. Change your thought, change your habits and change your life.

Watch out for part three of this series — coming soon — where I’ll share my tips on de-cluttering your home and office spaces. And click here to read part one, about how to de-clutter your thoughts and emotions.



[1]  Know the Truth and Get Healthy

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Hilde Larsen writes articles, and has her own blog and YouTube channel. She is the author of three published books: ‘From HELL to Inspired’, ‘Know the Truth and Get Healthy’, and ‘No More Bullshit’. She creates online video programs and has her own membership site, The Inspired Members.

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