Power Surge: Astrology Forecast November 25 – December 2, 2018

November 25th, 2018

By Lorna Bevan

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Expect a great surge of energy that has been repressed too long — the desire to move mountains, expand your horizons and find meaning where lately there has been only despondency. On Sunday far seeing Neptune turns forward, releasing into the light of consciousness dreams you’ve been incubating. On Monday and Tuesday, the Sun and Mercury align with hierophant Jupiter in centauric Sagittarius restoring faith, hope and optimism.

In the chart, notice squares from Sun, Mercury and Jupiter to Neptune — a call to action — with a harmonious Grand Trine to shaman Chiron and the Node of Fate plus a Finger of God to awakener Uranus.

Frame it as waking from a long unconscious sleep, suddenly needing to clear away the cobwebs of the past and turn towards a new horizon. As yet there is no clear path or direction, but the first inklings are the decisive rupture of present from past that the epochal astrology of 2019 and 2020 has in store. Jupiter is libido-life force, “the force that through the green shoot drives the flower” as Dylan Thomas wrote. In Sagittarius the giant planet is future oriented, on a quest for meaning, for knowledge, not bytes of data, or consumerism.

The Chandra Symbol for Sagittarius 4: A Young Spirit Bathing in a Pool

“Being stripped of what we always used to be, in order to become what is calling us beyond. Not being able to go back an inch toward what it used to be like. Being propelled forcefully from within to rid the self of its habits, its patterns, its beliefs, its expectations, its assumptions, its pervasive self-importance.

The often painful process of carving out a space for spirit where self used to be. Doing this instinctively and naively. Barely knowing what is involved. Just throwing self into the task of sifting through and discarding just about everything to get down to who we really were in the first place. The sometimes hysterical sequence of steps we go through in order to relieve ourselves of the baggage we carry and to generate a clean slate world. We will try anything and take up everything. For there is this desperate asking for free space, for something different.

Anything that tastes of having been somebody special for too long is unceremoniously dumped at our earliest possible convenience. The extraordinary quite chaotic journey to recover essence and never fall again for the promised attractive package. It is not so easy and not so fast to get all the way into this frequency. For it means that just about the entire self-structure in any form will sooner or later bite the dust. We seek to be free of ourselves.”



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Aries Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

Another turn in the road.

If life has felt like a rollercoaster recently, put it down to Venus opposing Uranus in your sign. On Friday, it’s 3rd time lucky, so expect some surprises, shocks or abrupt changes of circumstance. Instead of resisting, grab any opportunity to take a leap of faith with both hands. With the Sun conjunct Jupiter in fellow fire sign Sagittarius, the sky’s the limit. You don’t have to physically travel -although that would be well starred-as long as you broaden your horizons, expand your mind and do something different. With Mercury retrograde re-visit an old dream or passion that you left by the wayside-it might just rekindle.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

Many rivers to cross.

Now that your personal planet Venus has started moving forward again, you feel more at home in your own skin after several weeks of being adrift or unanchored. This is all to the good as the Sun Jupiter Mercury merger in your zone of resources and finances brings rewards and exciting offers. Before you grab the first opportunity that passes by, check the small print and the contract itself. Not all that glitters is gold and with slippery Neptune slowing to a standstill, nor is everything or everyone what they seem. Ask for more time to consider and wait until the New Moon on December 7th.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

Faith, hope and suspension of disbelief.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Sun meets Jupiter in your opposite sign for the first time in 12 years opening up unexplored and unexpected paths to growth. You’ll notice this first in your relationships, whether personal or professional, as others approach you with offers of support. Take your time-Jupiter will light up this part of your chart for another 12 months, so don’t be pressured into any rash decisions. All the more so, as illusory Neptune is slowly changing direction at the pinnacle of your chart creating smoke and mirrors. All will become clear at the New Moon on December 7th,so trust in planetary timing.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

Just do it.

The heady combination of Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in fiery Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years  is enough to make even the most cautious crab take a considered risk or two. Expect work to be the focus of your best opportunities, perhaps bringing a new workplace or a new role or even jumping ship to set sail for new horizons. If you’ve been considering working for yourself, this is prime start up time for you to launch something new into the world. Whatever you do, don’t let this golden ticket expire-claim your lottery prize. This is your time.

Leo Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

A head of steam.

You are literally in your element this week as the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury meet for the first time in 12 years in compatible fiery Sagittarius. What’s more, your creativity, inventiveness and natural flair get a great boost of momentum after what’s felt like being adrift in the doldrums. Just make sure that you check the small print before signing contracts as slippery Neptune is creating smoke and mirrors. If you can, sort out any family hot spots by sharing your plans and taking them along with you for the ride. No more driving through the rear view mirror.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

Hope and grace.

For the first time since 2006 Jupiter is lighting up the roots of your chart and this week his gifts are amplified by the Sun and Mercury. For the next year, anything connected with your family, tribe, property — where you live, how you live, who you live with- has a green light for expansion. Start thinking about creating your own sanctuary-no matter how small — where you can retreat to rest and reenergise yourself. Let your imagination run wild and you may be surprised at what’s possible if you set your heart on it. Just remember to take off those rose tinted glasses while fantasist Neptune in your opposite sign is changing direction.

Libra Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

Emerging from a dark tunnel.

On Friday your personal planet Venus in your own sign aligns with unpredictable Uranus for the last of 3 times. Expect to feel as if you’ve woken up out of a long sleep, ready to blow the cobwebs away and move on. With expansive Jupiter lighting up your communication zone, don’t be surprised to hear from contacts, colleagues and old friends who’ve been missing in action just when you needed their support. Rather than bearing grudges, welcome them back in the fold and start making new plans. Over the next 12 months, sharing and collaboration is going to be your key to success.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

Following your own North Star.

Take heart! Next Sunday Venus returns to your sign giving you the magic touch and an aura of attraction, drawing others to support you. Venus is all about your desire nature — your tastes, your money, your relationships, your values, anything you love. It is about your magnetics who and what you attract and repel. And it is about the degree of love, empathy, rapport and sponsorship you have for your Self. With Jupiter now starting to expand your finances and earnings for the first time since 2006, look for creative ways to develop passive income streams. Bring likeminded people on board and make it a win/win situation.


Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

The rain has gone.

You’ve been waiting for your due rewards for a long time and now they’re on their way. Not since 2006 have Jupiter, Sun and Mercury met in Sagittarius to raise your hopes, boost your optimism and inspire you to make a leap of faith. For some of you, home and family will be where a big expansion is felt, for others, your career is about to deliver an unexpected opportunity. Not everything will happen this week but the green shoots of new growth will be obvious. All you have to do is seize the day, avoid cutting corners and keep your eyes on the prize.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

Pay special attention to your dreams and intuitions.

Until the December Solstice the Sun-our light-is in the deepest most eclipsed part of your solar chart. Each year, at this time, your batteries run low and your momentum slows right down. As the proverb says: there is a time for everything and everything has its season. So don’t try to fight or override your natural cycle-take a step back, get as much sleep and rest as you can and chill out. Behind the scenes, Jupiter is sowing the seeds of a whole new landscape for you in 2019.Let everything incubate, germinate and reveal itself little by little. You may have the questions but the answers will come further down the time stream.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

Food for thought.

This is a time to go with the flow, take a magical mystery tour and kick back to wait and see where you end up. Your personal ruler quirky Uranus is aligned with Venus for the last of 3 times giving you a green light to stop pushing yourself so hard and to rediscover an abandoned passion or dream that you left by the side of the road. Give yourself permission to chill out, loosen up and follow your instincts. As Venus lights up the very pinnacle of your chart next Sunday, you realise that your life is your own and that you are totally and utterly free to shape it in any way you like.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: November 25 — December 2, 2018

Feet on the ground and shoot for the stars.

The usual caveats apply this week as your ruler Neptune slows right down to change direction in Pisces: take off your rose- tinted glasses, check the small print and take no one at face value. If you do, Mars aligning with dreamer Neptune and Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in your career zone have the potential to bring some welcome opportunities for growth and expansion. Don’t just sit back and wait for it to fall in your lap, use your sources, referrals and contacts and be ready to respond to any invitation that will take you out of your comfort zone. This is the start of a year of saying “Yes!”

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