Opening Pandora’s Box: Astrology Forecast January 20 – 27, 2019

January 20th, 2018

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Right from January 1st, we’ve been traveling at warp speed with barely time to catch a breath. Bounced through a solar eclipse, which delivered big clues about what to expect in 2019 courtesy of Saturn and Pluto, the centrifugal force of a Super Blood Full Moon Lunar eclipse on Monday 21st will permanently close down the time-lines which began at the Great American eclipse in August 2017.

The Chandra Symbol for Cancer 30: Wild Grapes Growing Everywhere

“We reap the harvest of what we have brought forth into being. Everything comes back to us. No matter how far we reach, it all turns out to be just us here, flowing together toward the common future. We are called in this degree to be alive within the Mysteries, to stumble upon what we’ve always known in ways which jog our memory and restore us to what “vanished” and never was gone. We are summoned to restore every ounce of the forgotten treasure. And we are empowered to do this in whatever way will strip us of every self-concept and self-image that stands between us and the real thing. Under the inside, we are returned to the beginning and this time we must pay attention.”

This is one of the most potent eclipses of the 5 (!!) in 2019 — not just a Lunar eclipse but a Super Blood Full Moon when the Moon is at its closest to the Earth. Not only that but Pluto, Mercury, the South Node of Fate and the Sun are all square the awakener planet Uranus just as Mars on the hyper-sensitive world axis in warrior sign Aries squares Saturn, the Lord of Time and Karma. The volatility and unpredictability quotient is off the scales. The potential for seismic activity, solar flares, high tides and earth movements is magnified, as is the impact on your nervous system. Grounding, de-cluttering, breath work, hydrating and creating a sanctuary for yourself in your own body is not an optional extra but a necessity. Your embodiment is mirroring the magnetic pole shifts.

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The total Eclipse falls exactly across the cusps of Leo/Cancer and Aquarius/Capricorn at the master degree — effectively severing you from the energy strings of the 3D past. You are leaving behind the roles you’ve been living out since February 2017 — all the settling for, the making nice, the barely breathing and calling it a life — and birthing a new level mission. The past is now inaccessible, no matter how hard you try to cling on to it.

With Venus on the Great Attractor conjunct Jupiter in visioneering Sagittarius on the heels of the eclipse, in the 3D world, Pandora’s Boxes are going to explode wide open one after another with revelation after revelation of what has been deliberately concealed. In your world — if you’re ready — your ripened Karma signals that the time is now to disengage from the past; radically re-imagine your future; recognise how you’ve been underestimating yourself and become increasingly self-sustaining.

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Aries Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

Monday’s Super Moon eclipse is a wild card that is ending one mission and delivering a new one. Since August 2017 you’ve been focused on expanding your self-expression and creativity, now events will nudge you to align your personal mission with who you are in the world .We all want to be recognized in the world (Tenth House), to essentially get paid for being our self (Fourth House). During the next 18 months, you’ll attempt to marry your soul essence with the purposeful destiny you’ve chosen. You may have meaningful encounters with who you are, remember your legacy, discover a buried treasure from the past. You may be recognised on a whole new professional level. Connect to your soul essence, the deeper nature behind purpose and find a meaningful place in the world which perfectly expresses that essence.

Bringing back the treasure.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

Monday’s potent Super Moon eclipse is giving you a much bigger stage to operate from. Expect to make clean cut endings of certain ties, relationships or responsibilities that have been draining your energy — it’s past time. That frees you up to expand the familiar four walls of your mind. Your way of seeing the world is ripe for new information and this eclipse will shake up your mental circuitry, your thinking, your beliefs and your world view. As you push your own boundaries and develop a new life philosophy, find creative ways to pass your new learnings forward — blog, write, teach, mentor or coach. The more you travel either literally or through study and contact with different groups, the more input you gather.

The magic is always found outside your comfort zone.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

As a Gemini you have wind beneath your wings as Venus meets Jupiter in your opposite sign ,boosting opportunities for new growth just a Super Moon eclipse changes your sense of personal security. For the next 18 months, events on your axis of resources and money will bring important questions to the surface: Am I underestimating or undervaluing my skills? What are my talents/gifts/skills/resources that can support me? This eclipse cycle rifles through the taboo topics of your life: money, attitude toward possessions, sexuality, your intimate relations. First, you need to strip away inessentials-anything that is cluttering your space or costing too much, anyone who undermines your self-confidence.

Creating a new sense of safety and sanctuary.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

It’s been building for some time but Monday’s wild card Super Moon eclipse is going to permanently cut outworn ties to a way of life you’ve outgrown. You have a new mission for the next 18 months — to express a new way of being in the world and to experience the evolutionary impact of others in your life. This is the axis of Self and Other and for you, as a Cancerian with reality planets Saturn and Pluto in your opposite sign, the pressure to change your circumstances is inescapable. Some of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself as guidance are: “Is how I see myself different from how others see me and how can I become more congruent? Is my personal style working for me or against me? Am I over dependent, too independent or co-dependent?”

It’s all about courageous acts of breaking your own (made up) rules.

Leo Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

For you as a Leo, this week’s Super Moon lunar eclipse marks the end of a turbulent 17 month period that began at the Great American eclipse in August 2017. It’s been a time of changing your sense of identity, of breaking free from outgrown relationships and ties that kept you bound, and of becoming more of a team player. From Monday, your focus will be on adaption and retreat. Adaptation because you now have to adjust to a new set of circumstances which nudge you to go back and look at how you arrived at where you are and whether it’s really where you want to be. Eclipses across your 12th House are times when dreams, memories and reflection give you more insights than your rational mind. It’s the deepest part of your chart — the engine room of your unconscious. Take some time to retreat, away from the demands of everyday life, to a quiet sanctuary and allow your body, mind and spirit some much needed rest.

Avoid burnout through mindfulness and self-care.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

The one thing that is certain is that it’s going to be fast paced week bringing news and events that could prompt you to suddenly switch course. As a Virgo, your optimism and motivation is high courtesy of both Venus and Jupiter in your angle of home, roots and belonging. You have a solid base to rely on. Monday’s Super Moon eclipse is the start of 18 months of creativity and contribution. You’re readying yourself to claim and express your most authentic self and to put yourself out there to be seen. Whatever your way of making a difference, look for clues to a vision or a dream that fits right into a collective current. Claim your talents and personal truths by overriding old fears of rejection or failure.

Your passion is your niche and your USP.

Libra Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

As a cardinal Libra, you are right in the thick of these potent eclipse energies. Luckily, your personal ruler Venus connects with gift bringer Jupiter ,enhancing your communication skills and making you more attractive. On Monday, a new 18 month mission arrives delivered by the Super Moon eclipse. Events will conspire to put you in the spotlight, whether through your career or your public image. The roles you play in the community and the world at large will be under the magnifying glass so it’s going to be important, if not crucial, to marry your values with your purpose. Any gaps between what you do and what you say will be visible. After the last few years of upheavals and personal insecurity, you have a wonderful opportunity to find a meaningful role for yourself.

Walking your talk.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

For you as a Scorpio, the last 18 months’ events have been focusing your attention on career and role in the world. Monday’s Super Moon eclipse marks the end of that mission and hands you a new one. It’s time to question all your assumptions about how the world works and to shake up your mindset, beliefs and personal constructs. Not so much because they are “wrong” but because you need more bandwidth and more fresh input. Do this by stepping out of your usual routines and familiar places and faces. Widen your horizons, take a trip somewhere interesting, join a group that challenges your preconceptions. Follow that restlessness and curiosity wherever it leads.

It is better to travel than to arrive.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

Much as you’d prefer to follow your vision and your instincts wherever they take you, Monday’s potent Super Moon eclipse kicks off 18 months of securing your personal security. That may not sound exciting but it will be crucial if you are to squeeze all the juice out of your personal planet Jupiter being back in your sign for the first time in 12 years. It isn’t a question of either you sort your finances or you make giant strides in changing your life direction. It’s both/and. So look at your financial bottom line, at how you manage your money and identify leaks or overspending. Next, ask yourself where in your life are you underestimating your skills, talents and contribution. If you weren’t undervaluing yourself, what would you do differently?

Security gives you options.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

Monday’s Super Moon eclipse begins an entirely new cycle in your personal life. You probably read the runes at the January 6th solar eclipse and know that your sign is “undergoing reconstruction”. This week sets off a 6 month train of events that underlines the importance of knowing where you stand on the axis of self and other — are you overly independent, co-dependent or interdependent? Do you tend to operate as a lone ranger or to be a team player? There’s an issue about how others see you and how you see yourself -if there’s a gap, how can you reconcile the difference? Look at your personal style and notice how well it’s working for you. In a year of contractive reality-checking energy, the quality of your alliances with friends, partners, clients and family will make the difference that makes the difference.

Putting rapport building at the top of your agenda.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

It’s been 18 months of changes in life direction, unexpected circumstances and upheaval and now Monday’s Super Moon eclipse is giving you a well -deserved rest and a new mission. In recent months, as an Aquarian, you’ve experienced the outworkings of the karmic South Node of Fate plus the 6 month Mars retrograde in your sign and now you need a break if you’re to avoid burn out. Make your absolute top priority your self-care and wellbeing -physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Grounding, de-cluttering, breath work, hydrating and creating a sanctuary for yourself in your own body is not an optional extra but a necessity. Permanently rid yourself of self-sabotaging health habits and install some supportive, regenerating new ones. Not because you “should” but because it’s time.

Rest up.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: 20–27 January, 2019

There’s no getting round the truth that this week’s astrology is going to blow strong winds of change through your life-and everyone else’s. Monday’s giant Super Moon eclipse is volatile and will stir up memories, nostalgia and your emotions. Fortunately, you have both Venus and Jupiter at the pinnacle of your chart smoothing your path and giving you an attractive vision or blueprint to aim for. Make sure you hold on to and record any daydreams, insights or downloads — these will be compost for growing a new income stream that resonates with the collective. The most creative ideas arrive when you’re not hunting them down — in the shower, out walking, when you’re half asleep. So have fun, relax and enjoy the ride.

Your intuition is your super power.

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