International Master Teacher Incarcerated in Australia for Over Two Years on Trumped up Charges, Yet Still Changes Lives

By Jolly Dee and Kenneth Scott

Guest Writers for Wake Up World

Mr. Hongchi Xiao (known as Master Xiao) was born in Hubei Province, China and has dedicated his life to teaching an ancient Chinese art of Self-Healing known as PaidaLajin.   Currently imprisoned in Australia for charges that are highly contrived and quite suspicious, he continues to teach in prison.  This is his story.

In 1990, Xiao received his MBA and subsequently worked in the finance sector in the United States and Hong Kong for over a decade. Though he had a comfortable life in the business and finance world, Xiao often felt a lack of purpose in his life.  Then starting in 2000 he began to trace his roots of Chinese wisdom. In 2006, he met a monk who told him he was destined to study this ancient and timeless wisdom in some temples and monasteries in the mountains of China.  For the next few years, Xiao followed the list mapped out by the monk and studied with healers, Taoists, monks and hermits. This series of events led him to rediscover Chinese culture and to learn from masters of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM).  This included many therapies previously thought lost, including PaidaLajin, acupressure, acupuncture, bone setting and needle-knife.  He became a Master of these healing methods through years of diligent and disciplined study and practice.

He soon became aware that PaidaLajin was the most useful therapy due to its simplicity and ease of self-application. PaidaLajin is a non-invasive modality for self-healing. As a master of this system and many other traditional Chinese therapies, he became known as Master Xiao.  He soon recognized that he was not the healer, but that he was the teacher of a simple method, whereby people learned to heal themselves.  He realized that self-healing is the best method because it is safe, simple, easily affordable and available to all.  Not only that, but PaidaLajin has proven to be effective in many thousands of cases.

This method combines two complimentary applications: Paida, which is clapping and slapping areas on the body, and Lajin, which is a specific type of stretching key areas of the body.  Master Xiao came to know within himself that it was his life purpose to travel around the world to teach people how to practice this method, many of whom had no access to good medical treatments.  He wrote a book entitled “Heal Yourself Naturally Now”.  It has sold over one million copies and describes what PaidaLajin is, who can use it (anyone), how it works on all ailments and how to practice it. He is currently writing a book on the science of PaidaLajin.  This practice does not preclude the use of standard medical approaches and has never been recommended to do so (a key point discussed below when we address his current situation in prison).

The premise of a method of healing that can be readily embraced and beneficial has seven criteria, according to Master Xiao.

  1. Do it yourself
  2. Effective
  3. Simple
  4. Safe
  5. Comprehensive
  6. Low cost or free
  7. Organic

Worldwide Tours

Xiao has traveled to many countries to share PaidaLajin.  He has visited scores of Chinese cities and many places in India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Holland, Canada, United States, South Africa and Lesotho, to name a few.  People have welcomed him and have enjoyed learning how to heal themselves.   Many have changed their lives by applying the simple methods of PaidaLajin.   Here are some examples of PaidaLajin events held across the world:

In April 2016 a Diabetes Workshop was held in Hong Kong, where great results with PaidaLajin were experienced.  It was found during this workshop that PaidaLajin is 82% effective in the amelioration of symptoms of diabetes.  75% of the people who continue to practice after the workshop managed to lower their glucose or reduced or stopped their medication. This is good news for sufferers of diabetes, but as always, all practitioners and students of PaidaLajin should always confer with medical professionals whenever changing modalities of medications in any disease condition.

Also in 2016, Master Xiao and Dr. Sally Halim held a free seminar for about 800 people in Solo in the middle of Java, Indonesia.  They also held successful seminars in Jogjakarta, Bali and Bandung.  Successful stories emerging from these seminars are ones such as the following:

Dr. Sally Halim met a priest who was in ICU in a Singapore Hospital. He spent two months in ICU and another month in an elderly home. The priest was unable to walk but she taught the nurse how to carry out the PaidaLajin exercise. The exercise helped him and he eventually managed to walk again.

Her own story:

I met Mr. Xiao 3 years ago when Paida Lajin was introduced in Indonesia for the first time. The committee asked me to be Mr. Xiao’s interpreter in the Jakarta PaidaLajin Seminar. I followed the PaidaLajin workshop to Bandung as an interpreter and as an attendee for a week. I had health conditions. I was overweight, a diabetic for four years and had to take painkillers for my muscle aches or tiredness. After the workshop, my hidden diseases came out. I had piles and herpetic skin. I did the PaidaLajin exercise and it helped to cure my hidden diseases. This workshop has helped me greatly. I no longer have to take painkillers and my weight and diabetes have been controlled.

A unique clinical research workshop on PaidaLajin was conducted under continuous strict medical supervision and detailed computerized/video graphed data recording at TAG VHS Diabetics Research Centre, Chennai, India from the 9th to the 13th of March 2015.

 “The final take-home message of PaidaLajin workshop was that it virtually doubled the ENERGY LEVELS of all the participants (100%), both individually and as a “mass effect”.  It gave optimism and hope to all the people involved with the idea of health taking precedence over disease, self-healing taking lead over seeking medication, and fear of the unknown/imaginary risks giving way to self-confidence in simple methods of self-healing.” Quoted from:

There are countless stories of incredible healings and huge changes in people’s lives due to the self-healing practice of PaidaLajin.   These are a couple of examples taken from thousands of testimonials from people all over the world.

Yet, currently, this kind, gentle, caring, loving and kind man is behind bars in a Sydney, Australia prison.   He has been imprisoned now for over two years and is currently suffering from severe and advanced cataracts that have literally blinded him without medical support or surgical relief.

Workshop at Hurstville, Sydney Australia

In April 2015 Master Xiao held a PaidaLajin workshop in Hurstville, Sydney, Australia.  Amongst the many healing experiences at this workshop, there was also an unfortunate incident.  A six year old boy, who was described as a “type 1 diabetic” was brought to the workshop by his parents and grandmother.  During the 5-day workshop his parents performed Paida on the boy and he was taught to do Paida on himself.  He was also shown how to do the Lajin stretching.  He showed improvements over the first few days and his blood sugar levels were measured to be significantly lower than they normally were before his insulin injections.  Unfortunately, despite this, and although it seemed that the young boy was making significant improvements in his health, the boy died.  There is uncertainty as to the exact reasons, although it is known that the parents made the decision to stop the boy’s insulin injections. Master Xiao, along with the boy’s parents and grandmother, were charged with manslaughter.   Master Xiao was extradited from England as a result of these charges and summarily placed into prison without the ability to post bail, thus condemning him to a prison sentence that has seriously affected his health without any proof of guilt.

The charge against Master Xiao is based on a suggestion that he advised the parents to stop testing the boy’s blood sugar levels and to stop giving him his insulin shots.

Master Xiao is clear that he is not a healer, he teaches people to heal themselves, and does not give medical advice.  The boy was in the constant care of his parents and grandmother and never in the care of Master Xiao.  The parents and grandmother of the boy were charged, but were granted bail, whereas in April 2017, Master Xiao was extradited from the UK to Australia, charged and jailed, with bail denied.

Master Xiao wrote his thoughts about the unfortunate death a short while after the event:

The following are several short excerpts from this article:

“We teach people the method and then it is up to patients themselves to practice it.  We only help those ready for it.  We never force it on anyone.  We always ask the patients and their families to follow their doctor’s advice if they lack faith in this method.”

“Due to humanity’s ignorance, prejudice, and the absurd medical laws and standards, many people tend to think that it is normal and scientific if death occurs in a hospital, but abnormal and unforgivable if death occurs at a self-healing workshop. Thus, organizers of such a workshop are often labeled as murderers.  I once asked a healing master if anyone died under his treatments. He smiled and said, “There are more deaths under my care than usual!  Those who come to see me often have critical or even terminal illnesses. Prior to my treatment, they have gone through prolonged treatments by both Western and Chinese medicines, yet to no avail.  How could I possibly keep every single one of them alive?”

“Tens of thousands of people die in hospital every day, and there are deaths at every year’s marathon races. Are you going to assume that the doctors, nurses, and the marathon organizers are murderers?”

These are very fair comments when you look at it in the big picture.  Is it possible that these charges and the cruel and unusual treatment Xiao has received in prison is a result of the medical establishment trying to suppress or destroy something that thousands use on a daily basis to much success and relief of suffering by literally attempting to destroy the life of the selfless man who has brought this modality to the world? Is it because this simple yet profoundly valuable approach does not slash, burn and cut a patient while literally draining his or her bank account, all in the name of “health”, and is thus a serious threat to the entrenched medical system?

Trial Set for November 2018

Trial was originally set eighteen months after Xiao was extradited and imprisoned in Long Bay Correctional Centre near Sydney.  It was set to be a combined trial with the parents and the grandmother.  It is important to note that the actual facts are that the parents were not present when the incident occurred that caused the boy’s death, and neither was Xiao.  The grandmother was left taking care of him in the hotel room with him but panicked when he began to have serious issues and ran out of the room for help, leaving the boy alone and unattended.   The parents have also filed a civil complaint against Xiao.

As mentioned before, the parents were given bail, but Xiao was denied bail.  He was allowed a public defender via Legal Aid to take his case.  However, he found that his solicitor didn’t seem to be putting much effort into his defense case and rarely even visited Xiao, only actually visiting him three times during his year and a half incarceration period.    He didn’t even manage to contact witnesses who were willing to testify on Xiao’s behalf that Xiao did not advise the parents to stop checking his blood sugar or giving him insulin shots.  Xiao did not have much confidence in his defense team, and he did not even get to meet his barrister until a very short time before the trial was scheduled to start.   However, he felt that he had few, or no options, so he went to trial.

A couple of days into the trial his barrister suggested to Xiao that he should plead guilty.   This was a terrible shock to Xiao, who knows in his heart that although the death of the young boy was very unfortunate and sad, he was not responsible and that if he were to plead guilty, this would be taken by all observers across the world that he was guilty.  By so doing both he and PaidaLajin would be tarnished forever.  He declined to plead guilty.

Fortunately, a group of supporters had been able to contact another solicitor who was willing to take the case.  She committed to take the case and see to it that Xiao will not plead guilty, and who understands that what Xiao does in teaching this self-healing method is for good.  The case of the prosecution is slim at best and it appears that they relied on a game of attrition to wear Xiao down to the point of compliance with their agenda.  Regardless of the unfortunate event, Xiao cannot be held responsible for the death of the boy.  At court, on one of the days of the trial, Xiao stood up, addressed the Judge, and told him that he had no confidence in his defense team and that he was dismissing them from his case.  For a while it appeared that the Judge was going to require the trial to continue Xiao having no defense, but then the new solicitor came on the scene and was allowed to take on the case.

As a result a new trial has been scheduled for September 2019.  This will be two and a half years since Xiao was first arrested.   The new solicitor is seeking to request bail but due to a large backlog of cases in the Australian court system was not able to be apply for bail until May 2019.  In addition, in the Australian system one must pay a fee of thousands of dollars just to be able to file an application for bail and it took a while to raise these funds because Legal Aid would not provide them. Even after the fee is paid it takes months to get the hearing.  Xiao and his current counsel have been trying to get him out on bail since November 2018, adding another half a year to his imprisonment.   In November the trial of the parents and grandmother and they were found not guilty of the manslaughter charge, even though the boy was in their care when he died, and throughout the entire episode.

Thus, Xiao remains in jail and has now been rendered completely blind due to lack of attention to a very simple issue of cataracts that can be corrected with a simple ten-minute procedure.  It is not at all clear what the charges are against him at this point since the parents were acquitted of the same charge.  As of this writing, the prosecutor’s office has been unable to provide this information to his solicitor as to what the exact charges are against Xiao.

Above is a picture of Xiao’s current home, but at least there are some nice trees to be seen over the wall.  If only he could see them!

Since Xiao has been in jail, not only is he writing a new book, which will explain the science behind the efficacy of PaidaLajin, he has also been making a really big difference in the lives of fellow inmates at the Long Beach jail.  He was practicing his Paida in the jail, which is the clapping and slapping of various body parts, and another inmate asked him what he was doing.  Xiao explained about the value of this practice of self-healing and soon he had the other inmate practicing both Paida and Lajin in the exercise yard at the jail. Soon others joined in. They had so much success that they wrote testimonials to tell of their healing experiences with encouraging and heartwarming stories.

Find some of them here:

An excerpt from one of the testimonials:

“I am like new-born babe after one year’s practice of self-healing. All my symptoms and conditions that I have mentioned previously have improved so dramatically, I am on top of the world, like the mystical phoenix born from the ashes. It’s my rebirth. Just mention a few here. I used to easily catch flu and headache often, because of my immune disorder, my disorder is non-existent and I have not had the flu or headache ever since I started self-healing.”

“So in this place called prison, most of us are experiencing different levels of sadness, despair, fear and stress. This is what makes us suffer in all the forms of prison: physical prison, bodily prison and emotional prison. But it is exactly from the darkness of prison that I found my true light. And it is also in the prison that I truly experience the feeling of joy, gratitude and respect. And all this happened because of PaidaLajin self-healing.”

It is evident from this and the many other healing testimonials that PaidaLajin helps many, many people who practice the method to heal themselves.  It is time for justice to be done and for Master Xiao to be released to continue his vocation of teaching anyone who wishes to learn how to self-heal with PaidaLajin.  He has suffered at the hands of a cruel and merciless system that purports to be doing so to protect the public.  But the question arises: who are they really protecting?  What entrenched interests have gone out of their way to use this incident to imprison and perhaps destroy the life of a beautiful man who has given his life to bring relief to the suffering people?

PaidaLajin workshops continue worldwide, taught by various teachers and there continues to be a great number of people who share testimonials and healing stories from using PaidaLajin. More information about PaidaLajin can be found at two websites:

There is also a Facebook Group where people share their stories.  Additionally, there are many YouTube videos with Master Xiao explaining PaidaLajin and of people sharing their self-healing stories.

To get a really good idea of what PaidaLajin is, and does, take an hour out of your day to watch this wonderful video presentation.

To send support in any form to assist Master Xiao and his team, anyone can make contact to do so by submitting a message online at  Or send an email to [email protected].

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