The Hidden Dangers of Refined Sugar: What You Need to Know

July 5th, 2024

By Paul A. Philips

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Whether it is candy bars, cakes, biscuits, or any other fanciful indulgence of the sweet kind, are you aware of the potential damage these refined sugar products could have on your health? The following facts may come as quite a surprise to some.

The human body has been around for thousands and thousands of years, right?

Now, in more recent times, it suddenly has to deal with something that is totally foreign and, as a consequence, leaves behind toxicity after consumption. Of course, I’m talking about refined sugar products.

Refined Sugar is close to zero nutrition value

Because of the industrial processes involved in manufacturing, sugar has very little nutritional value: The vitamins and enzymes have become denatured (lose their molecular shape) and thus fail to contribute to the body’s metabolic requirements.

Refined sugar is also devoid of mineral content.[1]

It is pure energy

For those who frequently eat significant amounts of refined sugar products, this can lead to many problems.

Because a large sugar intake causes a sharp rise in blood glucose, the pancreas jets out high insulin levels as a sudden response. The insulin converts glucose into glycogen as storage in the liver.

However, the overreaction of high insulin more than converts the excess glucose. This results in lower-than-normal glucose levels in the blood, and subsequently, hunger is felt. Remember that an individual in this circumstance has more than enough glucose, which has been converted to storage in the liver.

So, the need to munch away again is carried out (more sugar, perhaps?). The even more excess glucose from this next eating binge causes the glucose storage to convert into fat. Frequent recurrences of this situation can lead to obesity and type–2 diabetes.

It can cause Type-2 Diabetes

Diabetes is the body’s inability to control blood glucose levels. Type-1 diabetes results from insufficient insulin, a lack of insulin produced by the pancreas needed to regulate sugar levels. In the case of type-2 diabetes, the insulin levels needed are sufficient.

However, the insulin produced is ineffective. This means that the insulin is not defective but ineffective because the body’s cells do not respond to it.

With reference to the earlier point regarding the constantly high sugar intake and high insulin levels as a response, This is how the body develops type-2 diabetes over time. It takes about 6 years to manifest.

The sad thing is that there are now record-breaking numbers of children developing this disease. Some are as young as six or seven years old.[2]

Is this slow-motion suicide?

Obesity and the failure to metabolize carbohydrates effectively could lead to illnesses such as Poor night vision, blindness, kidney disease, cardiovascular problems, liver failure, damage to nerves, impotence, obesity, and failure of wounds to heal properly, not to mention type-2 diabetes can lead to a whole range of side effects.

This includes Alzheimer’s disease, a lack of male function, and low testosterone levels. There is no doubt that diabetes type-2 goes hand in hand with obesity. However, type-2 diabetes can be reduced using a dedicated systematic approach.

Hyperactivity, mood swings and depression

Much evidence supports the idea that ‘food changes the mood.’ Individuals taking high levels of sugar on a regular basis are no exception. Take the case of children as an example. If you want to see some of them not bouncing off walls and have their hyperactive state prevented or greatly reduced, the solution may be easier than you think. Stop giving them sugar. Substitute this for good natural, wholesome food and watch them change their behaviour.

Mood swings and depression have been linked to fluctuations in blood glucose levels.[3] Remember, when refined sugar products are eaten. First, there are the ‘rush’ or ‘highs’ experienced, and then the pancreas overcompensates by jetting out more than enough insulin (roller coaster ride). This results in too much glucose being converted into storage. So now there’s low-level blood glucose. Cravings for more of that sweet stuff come about, and the accompanying feelings of being foggy-headed, depressed, or down in the dumps result.

Sugar feeds bad microorganisms and could lead to cancer

If ever there is a circumstance whereby disease is allowed to manifest, it is through a sugar environment. Microorganisms can be abundantly present in the body’s internal dead-end regions. For example, they can be in ducts or lymph nodes. Feed them on their favourite food, sugar, they will grow and multiply. Consequently, you could be well on the way to illness from the toxic environment they generate. For example, cancer cells, unlike normal cells, are anaerobic. That is, they grow and multiply by feeding on sugar or, more exactly, on glucose. The ignorance related to this is shown in hospitals when cancer patients are given things like cakes, not knowing that the sugar contained provides glucose, which, indeed, is food for the cancer cells!

Sugar and Ageing

Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs), the nasty yellow-brown compounds made up of sugar and body tissue protein, act as a precursor to aging. In effect, the body becomes oxidized, and then aging, premature grey hair, and wrinkles… manifest. Sugar addicts may be rusting themselves away into an early grave since degenerative disease could soon follow.

Remember that sugar has no nutritional value of its own. It is useless to the body’s cells: No contribution to growth or repair. So, if sugar is eaten, the body is depleted of nutrients by having to deal with it.

For example, as William Dufty rightly points out in his excellent book Sugar Blues, eating sugar depletes the body of copper, which is essential in maintaining the elasticity in veins and arteries. This could lead to strokes or aneurysms. Other essential elements such as sodium, potassium, and calcium also handle sugar onslaught.

If too much calcium is used in dealing with sugar, then this could lead to osteoporosis. Not all the sugar is detoxified in the body. Metabolic remnants are left behind that accumulate as fatty deposits.

Sugar can also contribute to an unhealthy acid imbalance in the body.

Go very easy on or avoid sugar and notice the changes for the better in yourself!!


Consuming refined sugar products can have profound and detrimental effects on your health. From contributing to obesity and type-2 diabetes to causing mood swings, hyperactivity, and even feeding cancer cells, the dangers are numerous and significant. The low nutritional value and high caloric content of refined sugars lead to a host of metabolic disorders and long-term health issues. Understanding these risks and making conscious dietary choices can protect your health and well-being. Reducing or eliminating refined sugars from your diet and opting for natural, wholesome foods can dramatically improve your physical and mental health. It’s time to take control of your sugar intake and make positive changes for a healthier future.

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