This is Not a Rehearsal: Astrology Forecast August 25th – September 1st, 2019

August 26th, 2019

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

A heads up! As the 3D world literally burns around us from the North Pole to the Amazon Forest, a rare stellium of 5 personal planets in Virgo delivers an unusual moment of Chairos-time out of time-when it’s possible to catch a rare glimpse of the Matrix of Brilliance – the web of interconnected energy fields in which all life exists and which we create moment by moment. It is connecting us to the Now and the New through the incoming 2020 Freedom Codes of:

Jarring Awakenings. Shocking Realisations. Sudden Insights. Inspiration. Aligning with others. Pattern connecting. Illumination. Meta Perspective + Big picture visioning. Innovations. Inventions. Problem Solving. The Open Field. Forward momentum.

The rare 2nd Super New Moon in August constellates Today and Tomorrow and a new cycle of Creation begins. This is a Stealth Super Moon operating under the radar creating seismic storms both inside and out, delivering extra geophysical stress between Tuesday August 27 – Monday September 2nd. This is new ground and the Burning Fields need radically new solutions………

Ground yourself in the Now and the New ready to step into a radically different future which demands a re-calibrated mind/body/heart. As Jupiter crosses between the Great Attractor to the GC, as Uranus aligns with the Virgo stellium of emotional wisdom and inner alignment, you are directly connected to the Cloud, the Noosphere and Source. You are insourcing the guidance you previously outsourced and accessing the Freedom Codes needed for 2020. Remove the blinkers…

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The Chandra Symbol for the Virgo New Moon:

A Banyan Tree that creates an Entire Forest

“Containing within yourself a vast creative force that can fill the world with its diverse and multiplex awareness. You have a graphic ability to evoke, to capture, to epitomise a realm, a world, to draw it forth, to highlight it. Experiencing for yourself the wisdom of the ages — the living proof that nature is totally alive, that the creative power is everywhere, and that all of it yearns to be given voice, to be celebrated, to be lived”

New! This is definitely not a rehearsal! In September, Saturn turns forward conjunct the Karmic South Node of Fate opposite Sirius. The Lord of Time and Karma will not change direction again in Capricorn until 2048 so this is a not- to -be -repeated opportunity to build a permanent platform for growth during the 11 weeks remaining before the birth contractions of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction in January 2020. This week marks the start of what will become in September a relentless embodiment process. Spiritual rubber will meet reality road.

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Aries Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

This week until mid -September, an unusual gathering of all the inner planets-Mercury, Venus, Mars, the Sun and Moon- in your 6th House shifts your focus to your work. Virgo is the sign of service and that’s what this is actually about-not so much what you do for a living but about the value you offer to others on a daily basis. The rare conjunction of Venus and Mars in this sign followed by a Super New Moon next Thursday 30th points you towards launching a new creative enterprise. If you’ve been thinking about setting up a side business or working for yourself, this is the time to commit and get started. The potential in this week’s alignments can’t be overstated.

No more waiting to be “ready”-just do it.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

I can’t emphasise enough, Taurus, just how supportive and inspirational the next few weeks’ astrology will be for you. An unusual gathering of all the inner personal planets plus the Sun and Moon in compatible Earth sign Virgo are lighting up your angle of self-expression and creativity. Not only that but alignments to Awakener Uranus in your own sign and practical Saturn in your 9th House of new horizons promise some light bulb Aha! moments along with the ability to turn them into reality. Then on Thursday 30t, a seismic Super New Moon opens up a whole new chapter for you-perhaps even putting you in the spotlight.

Find your true voice and use it to make a difference.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

For you the next 3 weeks are all about roots. About putting down new roots, strengthening your foundations and doing everything you can to bolster your sense of belonging. The extremely supportive alignment of all the inner personal planets plus a rare Super New Moon in your 4th House of home and tribe starts a whole new cycle of creating sanctuary. It means changing old limiting patterns of attachment and initiating new more freeing ways of relating to your home and family. Walking away from outlived duties, obligations and responsibilities which are no longer serving you. It means building your own physical Sanctuary or Temenos – a sacred space – to protect and increase your power and strengthening your relationship with your Self – crucial to access your inner guidance system .

Your sanctuary is your base camp for action, not a monastery.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

As this week rolls out, it‘s going to be crystal clear that doing what you’ve always done is no longer an option. A rare gathering of the personal planets in practical Virgo beautifully aligned with revolutionary Uranus and change agent Saturn is shaking up your inner circuitry. This is your 3rd House, the zone of communication and connection and as new information comes flooding in, your old calcified self-created rules will start to implode. Once you open up to a new world view, a much bigger perspective on what you currently perceive as problems, you will regain a sense of proportion along with the impetus to do things differently.

Change your mind, change your life.

Leo Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

For you as a solar Leo, this week’s stunning astrology has the potential to deliver wonderfully inspiring Aha! moments plus the momentum to build a platform for practical growth. A rare gathering of the personal planets plus a Super New Moon in Virgo lights up your angle of money This is the start of a whole new chapter in boosting your financial stability by creating new income streams. By now you know that it’s not enough to have great ideas-they need to brought through into practical reality. And here’s all the planetary support you need to get started. With inspirational Uranus crossing the pinnacle of your chart in a once in a lifetime boost for your calling or career, don’t waste a moment, take a leap of faith.

Money gives you options and freedom.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

No exaggeration-for you as a Virgo, this stunning astrology is your chance to reinvent yourself. With no fewer than 5 planets gathered in your sign including a rare Super New Moon on Thursday all aligned beautifully with practical Saturn and inspirational Uranus, forget about waiting until you know more, have more qualifications, feel ready and just do it. By “it” I mean finally going after your biggest dreams, your wildest goals and following what has been calling you for a long time. No more waiting for permission or caring about what others might think, put your own highest interests first. Opportunities like this don’t come along very often.

This astrology has your name on it.

Libra Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

From now until September 22nd, the Sun is hidden away in the deepest part of your chart lowering your energy and your ability to forge ahead with any sort of momentum. It’s important to recognise this annual cycle and take it seriously, otherwise if you override what your body’s telling you and keep on keeping on, not only will it be counter-productive but could also lead to burn out. All the change is happening behind the scenes, out of your conscious awareness. A gathering of the personal plants plus a seismic Super New Moon in Virgo is opening a new phase for you of re-balancing head, heart and body, of upgrading your self-care and deleting self-sabotaging habits. So while it might feel as if you’re missing out on the action, you are actually restoring, reviving and re-aligning yourself ready for a personal re-purposing from mid- September when Saturn turns direct.

Withdrawal is not a retreat.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

This week’s stunning astrology is going to bring some surprise twists and turns courtesy of unpredictable Uranus electrifying your relationship zone. The Awakener is beautifully aligned with a gathering of personal planets in Virgo, your angle of people, friendships and alliances. Not only that but a rare seismic Super New Moon on Thursday 30th August kickstarts a new chapter in your values and priorities. Unexpected events and other people are about to show you what’s truly important , what really matters and that will lead you to completely re-think your current coordinates. So drop your black and white fixed expectations and enjoy watching the chips fall where they may.

What if life has something better in mind for you than you do?

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

This week’s stunning astrology could be the catalyst for finally unsticking a stuck situation at work. An unusual gathering of the personal planets in your career zone along with a seismic Super New Moon on Thursday August 30th is beautifully aligned with awakener Uranus. Watch for sudden insights, for Aha! lightbulb moments when a different course of action occurs to you. If you’re totally focussed on particular result, you’ll miss the chance to get something even better. Go for win/win scenarios, be ready to compromise and frame it as a skill not a defeat and others will come to meet you halfway.

Breaking a logjam.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

It’s something of a welcome relief to find your thoughts turning to your future instead of dwelling on past decisions, mistakes and losses. A rare gathering of the personal planets in compatible earth sign Virgo is nudging you towards new and broader horizons, giving you a much bigger perspective and opening you to consider innovative ideas for solving stuck situations. On Thursday August 30th, a seismic Super New Moon shows you the wisdom and strategy of confronting your obstacles and making decisions that are yours alone to make. This puts you at cause, not at effect- in other words collaborating with the energies instead of waiting passively for the other shoe to drop.

You have much more room for manoeuvre than you thought.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

There’s definitely a sense in the air for you as an Aquarian of something ending and something beginning. Of a welcome gust of fresh air blowing away the cobwebs. An unusual gathering of the personal planets in Virgo-your zone of finances and relationships- aligned with your own eccentric planet Uranus at the roots of your chart suggests a clearing, a course correction and a chance to reset your compass to your True North. This starts by facing truths-whether financial or emotional-head on and understanding your part in it. The next step is to open up to your deepest feelings and move towards real intimacy instead of surface closeness. Radical honesty is the way to liberation from old wounds.

Live it. Own it. Mean it.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: Aug 25-September 1, 2019

You’ve reached a choice point this week between whether to finally put your relationship with yourself first or continue to let others push you into compromises that are not in your best interests. An unusual gathering of personal planets in your opposite sign along with a Super New Moon in the same place on Thursday August 30th is a rare opportunity to disengage from anyone or anything that requires you to wear a mask, twist yourself into a pretzel to fit in or compromise your heart’s desires. Brainstorm a list or mind map what or who exactly in your life you are settling for, putting up with or just plain tolerating -no editing. Then commit to putting your own highest interests first every time.

This is not selfishness ,it’s your inner compass.

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