The Virgo New Moon: Energize Your Passions

August 28th, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Are you ready to start something exciting? To light a spark that sets your passions free? The Virgo New Moon on Friday 30th August is one of the most positive and energizing New Moons for some time, bringing all signs a golden opportunity to find and follow a calling.

Astrologically, all New Moons are potent moments for initiation, and for getting a new project off the ground. During a New Moon, we feel like making a fresh start or we find a new way around old problems. Virgo energy is highly disciplined, focused and detail-oriented, so new beginnings under a Virgo New Moon are blessed with a good grounding. What makes this particular New Moon special, however, is its relationship with Mars, Venus, Mercury and Uranus.

The Virgo New Moon is in a tight conjunction with Mars, the planet of passion and action. Mars here adds a sense of urgency and a real driven need to get something done. Ordinarily, this New Moon-Mars conjunction could lead to a whole load of recklessness and risk-taking, but the New Moon is also in a looser conjunction with both Mercury and Venus. Mercury, which rules Virgo, adds intelligence and clever decision making to the mix, while Venus brings kindness, patience and a loving vibe. Taken together, these conjunctions with the New Moon make this an ideal time for energizing something new; you can now move forwards with a brand new project, largely protected from impulsive whims or the aggression that Mars alone would bring.

The New Moon also gets an injection of excitement from a trine to Uranus. Change is definitely ours for the taking now, and this lunation is fantastic for anyone who’s been needing to make positive lifestyle changes.

Virgo New Moon for Aries

Turbo charge your health and vitality by creating a new fitness or exercise regime which plays to your strengths. Martial arts would be a good option to explore, as would wrestling or boxing. Pick something that helps you to channel your Aries aggression positively and which fits your competitive urge. You can also use this New Moon energy to improve relationships with co-workers, especially if things have been tetchy for some time. Make a gesture of reconciliation and accept your share of the blame. This is pretty sexy, sensual energy, so if you’re single, you could even find love with a co-worker – which might bring its own complications for the working atmosphere!

Virgo New Moon for Taurus

Your creativity is fired up by this New Moon and you’ll feel more confident about your own creative abilities. If you’ve been thinking of starting a creative business of any kind, this is your moment. Don’t over-think the possibilities, because ultimately you won’t know until you try. This is also very sexy, playful energy – great for dating! If you’re looking for love, don’t be too critical of potential partners. Nobody’s perfect so try to see past someone’s quirks. Watch out for an urge to gamble, financially or otherwise, and stay away from people who are promising the earth. If it feels like there’s a catch, there’s a catch – find a more positive way to have fun.

Virgo New Moon for Gemini

The home and family plans you’ve had on the backburner for months can now be put into action. Time to stop talking about your ideas endlessly – just get on with it! Whether you’re looking for a new home, renovating your existing home, adding to your family or changing your entire domestic lifestyle, your passion for the eventual outcome is key. Whatever you want most for your home and family life, you can start to manifest under this New Moon. It’s also useful energy for being more assertive with your extended family. If in-laws or distant relatives are creating problems for you, it’s OK to stand up for yourself.

Virgo New Moon for Cancer

This New Moon brings you all kinds of opportunities, but to make the most of them it’s important not to scatter your energies. You’ll need to make a positive decision about where to focus and which goal to pursue. The New Moon activates and showcases your communication skills, so this is a very good moment to gather support from others, or to speak out passionately about something you believe in. Your words have the power to create change now, so use them wisely. You can win a debate or get your point across without needing to resort to being cruel or unkind.

Virgo New Moon for Leo

Which skill do you think you’re lacking, that is preventing you moving forwards towards your dream job or your spiritual calling? There’s a focus with this New Moon on your current resources and abilities, and you’re starting to realize that you’ve under-estimated yourself. In truth, you have all the tools you need already, and there’s no need to wait any longer to start off down your favoured path. This New Moon is about understanding how to maximize your abilities and it’s also about seizing the day. The “perfect” moment you’re waiting for won’t ever materialise, but this moment has come and it’s more than good enough.

Virgo New Moon for Virgo

This New Moon is extraordinarily empowering for you, Virgo. You tend to prefer to stay behind the scenes in life, but this New Moon reminds you that you have a purpose far greater than that. It’s time to step out of the shadows and to begin to pursue a cherished dream. Whatever you’re most passionate about is where you should focus now. Whatever energizes and excites you can be manifested via this New Moon, even if it seems distant, complicated or unattainable. The first steps start here, so gather up your courage and go for it.

Virgo New Moon for Libra

Restless sleep or insomnia may be an unwelcome effect of this New Moon, but the only reason you’re finding it so hard to sleep is that your mind is buzzing with possibilities. With so many choices, it’s hard to pin down where you should focus, but there is a message in your dreams – when you do manage to sleep – which should guide and inspire you. You may also find answers through meditation or prayer. Don’t be afraid to make drastic changes to your life or your career if you feel that you’re being called in a particular direction. Create change while you can.

Virgo New Moon for Scorpio

The passion and drive of this New Moon manifests in your social circle, your community or the ideals you share with others. There’s a lot of love and sensuality in this energy, so if you’re looking for love you may find it in a group, club or society you’ve recently joined. Beyond the personal level, however, there’s a deeper drive here and it has to do with shared purpose. Get together with like-minded souls and brainstorm what you can do now to create a real difference in the world. You could lead or inspire community or social action right now – and that would fee much more meaningful to you than any amount of career success.

Virgo New Moon for Sagittarius

You sense now that it’s time to take your message to the wider world. You need to be noticed, so that you can share what you know. In your career, this New Moon may well bring progression opportunities, but it’s just as likely to point you in a whole new direction you hadn’t previously considered. Don’t be so attached to what you’ve already built up that you can’t see the value in starting afresh. Whether you’re pursuing an old career path or a brand new venture, step up your game. You’ve got what it takes to change the hearts and minds of others in a very positive way.

Virgo New Moon for Capricorn

The passion of this New Moon is all about seeking adventure, Capricorn. You tend to shy away from the unknown, but this New Moon brings you the bravery and the courage to take a leap into the dark. Plan the trip of a lifetime, take up an adrenaline sport or sign up for a course which leads to an exciting qualification. The possibilities are limitless, but what matters is that you take steps to leave your comfort zone. Embrace the exhilaration of not knowing exactly where you’re heading, and trust that you’ve made the right decision.

Virgo New Moon for Aquarius

The passionate, sensual energies of this New Moon create positive change in your love life, Aquarius. Now is the time to bridge the intimacy gap, whether that’s physical or emotional, and to open yourself up to new experiences in love. In an existing relationship, this energy will help you to feel less trapped and more empowered, or to make a commitment you’ve been delaying. If you’re single, look for a date who is slightly eccentric or who holds views very different to your own. The New Moon enables you to make intoxicating connections with some very surprising people!

Virgo New Moon for Pisces

This is the best New Moon for your love life for some time. If you’re single, open your heart to these energies and trust that you can manifest love. If you’re already in a relationship, this New Moon can re-energize it, increasing passion, intimacy and the magical connection which brought you together in the first place. Use this energy to make a loving commitment, or indeed to summon the strength to walk away from a relationship which is not right for you. This New Moon may be an intensely emotional experience, but you’ll emerge from it with a much stronger understanding of love.

About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and current editor for Wake Up World.

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