Getting the Message: Astrology Forecast September 1st – 8th, 2019

September 2nd, 2019

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Watch as September starts a domino chain of unstoppable events. If you didn’t get the message at last Friday’s Virgo Super New Moon, it will be impossible to avoid it now. So what was it again?

“This is not a rehearsal. The countdown to 2020 -a year unlike anything you’ve experienced before – has started. From now on, everything matters”.

The time-lines have switched and will accelerate towards January 12 2020, doubling every month. There is now no pause between life events. Starting now, there are multiple new cycles re-aligning us all in ways we’ve never before experienced. Each of us is being re-wired in unique ways – emotionally, physically, mentally and etherically. Remember, embodiment comes personalised-there’s no one size fits all.

In September, Saturn turns forward conjunct the Karmic South Node of Fate opposite Sirius. The Lord of Time and Karma will not change direction again in Capricorn until 2048 so this is a not- to -be -repeated opportunity to build a permanent platform for growth during the four months remaining before the contractive squeeze of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction in January 2020.
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This week’s massive gathering of planets in Earth is about getting your act together on all levels and making it work on the material plane. Mercury has joined Mars/Venus/the Sun/Orcus in Virgo -creating a huge stellium of all the inner planets aligning with Lord of Karma Saturn in Capricorn, Awakener Uranus in Taurus and expansionist Jupiter on the Great Attractor.

No cutting corners. No superficiality. No more waiting until you’re “ready”.

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The Chandra Symbol for Sun conjunct Mars Virgo 10: 

A pin cushion.

“This is a gathering point, a focus of awareness, a sphere of sharp, clear intent. We have agreed to serve    in a very particular way. And we are holding ourselves to this task with acumen, precise applied capacity. All of us go into this together. The sense is that we are working off our Small Self so we can breathe into this space with a deeper kind of self-surrender, the kind where we get ourselves back refreshed, restored.”


Aries Weekly Forecast: September 1-8, 2019

It’s time to do due diligence this month. To commit to building strong foundations in every area of your life. This is too important to ignore as Aries is one of the signs most impacted by the life changing Saturn/Pluto conjunction, now only 4 months’ away and already biting. Unappealing as it sounds, you can’t rush it and you can’t cut corners. If you do there will be a karmic boomerang further down the line. Channel the huge gathering of inner planets in practical Virgo to upgrade your routines, your habits and your wellbeing.

A root and branch investment in your future.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: September 1-8, 2019

Of all the signs, this stunning alignment in compatible earth sign Virgo has your name on it. Your angle of creativity, self-expression and enjoyment is buzzing and so are you. You usually enjoy September as you get back to business but this year you are also receiving rewards for previous efforts. If you have a special project, get behind it, make it visible ready to receive plaudits and appreciation. Whatever your career, service or purpose, stand up and be counted. The world needs to hear your authentic voice and unique take on events.

Bringing a dream into reality.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: September 1-8, 2019

“Home is where the heart is” and in September’s astrology, home is also where the work is. A huge gathering of inner planets at the base of your chart is creating a real opportunity to run a home-based business on your own terms. It may be a side business but it will create an extra income stream for you. Don’t dismiss it as impossible but use this earthy, practical energy to take the first step, then the next and keep on going. Involve your family and tribe by asking for input and feedback and you’ll be amazed at how many bright ideas you all come up with.

Building solid support.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: September 1-8, 2019

This week and the whole of September is a long awaited chance for you to ring the changes. It’s as if you’ve given yourself permission to climb out of your comfort zone, shake off the cobwebs and to engage with the big wide world. Movement at all levels is well starred and necessary for your wellbeing. A combination of travel to new places, learning something you know nothing about and meeting new people, will shake up your thinking, your beliefs and, most importantly, your view of what’s possible for you.

The sky’s the limit.

Leo Weekly Forecast: September 1-8 2019

This week and this month your attention will turn towards money. Whether it’s because events outside your control change your circumstances or simply because you need to know your options, make sure you do a root and branch audit of all your finances. That includes your earned income streams along with shared resources. From September onwards, having strong reliable foundations will be crucial so start now. The huge gathering of planets in practical Virgo aligned with unpredictable Uranus in your career zone suggests either lightbulb moments of insights or an upheaval you weren’t expecting.

Money is your ticket to more options and more choices.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: September 1-8, 2019

The Force is certainly with you, Virgo! A huge support team of planets in your own sign and a Sun/Mars conjunction is firing you on all cylinders. And there’s more! A stunning alignment to expansionist Jupiter at the pinnacle of your chart is a rare opportunity to take the first step towards a milestone goal. The only caveat is that with the Virgo planets at odds with slippery Neptune, you need to remove your rose- tinted glasses and double check all promises, contracts and information. If you have any doubts at all, step away. Don’t waste this rare window of opportunity between now and September 22nd to spread your wings in the direction of your dreams.

It’s your time and your life.

Libra Weekly Forecast: September 1-8, 2019

Last Friday’s Super New Moon in the deepest part of your chart shone a spotlight on your wellbeing. This week you need to step away as much as possible from your busy routines and make a promise to invest in the foundations of your life. This is your energy low point of the year when the Sun is hidden away in the engine room of your chart and your batteries are running down. In any case, with slippery Neptune in the frame, your judgment is clouded by so many mixed messages. Far better to turn your focus inside and find some creative and enjoyable ways to upgrade your physical, emotional and mental health. October is set to be your month and the Libra New Moon on September 28th will find you restored, revived and ready to go.

Self -care is better than burnout.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: September 1-8, 2019

For you as a solar Scorpio, September is all about strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation. Much as you prefer to go it alone, in this astrology it would be unwise. This week a rare gathering of inner planets lights up your 11th House, bringing unexpected alliances, new groups and unexpected offers of collaboration. Look at it as expanding your people landscape and creating an invaluable support system to navigate the contractive climate up ahead. Unpredictable Uranus in your relationship zone is waking you up to exciting new possibilities.

Better together.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: September 1-8, 2019

It’s been your year, Sagittarius thanks to your own planet Jupiter returning to your sign in October 2018.And the opportunities still abound until early December, so squeeze every last drop of juice out of them. This week and this month are all about building a platform for growth ahead of the contractive Saturn/Pluto climate in January 2020-only weeks away. So instead of your usual modus operandi of flitting from one interest to another, focus everything on your most important goal. Check your progress so far. Make a time-line. Cost it in terms of money, time, people. Sew up every loose end and close every loophole. In mid- month when Saturn turns forward again, you’ll be ready to take a decisive step.

Commitment and consistency.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: September 1-8, 2019

The last year has been all about focusing your resolve, constant reality checks and putting your nose to the grindstone. Now it’s time to cut yourself some slack. With a huge cluster of personal planets in your 9th House of wide horizons aligned with Awakener Uranus in your angle of enjoyment, stepping away from it all, especially your routines and schedules, is crucial for your wellbeing. From September 18th-less than 3 weeks away-the pace will accelerate and you’ll have important decisions to make as your ruling planet Saturn turns forward in your sign. So now really is the time to allow a break to give you a new perspective on what really matters.

The view from the mountain top.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: September 1-8, 2019

With so many planets clustered in your 8th House, you’ll need to walk the thin line between feeling negative or realistic. This part of your chart is all about finances, contracts and partnerships- Important stuff and often the very things we sweep under the carpet. To be honest in your relationship, you have to be honest with yourself and that means looking at all the ways you avoid personal intimacy or responsibility with money. This astrology is extremely progressive so whatever changes or adjustments you need to make will go smoothly. By September 18th when Saturn turns forward again, you’ll be feeling on more solid emotional ground.

Removing the blinkers.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: September 1-8, 2019

September could turn out to be your favourite month of the year. A rare cluster of personal planets is lighting up your relationship zone, drawing people to you and setting your heart alight. Not only that but a stunning alignment to Jupiter in your career zone promises rewards for due diligence. Expect invitations, offers or even proposals but take care around the Full Moon in Pisces on September 14th not to accept someone at face value without checking them out first. A commitment looks as if it’s on the cards -just take some time out to tune into your instincts and intuition. If you get the green light, go for it.

Life is good.

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