The Pisces Full Moon: Surrendering to New Truths

September 12th, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Astrologically speaking, Full Moons are always moments of high emotion. Astrologically speaking, Pisces as a sign is also full of high emotion, pretty much constantly. Put a Full Moon in Pisces and you have a sure-fire recipe for off the scale emotional intensity. The Full Moon on September 13th/14th (depending where you are) turns the sensitivity dial up to max, but amid the tears and the over-wrought angst attacks there are also spiritual growth opportunities for all.

Known as the Harvest Moon, this is the Full Moon closest to the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere. Traditionally, it marks the changing of the seasons and a time to reap what you have previously sown, particularly over the last six months. We are shifting into a new reality with this energy, and there’s a sense that part of the yearly cycle has completed – but this is not a bump-free ride.

This Pisces Full Moon occurs opposite a stellium of planets in Virgo – the Sun, of course, but also Mercury, Venus and Mars. Virgo energy is rational, but also intensely critical. Under the influence of this Full Moon, many will learn lessons from their behavior of the past six months – and for some, this will be painful. The scrutiny of Virgo echoes with “told you so” recriminations, but this very down to earth and logical Virgo stellium also helps to counter the worst of the overly emotional Pisces energy. Any shocks and surprises this Full Moon brings can be handled with a little less drama than you might expect, thanks to this stabilizing Virgo influence.

The Full Moon is afflicted by a very tricky Jupiter-Neptune square, which speaks to deception, grandstanding and propaganda. On a global level, this may prompt new revelations about truthfulness, or the lack of it, in public office. On a more personal level, new truths may well emerge; things which were hidden from us before, or which we chose not to see clearly, but which now stand in the full glare of the Full Moon, so that we can no longer ignore them.

The key to handling the emotional intensity of this Full Moon is to allow the emotions to wash over you. Don’t try to control them, stifle them, ignore them or hide them away. Acceptance and surrender are important phrases here: accept what you are feeling and surrender to the new truth which emerges. You cannot change it, but you are in control of how you react to it. The more you fight the coming changes, the faster you will drown in this Full Moon’s watery depths. Tread water calmly, accept your share of responsibility for the sinking boat in the first place, and allow your higher consciousness to grow, expand, and see you safely back to dry land.

Pisces Full Moon for Aries

A crisis of faith or belief is only a crisis if you are too attached to the “truth” you thought you knew. Maximize this Full Moon’s potential by remaining open-minded and being willing to take your spiritual experiences at face value. You may have been wrong up to this point. Or, you may have been right: that’s impossible to tell. What matters is that you accept the possibility of a new direction, instead of cutting it off before it has had a chance to evolve.

Pisces Full Moon for Taurus

Events during this Full Moon period shed a rather harsh light on some of those you associate with. You may be shocked at the attitude of a friend, or perhaps you’ll find yourself oceans away from your social group when it comes to politics, justice, values or beliefs. If so, it may be time to move on. There is nothing to be served by spending too much time with those who don’t resonate on the same vibration as you. Focus your energy on those who share your mission.

Pisces Full Moon for Gemini

New truths for you, Gemini, may emerge quite suddenly during this Full Moon, and this could take the form of a sudden calling or vocation, likely very different to whatever it is that you currently do for a living. It’s not easy to change path overnight, but if your intuition is leading you in a different direction, you should do everything in your power to follow its lead. You have fulfilled the role you were originally assigned. Your talents are now needed elsewhere.

Pisces Full Moon for Cancer

Maximize this Full Moon’s potential by letting go of childhood or early adult resentments, especially any to do with education or the very early stages of your career. You know that if you went back in time, you would do things differently – but you didn’t know then what you know now. So be kind to yourself over the decisions you made and be kind to others over the help they offered. Close the door on that chapter so that you can move forwards more positively.

Pisces Full Moon for Leo

Raw emotion is excruciatingly intense during this Full Moon for you, Leo. Your heart and soul are laid bare and there’s very little comfort in the rather public nature of a rebuke, a breakup, an argument or a row. Jealousy and anger feature strongly in the whirlwind of feelings, but if you step away and find somewhere quiet to sit it out, you will find an inner peace. For you in particular, acceptance is important now. Acknowledge how you got here but re-affirm your desire to heal the wounds.

Pisces Full Moon for Virgo

Truth during this Full Moon comes from within your closest relationship. The anchoring stellium in your sign largely protects you from the worst of the emotional maelstrom buffeting other signs, which helps you to see the situation more objectively. You know things are changing in your love life, but you can see the positive implications of this. Embrace your new mutual understanding with your lover and move ahead knowing that you are secure.

Pisces Full Moon for Libra

During this Full Moon, it’s your body which speaks the truth to you, not your mind. Expect a warning sign if you’ve been neglecting your health, particularly your emotional and mental health. You must stop deceiving yourself and you must start to get the care or help you need, whether that’s a talking therapy or simply a good friend with strong shoulders. If you don’t pay attention to your mental health now, you can expect a crisis to spiral out of control.

Pisces Full Moon for Scorpio

Darkly intense and really rather satisfyingly weird, these energies intoxicate and enchant you – but they’re also a reminder that you can be reckless at times, especially when you play with the emotions of others. Keep your motives sincere and avoid manipulating others. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. This Full Moon is packed with creative potential for you, Scorpio, so you should take your angst and express it in a way which inspires others.

Pisces Full Moon for Sagittarius

Roots are always a touchy issue for you. Never more so than under the influence of this emotional Full Moon. You’ll feel the lure of nostalgia, but you’ve very conscious that life wasn’t all that rosy, back then, and you don’t want to endanger the fragile peace you’ve made with the present. Use meditation to safely revisit some childhood memories. Processing these memories – the good and the bad – can lead to huge growth right now, but sometimes growth has to come via tears.

Pisces Full Moon for Capricorn

Your judgement is clouded during this Full Moon; it’s not a great time for making any kind of major decision. Your time management skills will probably suffer too, so plan ahead and allow yourself extra time. Beyond the practicalities, this is likely to be a cathartic experience for you, especially if you journal or write. Although you may feel confused and uncertain, getting your feelings down on paper will bring some surprising – and sudden – breakthroughs in clarity.

Pisces Full Moon for Aquarius

An irrational attachment to your own values is closing off your mind, Aquarius – which is strange, for such an unconventional, live and let live sign. You’ve become more insular and more dogmatic recently, and this Full Moon energy is here to force you out of your comfort zone and back into the intersection with the real world. Start to notice, appreciate and love what you have in common with everyone else, rather than what sets you apart.

Pisces Full Moon for Pisces

An emotional rollercoaster for sure, this Full Moon will change you. How could it not? You can expect some profoundly moving moments and no doubt some rather mystical experiences too, as your psychic nature and your amazing intuition combine. Whatever you see, hear or live through during the Full Moon and the 48 hours either side of it, some things will stick in your mind and in your memory – and these things will radically alter your perspective, your priorities and your privilege.

About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and current editor for Wake Up World.

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