National Banks – Ending the Stranglehold of Usury and the Private Money System

National Banks – Ending the Stranglehold of Usury and the Private Money System - bank vaultBy John Reid

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

When I began my research into the many financial and economic issues most of us face today, I, like most, had no idea what the root causes are. I’m talking about the kind of things we all seem to talk about; the things we complain about to each other but grudgingly accept as just the way things are. We seem to get a sense of, “Well, we’re all in the same boat so quit complaining and get on with it. No one listens anyway.”

Our list of gripes most often have that one common thread running through them, money, or the lack of money.

Money, the five letter word that represents so much in our lives. With money on our side so many of our problems vanish, without it we are eventually destitute.

Is money inherently a bad thing? No, not when it is used as originally intended, as a ‘fair exchange of energy’. Bartering may work well in smaller communities, but offering the city bus driver a bag of apples as your fare for the ride to work isn’t exactly practical.

Money is a perfect system of exchange. The real problem with our money is rooted in who or what controls it and the system of how it is issued. The system being that of ‘usury.’ When interest is charged on loans, it then categorizes money as a ‘commodity’. It is no longer a simple and very effective method of a ‘fair exchange of energy’ and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the root cause of our financial woes today!

The monetization of money, allowing money to become a commodity itself which completely corrupts the original intent of use as a fair exchange of energy only is the issue.

Now you’re probably thinking, “It’s just the way things are, we’ve always paid interest on loans, you can’t expect the banks to just give it away for free. How would they stay in business, and who would lend us the loans we need?”

Great points, and my reply is:

“Just because that’s the way a very small group of people or families, over time, have by one method or another, gradually suckered in country after country to accept this system, does not make it right and does not mean we have to suffer it!”

Money Should Never Be Monetized

Money should never be monetized. We in the industrialised world, with large concentrations of people simply cannot exist without money. Even those unfortunate enough to be homeless and penniless still require charitable help, where money is also involved. Without money we basically cease to exist. The entire system, our entire being relies upon money.

Monetizing money isn’t much different from monetizing the air we breathe. And how ridiculous does that sound? However, this is how we are living, paying for something that should not be a commodity or ‘money maker’ for someone else.

‘Interest’ is the cost we unnecessarily pay to have access to that which is vital for our survival and when interest compounds (as it does) we may find ourselves in great financial distress.

Unfortunately this also applies at the national level. Almost every nation in the world has been convinced over time to unnecessarily borrow its money from private central banks. (For more information, please see the articles, The Federal Reserve Bank – 100 Years of Deception and The Illusion of Money and the Economic System Construct.)

Now why would any wealthy nation borrow from foreign private bankers when they could issue their own money to the people via a national bank? Why would your own political representatives allow us to become indebted to foreign bankers, in effect reducing us to economic slaves?

The answer to that would take another article, but let me just say that we are dealing with highly sophisticated, multi-generational families who, over time, have slithered their way into being accepted as the world’s money suppliers.

Who on earth gave these people that right? How have these people positioned themselves to ‘tax’ something almost as vital as the air we breathe with a monstrosity called ‘interest’? Let’s just say the scheme is absolutely brilliant because once you have such control you basically own the nations and the people you lend to.

Why isn’t this talked about more often when we hear how much our nations owe, how much debt our nations are in and how we have to suffer cutbacks to enable the debt to be paid?

The unborn will be born into and saddled with these debts, something which is immoral and unconscionable; mortgaging our future to the unborn taxpayer.

Why aren’t these things being discussed and why is it all accepted as ‘just the way things are’? Because the entire system of economics has been based on this flawed system and all the so-called economic experts are themselves a product of this system.

I could go much deeper into the multitude of convoluted explanations economists will offer as reasons for this diabolical system, but we can keep this simple and understandable for the purpose of this article, which is to try and explain in simple terms why this system is the monkey on our backs, what life will be like without it, and how we can change it.

The Folly of Infinite Growth

Let’s take a look at the present system and how it is inherently flawed. The very first thing which tells us the system is flawed is that it is based on infinite growth or infinite inflation, which is obviously impossible. It is in essence a long drawn out pyramid or ponzi scheme.

Why is it based upon infinite growth, infinite inflation? Because when a bank loans money, it only lends the principle. If you take out a $1,000 loan at 5% interest, where will you find the interest to pay back, the bank never loaned out that part of the payment so where will it come from? It comes from the economy, it comes from other loans which others have spent into the economy.

So to be able to pay back interest on loans we must have an ever increasing number of loans taken out, which means we must always have an expanding economy, we must have infinite growth, infinite inflation, which of course is impossible.

Why are we told how the economy is growing or shrinking every business day, why is it so important that the economy grows, why can’t it just remain static without the dreaded ‘R’ word, the much feared word ‘recession’ being pushed down our throats by the media?

Because it’s the way this system is set up and the same vipers that profit from this system, can, at will, create the very problems of growth/recession or boom/bust to maximise their profits, control and ownership of forfeited properties.

Recession is usually defined as three consecutive quarters of negative growth, so what! Why should we fear that? Oh yes, no interest being borrowed into the system for others to pay their own loans back, which means defaults, bankruptcies, factories closing under debt, job losses, lack of spending creating more job losses. All this because the system is based on usury or interest.

This reduces the taxes for the nation’s expenses and it becomes harder to pay the interest for the national debt. What do the vipers do? Downgrade the nation’s credit rating and jack up the interest rate. Great, just what we all needed. We’re just long term banking customers, kicked in the teeth when times are hard, and those “hard times” are likely caused by the very same bankers.

Andrew Jackson, the last American President to beat off the bankers, had to deal with banker Nicholas Biddle who in 1832 threatened to cause a depression if the bank was not re-chartered. Biddle went on to say;

“Nothing but widespread suffering will produce any effect on Congress… Our only safety is in pursuing a steady course of firm restriction – and I have no doubt that such a course will ultimately lead to restoration of the currency and the re-charter of the bank.”

Biddle called in existing loans and refused to issue new loans causing a massive depression, but in 1836 the bank lost its charter. Andrew Jackson said;

“If the American people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system – there would be a revolution before morning…”

Yes, this is the system folks, the system we have just accepted as the way things are and I believe the reason we have put up with it for so long is because we have been kept in the dark. Our so-called elected representatives, of all colours and stripes, have over time collectively let us down, sold us down the river for a few pieces of silver.

Well, it doesn’t matter why or who or how any more, it’s simply time to put an end to it. It’s time to enjoy the prosperity we ourselves create, for that is the only true prosperity there is, that which we the people create through our labours and endeavours.

It is that very same prosperity with which we pay the bankers with, so why don’t we pay it to ourselves, to our own national bank? We can, it’s just that we have been scammed all this time to borrow from these cunning foxes instead.

There are hundreds of articles and video’s online explaining about how this all works, so please research this for yourself.

The Scourge of Usury

Let me give you a quick example of what borrowing unnecessarily from central bankers can do to a nation and her people.

Canada has a national bank dating from 1938 which allocated loans to the nation for infrastructure projects which created jobs and assisted the nation with transportation projects such as roads, the St. Lawrence Seaway, subways and airports. The loans were almost interest free and Canada had no real foreign debts to worry about.

Moving on to 1974 and the Bank of Canada began illegally borrowing from central banks, of course with interest payments. This also, and quite conveniently, gave the Prime Minister at the time, Mr. Trudeau a seat at the G7 table, he could now play in the sandbox with the big boys. Canadians just bought the most expensive seat Canadians have ever paid for and continue to pay for.

From 1974 to today, the interest and service costs to Canadians for borrowing from the central banks has exceeded one trillion dollars! That’s one trillion dollars Canadians gave to foreign bankers for literally nothing.

Nothing because they never actually gave Canada that money, it is merely numbers on computer screens and enabled by another monstrosity called ‘fractional reserve lending’. The system which allows a bank to ‘lend’ money that does not even exist.

Banks only need to have 10% of the money on hand which they claim to lend you, the rest is hot air and you, me and our nation’s pay real earned money for this ‘hot air’, as I said earlier. It’s all a brilliant scam but a scam which affects all of our lives and costs us dearly.

Canadians have been handing over tens of billions of dollars each year in unnecessary interest payments when that same money could and should have been used for Canadian services such as health and education.

The kicker is that Canadians, courtesy of their own national bank’s failure and flawed political leadership, still owes over $600 billion to the foreign bankers, which sucks over $30 billion each year of taxpayer money in service fees and interest payments.

The good news is the Bank of Canada was successfully sued this year (2015) by a true Canadian hero called Rocco Galati, a lawyer who cares about Canada and offered his services for free!

This case will likely drag on for years but Mr. Galati proved the Bank of Canada acted out of its jurisdiction by borrowing from foreign bankers and indebting Canadians, a monumental step in the right direction.

Just look at Greece and other nations which fell into the usury trap and before you go blaming the Greek people for their own downfall, please educate yourself about how easy it is for these vipers to set a nation up for a fall for they control everything via a computer keyboard, extremely complex but that’s how it’s done.

When we allow these people to control our money we are giving up far more than we realise.

The Bankers Take a Piece of Almost Everything

Keep in mind that almost everything you buy has some form of ‘interest’ included in the cost so these leeches are pocketing a piece of your genuinely earned prosperity almost every time you make a purchase. Our prosperity is being sucked out of us because our money is monetized.

It does not matter if you think the system is just what it is, and that’s how it will stay. It is wrong and we are being duped to the point of poverty because of it. This system will either implode or the next biggest scam will be upon us, a cash free society. Having a cash free society would give the central bankers absolute carte blanche to be the gods they already believe they are.

There would be no reference to the value of money other than that which the bankers say it is, the world would truly be ran by the bankers such would be the power a cashless society would gift them.

National Banks

So what is the alternative? The alternative is for each nation to set up its own national bank and issue currency to the nation. A currency which is linked to something of sustainable value, such as gold. The first thing the present day economists will say is this will create runaway inflation, that’s because this is what they were taught to think and is complete nonsense. With technology today, a nation can monitor inflation and control the money supply.

The first thing which will become apparent is how the national debt can be settled much more rapidly due to the fact there would be no further borrowing from the foreign banks. If I had my way I would refuse to pay such illusory debt in full anyway, because it would be easy to prove that that money was never loaned at all, therefore we should only repay that portion which was loaned, ridding the nation of the ‘debt’ much quicker.

The End of Usury

As was stated earlier, the present usury or interest based financial system is based upon infinite growth which means infinite inflation. This as we know means the cost of everything keeps rising due to that inflation. How will our children ever be able to afford their own homes in this system?

Now imagine when we change this system so that money represents that which it should only represent, a fair exchange of energy. No one to monetize it, no one to commodify it, no one to monopolize it, how would that change your life?

Firstly, the nation would only require one non-profit bank, possibly represented by regional banks pertaining to provinces, states or counties. This is because without the right to earn interest (for almost nothing) the banks we use today would likely become obsolete or adapt to becoming investment brokers.

This would also save the people money because the banks would not be gouging us for the billions in profit they make from us. More money in our pockets, more spent into the economy.

Secondly, you would only ever owe the actual amount of the loan you borrowed as there would not be any interest to pay, this means lower payments and the ability to pay off the loan much quicker.

What happens when people have more disposable income? They spend more into the economy which increases demand for products which increases employment.

Thirdly, without the requirement to pay foreign bankers billions of dollars each year in interest, that money stays in the country and helps pay for our services.

When you combine a new system of interest free, nationally issued finance with full employment (due to increased demand) and the end of huge interest payments to foreign banks, with increased tax revenues, you will without doubt eventually reach an equilibrium, a balance of personal and national prosperity. Inevitably, you would see taxes gradually lowered (further increasing disposable income) and services increased. Services such as post-secondary education becoming as they should be, completely free.

The Return of Manufacturing and Full Employment

It should also be noted that to attain such equilibrium we would bring back manufacturing from overseas to provide employment which actually enables a family to live on one salary. Something which is completely achievable and organic.

Our present system of cheap goods produced overseas is a farce when our children cannot find employment. It is a false economy not an organic economy.

We must bring back home based manufacturing which, though seemingly more costly, would be far more affordable in a system without usury, a real organic system of economics in equilibrium, affordable, livable, comfortable, and because of one major change- the end of usury.

Such a system would benefit everyone, everyone except those who monetized money and profited from that system. The vast amounts of wealth which are now being hoarded by the few would be in circulation for all to benefit from.

You can line up all the faux economic arguments against such a new system that you wish, but nothing, absolutely nothing I have shared could possibly be any worse than the present system of legal theft and economic slavery we are burdened with today.

Has This Been Tried Before?

History tells us that Abraham Lincoln, who understood what becoming indebted to foreign bankers would mean, on the advice of Colonel Dick Taylor, printed $450 million worth of the ‘greenback’ to fund his war efforts.

The ‘greenbacks’ were treasury issued notes and were very successful. In fact successful enough to deeply concern banker controlled nations as the following piece from The London Times in 1865 confirms:

If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

In 1914, to avert a run on the banks, Great Britain issued The Bradbury Pound. The Bradbury Pound signed by John Bradbury was issued debt free to the banks and was very successful, however, the bankers soon put an end to it and Great Britain went back to the economic slavery system of usury, and, like every nation chained to this system, is in massive debt to the bankers.

There are today many in Great Britain who are actively campaigning to bring back the Bradbury Pound.

The Present System is Insane

When you consider that the total debts ‘owed’ to the central bankers are so astronomical, so ridiculously enormous that there would never be enough money available to ever pay it, you begin to see the system for what it is, insane.

Yet we are all paying into it every day, lining the pockets of a minute section of the population. This is what happens in a system which ‘taxes’ our money with interest instead of allowing money to be a fair exchange of energy.

The insanity is that the ‘debts’ not only consist of the monstrosity of interest, but compounded interest! It sounds like a sick joke doesn’t it? You will pay us interest on something we never even gave you and if you default then that interest will keep compounding, keep ballooning. If you fail to pay that, we take your assets.

Greece has just lost control of 14 of its airports to Germany because of this system and is being stripped of national assets. The bankers are destroying Greece and the Greek people with a death of a thousand cuts and there is no need for any of it, it is all down to power, control and greed and enabled by usury.

How Can We Change The Financial System?

At present almost every nation in the industrialised world has been suckered into this very same system.

The power of the bankers cannot be underestimated and many know what will happen to any political leader who attempts to pull out of it. Many will say the real reason Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi was taken out was his plan to sell oil in Dinars instead of dollars.

The message is clear, do not mess with the bankers!

However, what I am about to say ties in with other important aspects of the way our nations are run and will also counter the corruption we know infests our political systems.

It is time for us to evolve, time for us to stop allowing the outright corruption which plagues our countries, all of them. It is time we began taking more responsibility in our lives and having more say in what happens to us.

Direct Democracy

The change will take time but it is something which we can all talk about and share, something with which we can implore our representatives to implement, something which gives we the people a say on anything major which affects our lives. I am talking about ‘direct democracy’.

We can begin this at a grass roots level. It is easy to understand and highly effective. With direct democracy (DD) we can vote on how our money is issued and vote to ban usury. There would be no need for political leaders to fear anything, for we the people would make the final decisions.

For more information about Direct Democracy please research online or read my article, True Direct Democracy: The Nemesis of The Global Cabal

Direct Democracy is nothing new, in fact Switzerland has used such a system for 700 years and the Swiss have recently petitioned for a referendum on how their money is allocated. So there you are: Direct Democracy works and can work for all major decisions which affect us in our various nations.

Direct Democracy is our key to true freedom and democracy, freedom from the atrocious system of foreign borrowing and usury which shackles us and our children forever. Freedom to vote and choose on all major decisions whether local, regional or national.

Freedom to collectively choose how our ways of life should proceed and progress, not being at the mercy of a small group of corrupt so-called representatives who only cater to the corporations and military industrial complexes.

Free to decide if we want our food to be whole and not genetically modified, free to vote on whether we send our children to die in unnecessary wars and so much more.

Yes this will take time to become a normal and accepted part of our lives but look at the present alternatives, something has to change, we have to change and it isn’t as impossible as we may first think.

Direct Democracy is our key to freedom, it is the only way for us to get the monkey off our backs, to uncouple from the central banker gravy train, to finally enjoy the prosperity we earn.

I can only ask that you research Direct Democracy and talk about it with friends and family. This really is something we can all help to get going, it is a simple concept and can be implemented using today’s technology, by voting online via cell phones or computers. In effect this would be Digital Direct Democracy.

Direct Democracy is the answer we have been looking for, the way to end the colossal frustrations most of us have with our present political, financial and economic systems. Once we have the rightful say in things we can make the necessary changes, whatever they may be.

As Dawn Approaches

As Dawn Approaches - by John Reid

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This is the story of a nation that has an idea, an idea for a new way forward, a new system which is truly democratic, fair, just and prosperous, a way called The Organic Economy. Based on these ideas, a ‘movement’ formed over time from every section of society, a movement that would not lie down and surrender to the cabal, a brave movement that would attempt to change the very course of history and never be at the mercy of bankers, corporations and corrupt government.

As Dawn Approaches is available here on Amazon.

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