The Body Electric Summit – FREE Online Event

What if your body was more than a set of biochemical interactions? What if the energy pathways in your body were the key to good health and healing? For decades there has been growing interest in chakras, meridians and other energy pathways and now we invite you to participate in a groundbreaking FREE online event: The Body Electric Summit

At this amazing event, you can learn how the body really works, what total healing can look like and how to fully navigate your best health – and life!

Join us at The Body Electric Summit completely free of charge and you can:

  • Discover the power of red light and photodynamic therapies
  • Understand biomagnetism, bioenergy and beyond
  • Learn to crack your energetic code
  • Determine if you’re highly sensitive to energy
  • Leverage pulsed EMF and neurofeedback
  • Support your body and energy by healing old trauma
  • Measure the impact of cell phone frequencies
  • And more!

Dozens of the world’s leading experts in bioenergy, EMFs, advanced nutrition, longevity and integrative health will be presenting new modalities and unique, easy to implement tools you can start using right away. Plus, as a bonus, when you register for The Body Electric Summit, you’ll also get access to Dr. Shaffner’s powerful eGuide, Energy Hygiene: Practical Guide and Healing Checklists.

We’ll see you there!