3 Keys to Free Yourself From Chronic Pain – FREE Online Video Event

Do you experience chronic pain that holds you back from living a life you love? Chronic pain doesn’t just live in your body – your brain plays a vital role too. That’s why you can live pain-free by re-training your brain. Whether your pain is from an injury, a chronic condition, inflammatory disease or depression, isn’t it time you got your life back?

Please join us, pain psychotherapist Hal Greenham and Howard Schubiner, MD for an upcoming FREE online event:

3 Keys to Free Yourself from Chronic Pain

This evidence-based event will show you how to lesson or even completely remove your chronic pain, with a guided practice to get you started on re-training your brain to unhook itself from pain patterns.

Register here completely free of charge and get ready to discover:

  • How to pinpoint and shift the brain’s neural circuits of pain
  • How to unhook from the chronic pain loop
  • How pain functions and sustains itself in your mind (which doesn’t mean your pain is not real!)
  • The radical neuroscience that explains the power of “predictive coding” in chronic pain
  • That stress and emotions activate the pain “alarm” that generates physical symptoms
  • A powerful mind-body practice to help you pinpoint and step away from pain

You may have attempted to heal your chronic pain through physical therapy, injections, contemplative practices, or a pain-management program… without success. And, if you have found relief from pain, it’s been only temporary. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from leading experts and to free yourself from pain for good. We’ll see you there!