New Moon in Sagittarius: Truth and Adaptation

November 27th, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

The Sagittarius New Moon is always a truth-seeking Moon. It expands our minds, opens our hearts to new philosophies and new ways of seeing the world, and it encourages us to ask the right questions in pursuit of ultimate truth.

This time round, however, it’s not quite so simple for this normally optimistic, adventurous New Moon. This lunation is caught in the crossfire of the intense and explosive opposition between Mars and Uranus. This intensely challenging astrological aspect is stirring up anger, hatred and disunity, all expressed via shock tactics and even violence. It’s not easy to channel optimism and faith during this upheaval.

The key is to remember that Sagittarian energy is mutable energy. It adapts and flows, fitting and moulding to circumstances. To get the best from this Sagittarius New Moon, it’s important to stay flexible. New Moons are traditionally a good time to start new projects, but if your cherished plan faces fierce opposition, don’t push ahead regardless – adapt.

You can adapt in a number of very Sagittarius-like ways. If, for example, you’re facing opposition over the timing of your plans, channel Sagittarian impulsiveness and move sooner and faster than your opponents expect. If you’re facing opposition over the very concept of your plans, use the centaur’s archery skills to zero in on your opponent’s sweet spot, and show them how your plans work to their benefit too. Think outside the box if you want to make progress.

On a wider and more spiritual scale than individual plans for this New Moon, it’s important that we collectively maintain our optimism and faith in the future, regardless of how out of control events around us may seem. Meet anger and upheaval with patience and open-mindedness if you can. Adapt and flow in order to understand where those around you are coming from. You may not agree with them, but if you understand the underlying issues, you’ll still be able to carry forward the truth of this Sagittarius New Moon and protect its precious optimism.


Your truth during this New Moon is tolerance – and if you’re honest, this may be something you have struggled with in the past. Make a point of remaining open-minded and engaging with people or things which make you slightly uncomfortable. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find.


This New Moon, your truth is forgiveness. Make the first move towards ending a personal conflict, even if – especially if – it wasn’t your fault to begin with. Send your love to those who have wronged you and feel yourself regaining power over your own emotions.


The truth you seek during this Sagittarius New Moon can be found in love of the purest kind. Your love for a child, a vulnerable adult or an animal will reveal a great deal about who you are and why you’re here. Love all out, with no expectation of receiving anything in return.


For you, Cancer, this New Moon brings the truth of the union of mind, body and spirit. If any one of those three elements is out of sorts in your life, now is the time to fix it. Focus on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and don’t be distracted from your wellbeing goals


Your truth during this New Moon is the power of manifestation. Learn more about visualization and the power your thoughts have to create your reality. Start to keep a gratitude journal and to focus on your intensions from minute to minute. You’re creating your own future, so make it a good one.


During this New Moon, the truth you seek can be found by releasing the past. Shed the burdens of all that has gone before and understand that you can choose to start afresh, at any moment. You’re being held back by things which were beyond your control at the time – but you do have control now.


For you, Libra, this New Moon’s truth is the value of truth itself. You tend sometimes to tell people what they want to hear, for the sake of a quiet life – understandable! But now you’re being asked to speak the truth loud and clear. You can do so kindly and tactfully, as befits your sign, but do so you must.


The truth you’re seeking during this Sagittarius New Moon lies in your core values. Think simplicity. What really matters to you in life, above and beyond everything else? Focus on the joyful expression of that. Protect it, heal it, nurture it and understand that the rest is just noise.


With the New Moon in your own sign, this is your chance to own your own identity. Drop the mask, drop the act, drop the people pleasing. Your truth is who you are, and that’s what you must seek to project now. Doing so will be a beacon of light for others around you who are struggling with their own identity.


It’s spiritual truth which matters to you above all else during this New Moon, and it’s an important time to focus on prayer, meditation, ritual or dreamwork. Your spiritual growth is taking a giant leap forwards; try to prioritise your learning in this area in the coming two weeks.


From homelessness to poverty to the climate crisis, your truth during this New Moon is the recognition of injustice wherever you may find it. Don’t just sigh and move on. Make a fuss. Speak up. Join a campaign. Get involved. This is a truth which matters more than most, and now is your time to take action.


It’s an intensely personal truth you seek during this New Moon – the truth that you have power, as an individual, and that you are responsible for your own destiny. Re-shape your ambitions in this light and aim higher. By breaking down the barriers which say ‘no, you can’t’, you are showing what it possible.

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