10 Signs You Could Be Psychic

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Are you psychic? Could you develop your psychic skills or become a medium? There are some schools of thought which hold that we are all psychic to a greater or lesser extent, while others believe that only some people are born with natural psychic skills, or may develop them later in life. Whichever is true, there are some sure fire signs that your own psychic abilities may be awakening, and that it’s time for you to look into psychic development.

1 Spider Webs!

No, not literal spider webs, but the sensation that you have a cobweb on your face or that something is brushing against your skin. If this happens to you a lot, it can be a first sign of spirit trying to make contact with you.

2 Corner of the Eye Vision

All of us can report occasionally seeing something weird out of the corner of the eye. If you are becoming psychic, however, this will happen more and more regularly, and the “something” you think you see will become more defined – an actual person as opposed to a vague shadow or a flash of movement. It will still be gone when you turn your head to look, but it’s a good start.

3 Spirit Dreams

Our deceased loved ones often visit us in the dream state, as this is when our subconscious minds are at their most open. Developing psychics, however, not only receive more regular visits from their own loved ones, but may also find other people’s loved ones entering their dreams, asking for messages to be passed onto friends and family.

4 Erratic Temperatures

Have you become particularly sensitive to changes in temperature? Do you feel hot spots or cold spots which other people don’t seem to notice? Temperature changes are one of the most common ways for spirit entities to affect our own environment, and picking up on these is a very common first indication of a psychic awakening.

5 Sensing Emotions and Atmosphere

If you’re acutely aware of the atmosphere in a room when you walk into it, it’s your psychic senses picking up on information left in the room by its current or previous occupants. All of us have experience of there being an atmosphere “you could cut with a knife” following an argument, but this is a more subtle pick up of emotions and events which are not immediately obvious. You may also find this with objects – when you handle something which had just been held by a colleague or friend, so you get a sudden flash or insight into their state of mind? If you touch an old or historic object, do you get an instant vision of people from the past who were associated with it?

6 Random Memories

We all like a trip down memory lane, but if you find that your mind is suddenly taken back to a specific memory of a loved one, out of context and with no build up, then this can be a sign that this particular spirit loved on is around you and trying to communicate with you. The more often this happens, the stronger the sign.

7 Tricks of the Light?

A very common sign that psychic abilities are awakening is to see pricks of light in the air, or to see orbs floating past you. You might also notice different colored lights around different people – you’re starting to see their aura. It’s important to rule out any vision problem which might be causing you to see lights, but if your vision is healthy then this can be an important wake up call about your psychic abilities.

8 What’s That Smell?

The sense of smell is surprisingly useful to psychics and mediums. Persistently getting a whiff or something out of place is a sure sign that you could go on to develop psychic abilities. Rule out rational explanations first and if you can, try asking for the smell to be taken away and then replaced a few moments later to test whether you really did smell it or not.

9 Who Said That?

Hearing voices is the first sign of clairaudience; the first time this happens to you it can be quite a shock, but more often than not it will happen gradually, with you not being quite sure whether you head something or not, or whether it was your imagination or not. Voices are not the only thing you might hear – it’s common to hear snatches of music where none is playing too.

10 Telepathy from Loved Ones

Have you ever sensed that someone was in trouble, only later to find out that you were correct? Living loved ones can also communicate with us across space and time, usually involuntarily, via telepathy. Such telepathic thoughts are strongest during a moment of crisis. If this happens to you, it’s evidence that you do have psychic abilities which you could choose to further develop.

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