Full Moon in Gemini: Where Fact Meets Fiction

December 11th, 2019

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

The Gemini Full Moon this December occurs during a complex web of astrological energy. The final Full Moon not only of the year but of the decade, this is powerful, intense lunar energy which demands that we release false beliefs we’ve been holding onto.

The Gemini Full Moon works alongside a square from Neptune and the exact conjunction of Venus, Saturn and Pluto, as well as occurring on the same day that Chiron, the Great Healer, turns direct after five months of retrograde motion.

Gemini energy deals with the intellect and with reason, logic, and facts. One of Gemini’s key concepts, however, is duality, and during this Full Moon, the square from Neptune highlights the contrast between fact and fiction. Politically, this may turn out to be especially pertinent in the UK, where a General Election takes place on the same day as the Full Moon – but in our personal lives, this energy forces us to confront fake news which we’ve chosen to believe as true. Deep down, we knew it wasn’t true, but it suited us. No longer. It’s time to abandon the deceit and to face up to the truth.

With the Venus-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the mix, this Full Moon also puts a focus on money and relationships, and the potential tensions around both of those issues. Full Moons such as this one can bring a crisis to a head, so there could be some drama for many of us. The good news is that this acts as a cathartic release. If what you value isn’t destroyed during this Full Moon, then it can be salvaged.

A good use of this lunar energy, coming as it does shortly before the festive season, is to tap into the healing vibes of Chiron and to take action over a health issue. If your physical or mental health is not what it should be, Gemini’s matter-of-fact approach will help you to embrace that issue and to get some help.


Take care not to spread gossip during this Full Moon. You know what’s true and what isn’t true; even if it serves your own agenda, peddling misinformation now will backfire spectacularly. Adopt the higher path and promote the truth, at all costs.


Use this Full Moon’s energies to take your head out of the sand over a financial or personal matter. There’s no hiding once the facts are laid bare, but with everything out in the open, you’ll discover that it’s not as bad as you feared. Have faith.


The Full Moon in your own sign highlights your role as a way-shower. Use your impressive communication skills to campaign or to spread news about something close to your heart. You have truth to tell, and the world is listening.


This Full Moon brings out your innate healing and nurturing abilities. By showing kindness and compassion, you’re leading by example. Don’t forget, however, that self-care is important too. You can’t heal the world if you yourself are broken.


There’s a party vibe to this Full Moon, perfect for the holiday season – but beyond the superficial niceties there is a deeper message at work. Be sure to show your real self to others, especially when you’re dating. There’s no room here for a mask.


You can be a powerful voice for change during this Full Moon, but only if you’re willing to step out of the shadows. Gather all of your latent leadership abilities and step up. Take the responsibility you know you’re capable of shouldering.


You have a brilliant grasp of the wider picture during this Full Moon, and you can see now how various lessons and trials have fitted together this year. Look ahead with confidence and keep walking towards the path of light.


The healing vibes of this Full Moon are important for you, because they bring a chance to forgive. Someone has wronged you, but it’s time to drop the vengefulness and the bitterness. Send them love and move on with your life.


The Full Moon in your love zone means this lunar energy brings you love, peace and acceptance, and a lot of family and relationship harmony too. However, be realistic in your views of others. Take off the rose-tinted glasses and love anyway.


Focus on getting the little things right during this Full Moon. You have a grand vision for your future, but you’re overlooking the basics. At work, trust and loyalty are very important right now – if these are in short supply, it’s time to look elsewhere.


Use the creative imagination of the Gemini Full Moon to work through some romantic issues. If you want to salvage or improve your love life, expressing your true feelings is vital. Show how you feel, from the heart, with no shield.


This Full Moon, you may have to gloss over family behavior which is less than brilliant. If someone is lying or manipulating other family members, let it go – for now. You’ll heal more with kindness than you will with reprimands.

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