Full Moon in Leo – Warmth, Generosity and Creativity

February 7th, 2020

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Much of the astrology of the last several months has been quite tumultuous by nature, setting us up for some potentially troubling times ahead. However, the forthcoming Full Moon in Leo looks set to be a respite from some of this more heavy-going astrological energy. The Leo Full Moon forms a loose trine with Mars, and it brings us passion, creativity and a true generosity of spirit.

Astrological Full Moons are a moment of completion or pause, but they’re also a good time to set intentions and to visualize what you want from the near future. When the Full Moon occurs in Leo, we’re very much in tune with the best of this larger-than-life zodiac sign. A Leo Full Moon exudes good humor, friendship, glamor and love, with a heavy dose of creativity and joie-de-vivre thrown in too.

Use this Full Moon’s energy to do more of whatever it is that makes you smile. It’s an excellent time to gain fulfilment from arts, crafts or drama – although speaking of drama, we shouldn’t forget that Leo as an astrological energy loves to create a scene. There could be some tempers in the mix here, especially if jealousy in love becomes an issue, but overall most of the passion on display should be memorable for all the right reasons.


This Full Moon brings out your youthful side, no matter how old or young you are. Think of it as your permission to play for a while. Quit worrying about work and instead think of things you can do to make your everyday life more joyful and more inspiring. There are connections to health here, too, so you may find that you experience a wake-up call which reminds you to take better care of yourself.


There’s a focus on family matters with this Leo Full Moon, and there could be welcome news of a birth, an adoption or a new pet in the family. However, you may also have to deal with some egotistical demands from some family members, so it’s important to stay calm and to keep smiling, no matter what. Don’t be pushed into taking any sudden action – you have time to plan and to consider.


The Leo Full Moon plays to your communicative strengths, Gemini, so this is a brilliant time if you work in sales, marketing or PR, or if you need to present the very best version of yourself in an interview or a difficult meeting. Be careful not to over-exaggerate, however. Stick to the truth, because if you tell tall stories, you may be caught out – and that could have very embarrassing consequences.


This Full Moon shines from your money zone and it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in a little bit of luxury. You’re likely to feel less guilty about spending now, and indeed more confident about your ability to earn income. This is a very good time for positive visualization and manifestation around the theme of money, and it’s also a well-starred time for launching any kind of creative endeavour.


The Full Moon in your own sign highlights your joy and the sheer strength of your personality. Everyone wants to be by your side right now, but if you’re milking your popularity, you can expect to be held to account for what you say. Your challenge during this Full Moon is to lead and inspire others, but without allowing your inner bossiness to take over. Lead by agreement, not by force.


This Full Moon constitutes one of the most spiritual moments of the year for you, Virgo, and it’s an ideal time to make progress with psychic work, spiritual development, healing and self-understanding. Because Leo energy has a flair for the dramatic, you might like to devise and use a Full Moon ritual of some kind to help you tap into the potential this lunation offers.


You can make best use of this Full Moon by embracing the gregarious nature of Leo energy. Now is the time to consolidate friendships or to take one particular relationship to a deeper – but still platonic – level. Working in a community group or with others who share your idealistic goals makes a lot of sense now. There is power in the many, and you can accomplish more in company than you can alone.


Leo energy always fires up your ambitions, and this Full Moon is no exception. It’s a powerful time at work, especially if you want to shine a light onto an injustice or highlights a situation which needs improving. Embrace a professional challenge with a positive, can-do attitude, and get ready to surprise yourself – you’re much more ready for the next stage in your career than you realize.


This Full Moon highlights a situation where a quest has come to a conclusion – for now. You feel that you’ve accomplished something which has broadened your mind or opened up new avenues of learning for you, but now it’s time to pause and to consider where your next steps should be. Keep an open mind, because possibilities are about to arise which you would not normally have considered.


Self-mastery is the lesson of this Full Moon. Use the warmth of Leo energy to shine a light deep into your own psyche, Capricorn. This is a chance to rid yourself of bad habits or psychological hang-ups, and to create new and positive self-worth instead. Don’t be afraid to confront long buried trauma. It’s essential that you face the past so that you can continue to face the future.


The Full Moon in Leo highlights your love zone, and this is truly a wonderful time for an engagement or for falling head over heels in love at first sight. You can expect a dose of drama in your love life, but hopefully drama of the right kind. Make some unforgettable memories and don’t be afraid to allow your passions to burn. You don’t always express your feelings very well – but now you can.


A burst of positivity in your everyday life comes to you courtesy of the warmth and fire of this Leo New Moon. Suddenly, problems seem much less unsurmountable, and you can start to think of creative solutions to your issues. Experiment, give something new a go and don’t worry what anyone else thinks. The key to unlocking this Full Moon’s power is to keep a – very – open mind.

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