Full Moon in Virgo: Conscious Cleansing

March 9th, 2020

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th is also a ‘supermoon’ – the name we give to a Full Moon which coincides with the Moon’s perigee, the point in its orbit when it is closest to earth. This makes the Moon appear brighter and larger from earth, but this Full Moon is important for more than just its appearance.

A Full Moon is a Sun-Moon opposition in astrology, and this time round, the Sun is conjunct Neptune, which has led recently to feelings of confusion and emotional paralysis. Virgo is an immensely practical earth sign, so the Full Moon here should help us to break out of this paralysis and to see through the fog. We may still feel at sea, but we can now navigate with more certainty, helping us to find sanctuary in a safer port.

The sense of increasing clarity is aided by Mercury ending its retrograde period on the same day as the Full Moon. Rational thought processes dominate now and this, together with the Full Moon’s Virgo discernment, moves us collectively forwards and away from panic.

On the world stage, the Virgo Full Moon may suggest progress in handling the Covid-19 outbreak. Virgo energy is extremely health conscious and the focus of the Virgo Full Moon is on holistic wellness. If you want to protect yourself against coronavirus (or indeed any other seasonal virus) one of the best things you can do is to ensure that you are eating and sleeping well, so approach your health from a natural perspective to ensure that your body has what it needs.

In the northern hemisphere, spring is well underway, and this Full Moon is a good time for a thorough spring clean. Think green as you clean, upcycling or recycling where you can, re-purposing items and giving conscious thought to your cleaning efforts. Along with domestic cleaning, this is also a good opportunity for a mental spring clean. The Virgo Full Moon urges you to analyze the new information you’re getting now about a difficult issue. Don’t leap to conclusions and don’t simply accept what you are told – question and learn.

Meanwhile, when it comes to your goals, the Virgo Full Moon asks you to stop procrastinating. We can all list a million and one ‘reasons’ why we haven’t achieved what we wanted, but the huge majority of those reasons are simply excuses. This super-charged Virgo energy brings you the self-discipline to get started on something and to keep at it, relentlessly, until you succeed.


Put your wellbeing as your top priority during this Virgo Full Moon. Look carefully at your diet and seek out optimum nutrition. It’s a good time to overall your sleep habits too, and to seek help and therapy for mental health or emotional issues. Body, mind and spirit must all be in balance for you to feel truly well, and this Full Moon sharply highlights any part of this equation which needs work.


The Virgo Full Moon offers you a release of emotions, and a cathartic experience, especially through art, drama or music. You may find yourself crying move than normal over a movie or being particularly moved by a song. Go with it. Your own creativity is an excellent outlet for your feelings now too, so spend plenty of time drawing, painting, cooking, crafting, dancing or simply playing.


This Virgo Full Moon illuminates the family zone of your chart, so there could be a small family crisis which will dominate your thoughts. It’s nothing you can’t deal with, however, if you show good judgement and some critical thinking. If you’re hoping to move home, this Full Moon could bring setbacks or delays; the key is to re-assess your home through the eyes of a would-be buyer.


It’s a very busy period for you, and this Full Moon is quite demanding of your time. Expect an increase in errands and day to day necessary jobs and tasks. It’s a lot to keep on top of, but you’re not helping yourself by insisting on perfection. Learn that good enough is good enough, otherwise you’ll exhaust yourself emotionally and physically. Keep doing your best, but don’t drive yourself into the ground.


Financial strains may lead to emotional scenes around this Full Moon period and you may feel that you’re being tested in some way. The good news is that old-fashioned hard work can rectify money troubles; there is potential here for you to earn extra income through your ability with words, but you’ll need to knuckle down to it if you want to see some results.


The Full Moon in your own sign is a chance to reflect on how far you’ve come so far this year. You can be your own worst enemy at times and certainly your own harshest critic – spend time now building yourself up instead of tearing yourself down. It’s important to give yourself due credit for where you are. Even if you don’t like your current situation, start a gratitude journal – you have many more blessings than you realize.


This Full Moon brings you a chance to clear out your subconscious cupboards and closets, as well as those in your home. Unlock those skeletons from the past and send them, forcefully if necessary, into the light. Forgiveness is a key issue right now; it’s never easy, for sure, but by forgiving someone their past wrongs towards you, you are effectively taking back your own power and refusing to be a victim.


Snarky disagreements among friends are a hallmark of this Full Moon for you, but some of the unpleasantness can be avoided if you simply give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Spend time with people who share your goals and your vision – it’s a very positive time for communal efforts within your community. Getting involved in something bigger than yourself will bring emotional satisfaction.


Asking for recognition – at work or in your personal life – is one way to honor the energy of this Full Moon. Virgo energy is very ‘behind the scenes’ but it’s not in your nature to be under-appreciated. Draw attention to your efforts. It’s only right and fair that you should receive credit where it’s due. To help this along, make a point of recognizing and thanking other people around you for what they have done too.


Do your ethics and principles need a spring clean? Expect to feel morally challenged during this Virgo Full Moon. Something you see or experience will put you on the spot regarding how to react. There’s no right or wrong way to deal with this, but it’s important that you’re true to yourself in what you choose to do. Be honest about what you’re doing and why – this Full Moon encourages transparency and disclosure.


This challenging Full Moon highlights a certain disconnect between how you truly feel and how you say you feel. It’s as if the inner you is struggling to get out, while the public you tries desperately to keep a lid on it. Why not let the true you come out to play for a while? Break down some barriers and show yourself. You have nothing to fear from asserting your identity now.


The Virgo Full Moon shines from your love zone and brings some intense emotions with it. It’s time to stop attempting to change someone you love. What you think is helpful advice is being perceived as unfair criticism and this could be affecting a relationship. Love your loved ones for who they are – not for who you would like them to be.

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