High Tides: Astrology Forecast March 8-15, 2020

March 9th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

“We may be floating on Tao, but there is nothing wrong with steering. If Tao is like a river, it is certainly good to know where the rocks are.”  Confucius

The week begins in the seismic shock window of Monday’s Super Full Moon – the first Super Moon of 2020 and one which will hit the headlines. Four big planetary events combine to form the perfect storm:

  • Venus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus
  • the Sun conjuncts Neptune at 18 Pisces
  • Mercury slows to turn direct
  • The Super Moon right on the Sun/Neptune point

The March 9 Full Super Moon will anchor a March 6-12 shock window. That’s the period when a surplus of strong storms and seismic activity is likely to make news. A Super Moon is an extreme lunar alignment causing especially powerful tides in the atmosphere, seas and crust of our home planet. Expect geophysical activity such as huge storms, extra high tides, volcanic eruptions and earth quakes plus an upsurge in extreme behaviour and violence as our nervous systems are fritzed. It’s an intensification of human psychological and emotional extremes.

As Mercury is changing direction at the same time, communications of all sorts will be working overtime, kicking up their own Trickster dust storm of fake news, disinformation and rumour dressed up as truth. We are likely to see an increase in the spread of Covid 19 with accompanying doomsday predictions. However, the alignment between the Full Moon in Virgo and Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn both very grounded Earth signs, could mark practical and helpful advances in the medical response to the outbreak.

With Venus conjunct Awakener Uranus in Taurus, this is a time to think out of the box about your own practicalities, such as cancelling or postponing air or sea travel, upgrading your health protocols and eating regimes. Support yourself by dropping self- sabotaging habits such as smoking or drinking too much and to clear your ecology-your body, your home, your thoughts. What you focus on expands so step into neutrality.

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The Chandra Symbol for the Super Moon Virgo 19:

A Fire Breathing Dragon the Size of a Mouse

We start to see everything in the light of words and thoughts, concepts and reason. We even fall for the ultimate trap of describing whatever refuses to stay within these parameters as the problem, the issue, the dilemma. We end up marginalising the only factors which have a chance of changing the situation for the better. All of this stems from fear. We want to reduce everything to size because we are overwhelmed by whatever comes at us. Of course, such a mindset is poison. It insists upon its own anxiety being the crucial factor. The only thing that can happen to help the situation is the very thing that is feared and avoided desperately. If we can be exposed to what is really going on, if our thinking can no longer keep the world at bay, we can build a willingness to process life accurately and to wean ourselves from all mental judgments and insular attitudes. Because it is only as we remember what we have come to assume that we can also be liberated from its bondage, it’s tight constriction.”

Aries Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

Although Mercury has been going slow, only turning forward again on Monday 9th, you are feeling the urge to move ahead, to make your mark and to steer situations to your own advantage. Your personal planet Mars is powering his way through practical strategic Capricorn, approaching first expansive Jupiter then game changing Pluto in the next couple of weeks. Mars only crosses the pinnacle of your chart once every two years and this year is bringing a never to be repeated power surge in your career and personal reputation. If you’ve done due diligence, expect a reward, a bonus, a promotion or an accolade of some sort. This could be an exceptionally pioneering time in your life, so don’t reject out of hand what seem like off the wall ideas-they might just be your ticket to success.

Monday’s Super Moon is perfect for clearing the decks.

Taurus Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

Luck is on your side as your beautiful personal planet Venus has returned to Taurus, making life feel brighter and raising your attractor quotient. Your path will be smoother as others are willing to help and support you. Mercury moves forward in your career angle so maybe re-visit a project you left by the wayside or check in with clients. Whether you knew it or not, you’ll have been incubating some new ideas in the last 2 weeks and, as Venus meets unpredictable Uranus on Sunday, watch for some lightbulb moments and capture them before they vanish into the ethers. Then, at Monday’s Super Moon in your angle of creativity, download them and start to turn them into applicable, value added information. This will get you ahead of the game ready for planet of potential Saturn returning to your career zone for the first time in 29 years on March 23rd.

Growing your inner resources.

Gemini Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

If you’ve been feeling as if you’re just drifting aimlessly on the sea of life that’s because your personal planet Mercury has been traveling backwards. On Monday March 9th, the Messenger turns forward again and ideas begin to percolate. At the same time, the Sun and a Super Moon is activating the pinnacle of your chart in Pisces- your career and public reputation and you’ll be in the spotlight in some way. It doesn’t mean you’re going to be famous overnight but more visible and your actions noticed more than usual. As the Super Full Moon lights up your axis of career and home, you’re thinking about creative ways to make your life more meaningful -to marry your essence with your soul purpose.

Follow the clues.

Cancer Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

As a sensitive Water sign ruled by the Moon, you are always attuned to the big lunar events. This week the first Super Moon -a Full Moon-of 2020 is fritzing everyone’s energy fields as well as the planet. As you read this, you’re probably already feeling the intensity, amplified by Mercury slowing to turn forward at exactly the same time. Happily, with the Sun conjunct Neptune in compatible Water sign Pisces, it may feel otherworldly or even inspirational. Open your doors and your arms to fellow travellers, share your sanctuary and offer hospitality. Just think about the continuous physical and emotional wear-and-tear/trauma you have endured in the last few years.  You need some gentleness now. You need some healing. You need a rest. It starts with being kinder to yourself and then kinder to others.

Creating a support system.

Leo Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

Much as you long to make progress, this is not a week to forge ahead with plans or to push through problem and difficulties. As the Sun meets slippery Neptune, Mercury slows to change direction and every one of us feels the sheer power of the seismic shock window of Monday’s Super Moon for the entire week, cut yourself and everyone around you some slack. This is an otherworldly Full Moon-perfect for reflecting on the beauty of everyday life, the small details you usually miss when you’re rushing about. If you must do something ,look at your finances and check the bottom line. This planetary hall of mirrors has a way of divorcing you from reality and money is nothing if not grounding.

Stop and smell the roses.

Virgo Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

This astrology is definitely not business as usual for you as a solar Virgo-quite the opposite. The seismic shock window of Monday’s first Super Moon of 2020 is active all week and this is also the annual Full Moon in your own sign. At the same time the Sun meets Neptune in your relationship zone just as your personal planet Mercury changes direction. Expect to feel emotional as a situation that’s been stuck for along time finally releases itself. Whatever happens, let it go-it’s time. Tune into the downloads of otherworldly Neptunian messages, signs and dreams-they are revealing the bigger picture. This is an important clearing preparing you for a much more creative way of life.

Deciphering the hidden patterns.

Libra Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

There’s a lot going on, Libra, but most of it will be internal this week. Remind yourself that everyone will be feeling more sensitive, more hyped up and emotional than usual and that includes yourself. Nothing is clear as the Sun meets Neptune at Monday’s Super Full Moon across Pisces and Virgo just as Mercury changes direction. Your personal planet Venus is conjunct unpredictable Uranus so surprises are the order of the day. They could be wonderful or shocking in some way. Think carefully about all your relationships and your contracts-ask yourself which support you and which drain you and then make some changes.

If you were to put your own highest interests first, what would you do differently?

Scorpio Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

This week’s astrology has all the ingredients of a soap opera-drama, confusion, unpredictability and emotional outbursts. So, decide now if that sounds like something you want to be part of or whether you’d rather watch it all from a safe distance. That said the Super Full Moon on Monday with Sun conjunct Neptune is lighting up your 5th House of fun, creativity and pleasure, inspiring you to make much more time for your passions, including stopping to smell the roses. Have you been working too hard and missing out on the lighter side of life? Do something enjoyable and self-indulgent just for its own sake and notice how your perspective shifts back into balance.

Start a gratitude journal and surprise yourself with what you notice.

Sagittarius Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

It’s a week when emotions will run high personally and collectively and news-whether fake, exaggerated or just plain rumours dressed up as truth-will tend to be gloomy or dispiriting. Knowing this in advance, remind yourself that you of all the signs have access to the big picture, to having a perspective that keeps you on an even keel. Mark the days from Sunday 8-13th as the time to retreat from the gloom and doom into the calm and sanctuary of your home. Monday’s Super Full Moon is on the Sun and Neptune just as planet of information Mercury changes direction, so there’s a lot to talk about. Reconnect with family and tribe and remind yourself of how much you are loved and valued. You’ve come a long way in the last 18 months and that’s worth celebrating.


Capricorn Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

This intense astrology is giving you a master class in flexibility and sharpening your Akido skills of working with the energy, not against it. Mars is powering through Capricorn urging you to take action and be a mover and shaker, whilst Mercury is changing direction right on Monday’s Super Full Moon starring otherworldly Neptune and creating a hall of mirrors. Confusing doesn’t begin to describe it! In your solar chart, the Virgo Full Moon lights up your angle of far horizons and that’s your route through the fog. Look further afield for inspiration, new ideas, a change of perspective. Study something out of your comfort zone or teach, mentor or coach. Your recent experiences have given you so much value to add to others.

Step outside your usual parameters.

Aquarius Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

A heads up! The swirling rumours, fake news and hype this week are going to make you feel as if the world’s gone mad and you’re the only sane person in the asylum. Adding to your discomfort, everyone will be extra sensitive and emotionally volatile, neither of which you can easily relate to. Knowing this, focus on what’s in your control and on what’s in your own power to influence or change. The Super Full Moon on Monday just as Mercury changes direction is in your angle of personal security. Take a long hard look at what that means to you, then start to strengthen your foundations. Do a financial audit of income, outgoings and assets, improve your health and eating regime. Under this exceptional astrology, one small change can make a huge difference.

You already know what needs sorting-now’s the time.

Pisces Week Ahead Forecast: March 8-15, 2020

This is your personal new year-your birthday month- and you have some exceptional astrology to mark the occasion. The first Super Moon of 2020 kicks in across your relationship zone, with the Sun conjunct your personal planet Neptune in your own sign. At the same time, Mercury slows to change direction. Think of it as a high tide on steroids when all your emotions are heightened and your usual boundaries are washed away. You might meet the love of your life or walk away from someone and make a fresh start. You might be inspired to create art, write poetry or take up photography. Whatever happens, trust your instincts, your gut feelings and your own guidance-it’s supercharged for the entire week.


Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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