Choose Potential Over Panic: Astrology Forecast 15th – 22nd March

March 15th, 2020

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

As countries around the world continue to act on and react to the coronavirus epidemic, this week’s astrology reflects the shifting sands around us. The astrologer’s maxim is ‘as above, so below’, and the current astrological situation does symbolically mirror what we’re feeling here on earth. Mercury moves back in Pisces, muddying thinking and potentially boosting panic and fear. This watery energy is easily confused and extremely sensitive; as things change on a daily basis, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what you’re supposed to be doing. Fortunately, Mercury in Pisces also reflects a boosted intuition and higher consciousness levels. If in doubt, listen to your heart – trying to rely on reason or statistics alone won’t cut much ice this week.

The cosmos does bring us a point of balance this week, in the form of the equinox (spring in the northern hemisphere, autumn in the southern). This is a day when light and dark and in balance around the world, and where night and day are almost exactly equal. We can use this energy to pause and to try to re-balance our own thoughts and expectations. It looks as though ‘normal’ for every one of us is going to shift dramatically over the next few weeks, so catch your breath now and calm down.

On Friday, Mars conjuncts Jupiter in a show of courage, confidence and optimism. This is a moment of true opportunity and potential. Each of us can choose, in this moment, how to channel our inner warrior for good. Despite the restrictions which may be impacting your daily life, you can still find a sense of purpose here and a will to make things better, not just for yourself but for your community too.

Late this week, Saturn shifts into Aquarius, and this could be a game-changer. Aquarian energy, ruled by Uranus, is bold in the face of adversity, and not afraid to venture into unknown territory – very apt, as we adjust to circumstances most of us have never faced before. The emotional detachment this vibe brings is useful for moving away from panic and muddled thinking. Saturn deals with the structures and rules in our lives, and during Saturn’s transit of Aquarius, these are set to be shaken up, disband and eventually re-structured into something very different – the ‘new normal’, again. This is also an intensely scientific and innovative energy. Starting right here, right now, the search for answers and solutions intensifies.


Your bold leadership is needed now more than ever. As the Sun moves into your sign, step up and take charge. At work, opportunities are coming thick and fast, even if your working circumstances are more pressured than normal. The best way to honour the arrival of the Sun into Aries is to say yes – even if, or especially if saying yes makes you nervous.


You’re being asked to make a decision, yet you feel you don’t have enough facts to base your choice on. Listen to your instincts. In your gut, you already have the answer. Once you know what your decision is, implement it quickly. If you dither, too much time second-guessing yourself will kill the impetus you could have had.


Forgive, even if you can’t or won’t forget. Now is not the time to hold grudges. Whether it’s a family member who needs your help or a work colleague who needs support, make this a week in which you are part of the solution, not part of the problem. It’s all about teamwork and about letting go of negative feelings from the past.


Tune into your partner’s needs and wants, especially if they are feeling fearful or anxious. There’s a spirituality surrounding your relationship this week which can be very illuminating. Look into soul groups or joint past life regression if you want to understand more about the deep and eternal bond which holds you together.


Spend some time thinking about your overall health and wellness baseline. Look at your diet, your sleep habits, the amount of exercise you get, and your mental health resilience. Counter any fears over the current situation by ensuring that you are mentally and physically in top form.


You’re on a creative roll, so let your emotions out this week through art – you never know how what you produce might inspire someone else. This is also a good time to remember that play is healing, even as an adult. You’re a born worrier, so time out spend just messing about with family and friends will do a lot to calm your soul.


It’s all about home and domesticity this week – although if you’re self-isolating or having to work from home, you may not find it a very peaceful haven. Do what you can to make your home your sanctuary. Clearing your clutter is a good way to start, although you might also want to think about redecorating or creating a mini altar.


Networking may be greatly reduced due to circumstances, but you’ll still want to connect with as many different people as possible this week. At work or in business, make maximum use of social media. In your personal life, write a good old-fashioned love letter, or create a poem to let loved ones know how you feel.


Money worries should ease thanks to the Mars-Jupiter meetup, but if the way you make your living is impacted by current circumstances, try to stay calm. You’re being shown that you need far less, materially, than you think you do. Make sensible financial decisions with good advice – don’t let a knee jerk reaction panic you.


Your calm and matter of fact nature can really help others this week but avoid the temptation to be too paternalistic. You have an urge to take charge, but you must let loved ones make their own decisions. The current crisis may bring opportunities at work or in business – if you have a chance to shine, and you can do so ethically, you should take it.


You are seeking spiritual answers to a practical crisis, but you may be frustrated when you simply find more questions. Your task this week is to understand that we don’t have answers – and that this is OK. Keep seeking, keep searching, keep questioning. Keep meditating or praying or sending out healing. Your spiritual activities are valuable.


Your compassionate nature comes into its own during this period of crisis, and you’ll want to everything you can to assist friends, neighbours or colleagues who might be struggling. That’s laudable, but you must protect yourself too. Don’t take risks with your health. That includes your mental health, as you may be feeling extremely emotional and a little overwhelmed. Get the support you need.

About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and editor for Wake Up World.

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