The New Reality: Astrology Forecast March 22-29, 2020

March 23rd, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The new reality is ramping up, revealing itself minute by minute during another week of very high frequencies. As the Great Wheel turns, big events are lifting our consciousness to a whole new level … let it be.

On Monday 22, Saturn enters Aquarius for the first time in 29 years immediately aligning with Aquarius’ ruler Awakener Uranus. This explosive energy is going to start blasting open logjams of all sorts, especially in connection with Gaia, your resources and your health. The Lord of Time and Karma in progressive Aquarius will reveal the unintended consequences and blessings in our current restriction – globally expanded networks, flow tribes, information gathering and disseminating, teaching, coaching, open systems, collaboration, inventiveness.

Saturn will be in Aquarius until July 1 before retrograding back to the master degrees of Capricorn. Between now and July we are being given a taste of one of the brightest astrological beacons for along time – the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 0 Aquarius at the December Solstice. For the inside track, buy: “Your Survive and Thrive Guide to Saturn in Aquarius 2020-23”.

On Tuesday 24th, the astrological New Year kicks off with the New Moon at 4 Aries conjunct Chiron and square the karmic Nodes of Fate.  Mars conjuncts Pluto increasing the volatility and high stakes of this unprecedented global quarantining. This blast of world Axis Aries energy will accelerate cutting edge, pioneering breakthroughs in the control, management and understanding of the Corona virus.

This is Universal Sacred Medicine. It starts with each of us taking responsibility for our own healing. Chiron brings the antidote, the medicine – like lancing a toxic boil. What ails you is only and always what you think.  It is not the situation that causes your suffering but what your mind does with it.

You can view and experience social isolation/social distancing as frustrating or you can choose to embrace and experience it as a Retreat – an opportunity to turn inwards … to disconnect from 24/7 3D and instead appreciate the unintended consequences of coming home to yourself. Finding and then following the natural rhythms and flow of your life is hugely important for grounding. Your mind is way too small and undeveloped a tool for this high level of vast Light energy. The High Heart is a frequency match for it so get used to thinking, feeling, perceiving and creating from there.

Click image to view full-sized chart.The Chandra Symbol for the New Moon ARIES 5:

The statue of a God worn smooth by devotees’ kissing.

“Honouring the spirit within at all costs. Insisting upon the deepest aspect in all things. You feel driven by the heart to go to any lengths to express and embody the realization of divinity. Intoxicated with the Divine, called beyond, you are dedicated and consecrated and given over. Transported into other realms. A frenzy of conviction that nothing matters except the Ultimate. Swept away. Released into the Cosmos. Liberated from the wheel. And expressing the inexpressible with consummate conviction.”

Aries Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

Tuesday’s annual New Moon in Aries marks your personal New Year, a time when you feel regenerated and powered up to face whatever life throws at you. This period of enforced quarantining, away from your usual routines, is ideal for getting some real clarity on your role at home and at work and for making some radical changes. The New Moon is on top of Chiron in your sign, gifting you with a rare opportunity to stop self-sabotaging habits and to drop old heavy emotional or physical baggage. Your determination will be at a peak as your personal planet Mars meets change agent Pluto.

Ready for anything.

Taurus Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

No matter what is happening or not happening around you, as a Taurean you always have a deep wellspring of resilience, creativity and faith to draw on. With your personal planet Venus as a guide, smoothing your relationships and bringing you closer to those who matter, let your emotional EQ be your superpower. With the Sun in your hidden 12th House until April 21st, this is a natural time of retreat for you anyway, mirroring the quarantine outside. Saturday 28th is a day of gifts and opportunities as Venus in Taurus makes a perfect aspect to both Jupiter and Pluto. As Saturn crosses the very top of your chart, your thoughts turn to your ambitions, to adding even more value to what you do and possibly to a change of career direction.

Do some desire mapping….rule nothing out.

Gemini Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

Often, because you have the ability to quickly take in lots of information and to make sense of it, you get frustrated with those around you who rarely challenge their own thinking. In this changed reality when we’re all in quarantine, take extra care to sidestep family wrangles especially now when Mars meets Pluto and inflames everyone’s emotions. The positive news is that Saturn-symbol of your potential-is now in compatible Air sign Aquarius, gifting you with 2 years of expanding your horizons, and brilliant for learning something new and intriguing. While you have the space and time, sign up to some courses you wouldn’t normally explore, follow where it leads and watch your quicksilver mind light up. If you’ve ever thought about teaching, mentoring, coaching, you have the green light… and the audience.

Expect some lightbulb moments.

Cancer Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

As a sensitive Cancerian, you’ve probably already found some unexpected benefits or blessings in this period of restriction, such as more time for yourself to go inwards, to listen to music, to express your creativity. You’ll be relieved to know that the intensity of warrior Mars’ close encounter with Pluto in your relationship zone will reach a peak then fade by the end of the week. So, let sleeping dogs lie and be extra kind to yourself and to those closest to you. Saturn’s return to Aquarius on Monday 23rd is going to put your finances and resources at the top of your agenda for the next couple of years. Saturn symbolises your potential so start now by building strong foundations under your personal security. Stop all those money leaks and start finding some creative ways to expand your income streams, probably online.

Add value by teaching what you know.

Leo Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

No matter what is going on around you, Tuesday’s Aries New Moon along with the Mars/Pluto double act should deliver a shot of much needed energy and momentum. The big event is Saturn the Master Teacher leaving Capricorn for Aquarius on Monday. Since Aquarius is your opposite sign, partnerships of all kinds will be under evaluation and reconstruction over the next two years. Think of it as stabilising what works and offloading what doesn’t. You’ll get an immediate clue as to what this means when Mars meets Saturn early next week. The last 9 days of March are very volatile with hidden landmines everywhere for the unwary, so remind yourself that you have two years to make changes in your people landscape and don’t issue ultimatums or tell someone to shape up or ship out.

Start by mapping out all your contracts, formal or personal.

Virgo Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

In perfect synchronicity with the current quarantine at home, Vesta the domestic goddess is crossing the pinnacle of your chart. Now’s the time to reorganise and beautify your sanctuary, your home, your security zone so that it’s flexible enough for everyone to find a comfortable corner. This is especially important early this week as a volatile and quite aggressive New Moon powered by Mars and Pluto stretches everyone’s tempers to breaking point. Sidestep arguments and instead channel the wonderful link between Venus and Jupiter by starting an exciting creative project. Pick up something close to your heart that you abandoned long ago and you’ll be delighted by its potential. In the longer term, it could even prove a new source of income.

Home is where the heart is.

Libra Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

The welcome news is Saturn’s return to fellow Air sign Aquarius for the first time since 1991. As a solar Libran, this is going to bring an upsurge in self-expression and creativity until March 2023. Watch for an immediate clue to how to channel this at the end of the week when Mars boosts Saturn’s focus and momentum. This turns out to be perfect timing because although you are being restricted and quarantined, at least you now have the time and space to get your teeth into a meaningful project. Just watch that you don’t accidentally tread on someone’s toes around Tuesday’s New Moon in your opposite sign. If tensions arise, defuse them straightaway- nothing’s worth burning bridges over.

What would you do even if you weren’t paid for it? That’s your clue….

Scorpio Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

The whole week is going to be eventful and fast moving. People will be extra sensitive, challenging or difficult. Don’t take it personally-no one is exempt from the pressure. On March 22 Saturn-symbol of your potential-makes a once in 29 years shift, returning to your 4th House of home, belonging and family until March 2023.You’ll really notice the shift when Mars joins Saturn on March 30th.One chapter of your life is ending and another is slowly opening. You may already have some idea of how it might play out- it could be a house move, a family member moving in or out, retirement. On Tuesday 24th the New Moon is perfect for getting your message out there, for starting a blog, marketing your business or creating a new website.

Turning towards the future.

Sagittarius Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

For you as a Sagittarian, there’s a lot of explosive energy around this week. First, on Monday 22 Saturn moves into Aquarius-your communication zone-for a two year stay. Start thinking about taking up some training, some new course of study or about how you could teach, mentor or coach other people. The bigger your plans and the more they underpin your security the better. On Tuesday, the Aries New Moon is going to be challenging for everyone ignited by the explosive combination of Mars and Pluto. For you, this could go one of two ways- either your finances could take a hit or a windfall arrives out of the blue. Work with-not against-this energy by streamlining your expenses, de-cluttering then selling whatever you no longer need to raise some income.

Expanding your horizons.

Capricorn Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

The last days of March are going to be both eventful and turbo charged-emotionally, physically and mentally. Tuesday’s Aries New Moon makes the volatile Mars Pluto conjunction in your sign even more explosive and you may feel ready to let all your frustrations with being quarantined out at once. Don’t. Take a deep breath and find a safe way to let off steam without taking it out on those around you. Once the New Moon has passed, March 28th/29th are days to let yourself off the hook, to relax, to play, to count your blessings. A whole new financial cycle is about to begin as your personal planet Saturn moves into your money zone in inventive Aquarius for the next two years. Start thinking about how you can create more personal security by building strong foundations and at the same time increase your income streams.

Deep breath and count to 10….

Aquarius Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

Your life is about to take a turn for the better as on Monday 22 Saturn-symbol of your potential-returns to Aquarius for the first time since 1991 to stay for just over two years. The master teacher is at home in your sign taking you to a whole new level of evolution and turning your unusual skills and qualities into gold dust. It will feel as if all your experiences, the twists and turns, everything you’ve learnt over the years will start to come together in ways that will surprise you and probably those around you. Meanwhile Tuesday’s New Moon is a doozy. Prepare for a bumpy ride as Mars comes together with Pluto and fearmongering rises to new levels. You have the longer view so be the lighthouse in the storm that others rely on.

Your time is now.

Pisces Week Ahead Forecast: March 22-29, 2020

It’s worth repeating that this is set to be another very eventful week. The stakes are already high-globally and personally-and when Mars meets Pluto will be raised even higher. Tuesday’s Full Moon in Aries is harsh. Be extra vigilant around your finances. Check your bank accounts, be alert for scams or dodgy money transfers and definitely don’t sign on the dotted line for any big purchases. Once you’ve done that, channel the New Moon energy into making an income breakthrough. Are you being paid what you’re worth? Are you giving away services for free? Are you undervaluing yourself? Start brainstorming creative ways of setting up new income streams. What is effortless for you that others would pay for?

Investing in yourself.

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