5 Sacred Practices to Protect You During Times of Crisis – FREE Online Event

How do you become a pillar of strength and find inner peace in a time of collective challenge? In times of crisis, we need a different support system than when our world is running more smoothly. That’s why now is the perfect time to explore spiritual practices that, for millennia, have been a source of healing and support in dark times.

We invite you to join us in FREE online video event:

5 Sacred Pratices to Protect You During Times of Crisis: How to Remain Calm, Open and Strong

Andrew Harvey, one of the world’s foremost scholars and practitioners of the world’s mystical traditions, has spent a lifetime delving into the mystical practices required for such a time. In this FREE event, he will share the five sacred practices from the world’s mystical traditions that he considers the most powerful and necessary for you in this time of tumult and fear.

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During this special hour, you’ll:

  • Banish anxiety and invite purpose, calm, and strength — fortifying your resolve with the Golden Light Breath
  • Recite the Name of God practice to connect directly with the power of the Divine — infusing your whole being with radiance, strength, and grace
  • Discover the Prayer of the Prophet, the practice Sufis use to invite the Divine to clearly reveal the real truth of each situation, providing protection against dark forces
  • Explore the White Light Protection tradition to surround yourself with a shield of light, protecting you from any disturbance in the world
  • Learn the Buddhist Jewel Prayer — derived from Theravadan texts, this prayer calls on the Buddha field to protect everything that’s precious in our world.

From breathing in the light of the Divine Mother as you release all your stress and anxiety to safeguarding your health from disease and dark forces with powerful protective prayers used in India and Sri Lanka, this unmissable event will provide you with powerful spiritual practices to help you be the light we need during this time of upheaval.

RSVP for free here – if you can’t attend the event live, don’t worry, you will receive a downloadable recording. Here is a chance to implement amazing practices from the world’s mystical traditions – just when we need them the most. See you there!