A Terraist Letter to Insight 2020

April 9th, 2020

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Dear infected and afflicted,

No matter the proposed biological or radiological origins of the Corona virus, its true source is the bleakness of our very own consciousness. Corona is our karma, the effect of our causes, our actions motivated by ill will, selfishness and overall lacking consciousness.

I am a dropout. I write this to you tired. I am tired of the poor and basic institutionalized messages, the terrorist letters to incite swamped vision and sick action. I am tired of illminded political/religious monolithic and monothematic institutionalized thinking and being which so swamps the world no matter the slight variance or modified label. I write this terraist letter to insight 20/20 for the unity of humanity, as a contrast to the greedy, divisive and basic messaging so commonplace globally which, the divisive terrorist messages and modalities.

I had this letter on my desk since January 2020, for well over three months. Then there were the paradigm fires across the world, mainly Australia, South America and Africa and in January I paused my sentiment. I settled to pen my thoughts in February and the world changed again. There was the militaristic tension and flareup between United States and Iran. And as February transformed into March the world, not just China, became immersed in the novel corona virus pandemic. Since then situations within nations around the world and global relationships have been changing in terms which made me rethink this letter, to you, every day, nearly every hour.

2020 is a ‘spiritual 2×4’ year. We apparently are to be hit with it until the lessons are collectively addressed and we see with 20/20 clarity. Whenever an individual fails to face a reckoning or fails to learn a lesson it only postpones the process and as time goes on the inevitable lesson has to break through more layers of patterning and so the harder the eventual lesson will hit. Eventually if the individual, or collective, fails to assimilate the lesson, one is inevitably hit with the proverbial ‘spiritual 2×4’ up across one’s head. The novel corona virus is a ‘spiritual 2×4’ representing lessons humanity avoided for too long. Our sick unsustainable status quo has resulted in the sickness presently.

The closing and quieting of the world via because of the novel corona virus is leading to a review of our internal dimensions as well as our external functions, but we are literally being forced to go inward and address our consciousness, our patterns. Our heroes of the world before 2020 were incited, active, passionate order followers of national/religious rhetoric who performed no matter the divisiveness. Our heroes coming out of 2020 will be of insight, intuition, the compassionate peaceful warriors who will unite all terraists, all beings, at all costs.

Humanity is currently going through a breakthrough process. It is extreme to breakthrough the ice of poor conscious patterns. We are in the midst of the breaks. In order to develop we must breakthrough, we must take on the fight of raising our inner consciousness and simplifying our activity during the process and after. We must rise to and breakthrough or we will sink back under, together.

Being forced to go inwards and look internally at our own shit is the initial benefit of the novel corona virus and a paradigm shift in and of itself. If we take on the internal battle things will shift, but only after it hits. No institution, business, function of the world compels or forces us to look inward. Only situations and experiences enable such situations in which we gain insight 20/20. A practical global pause is the perfect way to engage such situational experience. The novel corona virus offers us the opportunity to learn the lessons we have rejected; namely around developing our internal world, our internal level of consciousness.

Religious institutions might have at one time proposed situational experience to gain insight. But religion has become an enveloping snare to incite partisan mind states often enough rather than inspiration for insight. The world is in fight right now. And the highest art of fighting is required. We must fight without fighting -for our very own wellness and for the wellness those around us and of our surroundings. Our very individual existence is dependent on an internal biological battle, just as we have reached this crisis due to a progression of losing or failing to fight an internal spiritual battle.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” ~Lao Tzu

Religion etymologically originates in the idea of being in a bind, in a fight, in a wrestling match with god/godliness so as to become more resembling godliness through learning lessons, through fighting without fighting. Spirituality has become what religion was and we must go internal to wrestle our own consciousness to raise our juvenile behavior into godly wisdom. We collectively got smacked upside the head with the ‘spiritual 2×4’ because we ceased wrestling with god/godliness and submitted to institutionalization, bowed to religious/political institutions instead of wrestled with ideas and engaged knowledge and wisdom. We must fight internally and ignore the external instead of fighting for the external and ignoring our internal.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” ~Lao Tzu

Islam means submission. Christianity and Islam built their ideas off of the Judaism. One idea within Judaism, and by extension Christianity and Islam, is the idea of a wrestling with God or godliness within and the detractor of God or godliness within. Just as the highest martial art is fighting without fighting we have to fight -internally. We must fight the battle in which we are not fighting externally, but embracing the bind of a wrestling match to master battle of consciousness within.

“Know thyself.”

A wonderful illustration of the internal wrestling match is depicted in the most famous story of one of the oldest and most popular gods from India. Hindu parables of are so old as to have many layers of meaning and have multiple variations. One such story tells of competition between Ganesh and his brother, Kartikeya. A dispute over who was the wiser arose. They decided to settle it by seeing who could travel around the world. Kartikeya embarked on a world tour on his vehicle, a fast peacock. Ganesh remained at home with his counterpart mouse and traveled the world inwardly through his learning of all things. And when Kartikeya returned Ganesh simply drew a circle around his parents, or around a globe of the Earth, depending on the version of the story. Despite variations in the telling of the story the fundamental lesson remains that the internal traverse is much more expansive than the external one. Ganesh traveled the internal world through mental and spiritual investigation, while Kartikeya circumnavigated the world externally through physical and natural investigation. Ganesh was pronounced the wiser by all.

We must cease fighting for institutions externally and, like Ganesh, fight the battle to develop our own consciousness internally, in the battle for our own true nature.

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