5 Examples of the Covert Campaign to Lower Our IQ

June 21st, 2024

By Paul A. Philips

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

If you are a globalist intending a world takeover, what could be a more effective tool in your armory than making the populace stupider and stupider without them knowing? In their ongoing hijack, silent war on humanity, the globalists know that this is an effective way to control the populace covertly. Unaware that they are being dumbed down, how can the populace ever revolt? Because of this, here are 5 alarming examples indicating the ongoing agenda of dumbing down society.

1. Dumbed-down care of the AI gatekeeper

Trinity College Dublin AI expert Professor Laurent Muzellec recently remarked that technology is “de-skilling” and demotivating university students. He remarked that, through using generative AI such as ChatGPT to generate answers to set essay questions/ coursework from lecturers, 99.9% of students “literally don’t learn anything…”

Where is the intellectual integrity? Not only is it posing a threat to students’ learning and development skills, but it also stops them from thinking for themselves. Unequipped for entering the jobs market and becoming an asset, isn’t the net effect that they have become dumbed down by the AI gatekeeper…?  This is yet another example of how the education system is a dumbing-down society.

On similar lines, there’s the ever-increasing AI takeover in the mainstream media. Take, for example, popular periodicals such as Sports Illustrated, where journalists are no longer needed to think for themselves and write articles.

2. Radicalizing young people

In recent times, we have seen counterproductive extremist stupid behaviour from young people. Through globalist indoctrination, these young activists have become radicalized: Living in a bubble, they’ve been played. Consistent with Orwellian groupthink, their related disruptive behaviours and opinions are, in a number of cases, not based on fact.

There are, for instance, the climate activists and the recent violent cult-like student Palestinian protesters such as those seen on American university campuses. Then there are the transgenderists… (author’s note: nothing to do with having anything against transgender people).

These woke fantasists, extremists, and protesters have been played into the hands of those they are in opposition, with Multi-billionaires secretly funding both sides of the opposition to control the outcome, which ultimately leads to more oppressive rules, regulations, and censorship as consequence of their actions…

3. Censorship and the Suppression of Free Speech

“to suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.” ~ Frederick Douglass

The First Amendment was intended to be void of government intervention and to grant and protect the right to free speech. Today, unprecedented levels of threat threaten the principled First Amendment.

Our alternative views are getting brutally censored. Keeping we-the-people on a forever shortening leash on what we’re allowed to say. They’re deleting us for engaging in so-called anti-government hate speech or extremism while done under the guise of “preventing disinformation/misinformation” for our “protection.”

This has the net effect of:

  • Denying our self-expression
  • Causing crisis-level inability to think for ourselves
  • Limiting communications while narrowing opinions and viewpoints
  • Limiting our choices
  • Unhealthy skepticism
  • Making us less tolerant of others
  • Going into agreement with the general consensus of the masses while blindly unquestioningly accepting so-called experts and other authority figures

Will increasing censorship lead to the international censoring of social media?

Like an elastic band stretched to the limits with free speech suppression, how far will this go before the people finally snap, causing rioting on the streets…?

In order to defend the Constitution and maintain our human rights to free speech, we must push back against suppression. Our opinions matter in the name of people’s power, as does our right to hold a protest banner where we see appropriate.

Stay focused, folks. Learn to discern. Don’t be fooled. Extreme censorship comes from weakened situations: A secretly manufactured globalist crisis causes distress to the people, who then readily accept censorship out of insecurity and fearfulness. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

4. I.Q lowering toxic chemicals   

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) classifies fluoride as a toxin in the league of other nasties such as lead and arsenic. In spite of this, fluoride is still used in dental treatment, in toothpaste, and in water supplies. Do you think this has not been spotted and is a mistake by the overseers?

Not a chance.

The toxicity connection has been deliberately orchestrated and allowed to carry on unheedingly by those in high places: Neurotoxic fluoride kept in toothpaste and water supplies causes brain damage, related child development disorders, sleep disturbances, and other health problems as well as the lowering of I.Q makes it an effective form of dumbing-down society.

A clue (at least) to fluoride toxicity exists on a tube of toothpaste regarding a child 5 years old or less swallowing toothpaste. If the swallowed toothpaste is the size of a pea, the parents should seek medical advice for the child. -What about us adults??

Other toxic chemicals that cause ill health and dumbing down can be found in the air, land, and water. These can be found in FrankenSkies chemtrails, agrichemicals, and polluted waters.

Then there are the rising numbers of increasingly toxic chemicals found in mind-altering drugs and vaccines, resulting in many counterproductive effects… For more on this, go here.

The children are significantly targeted by the globalists. The globalists know that they must be made stupid and stupider as they are perceived as serious about their world enslavement agendas when they become adults.

5. Food toxicity

As in 4 (above), food toxicity has also been done dastardly by design. As more people struggle to make ends meet, they are turning to cheaper junk food options. Junk food, lacking in nutrients due to its high salt/sugar content, also contains a range of dodgy preservatives, junk trans-fats, GMOs, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides, making your weakened body, in effect, a chemical factory susceptible to illnesses.

Further effects also lead to brain fog, grogginess, and tiring easily…

Indeed, the solution is to make informed, well-educated, healthy choices about what you put in your body.

In conclusion, the deliberate dumbing-down of society is a multi-faceted and alarming phenomenon driven by covert globalist agendas. Through the misuse of AI, the radicalization of youth, the suppression of free speech, the prevalence of toxic chemicals, and the widespread availability of unhealthy food options, our intellectual integrity and critical thinking skills are under siege. Recognizing these tactics is the first step towards reclaiming our autonomy and safeguarding our future. It is imperative that we stay vigilant, educate ourselves, and resist these manipulative efforts to ensure a society that values and fosters genuine intelligence, freedom, and well-being for all.

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