How to Make Immune Boosting Kombucha

By Alex ‘Earthie Mama’ Du Toit

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Although it has been around for thousands of years, Kombucha has become the newest trend in the health and wellness world. I discovered Kombucha about 15 years ago when no one I knew had ever heard of this fermented tea. Someone told me that drinking Kombucha along with an Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic similar to the Master Tonic had cured him from MRSA. When I heard this, I investigated more about Kombucha and I learned that Kombucha is a medicinal beverage that is packed full of health benefits. It is very easy to make yourself but if you don’t want to every market that I go to is full of different brands of Kombucha.

How I Began Making Kombucha

When I discovered Kombucha, I began buying it daily from the only shop and brand at the time that sold Kombucha. Buying a couple a day started to add up so I began buying them by the case. However, still expensive, I finally decided I needed to make Kombucha myself. I started a SCOBY from a bottle of Kombucha, black tea and sugar. It took weeks to form, but once a nice thick SCOBY formed, my Kombucha making started and never stopped. Since then I have made countless bottles with all different flavors and I have taught many people how to brew their own Kombucha. By making your own Kombucha, you can control how it tastes, how much sugar is left, and the cost is no comparison. The cost of a bottle of Kombucha at the store (about 12 oz.) is the same as an entire gallon you could make at home. (128 oz)

How is Kombucha made?

Kombucha is created with tea, sugar and a SCOBY. A SCOBY is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. The SCOBY is added to tea that has sugar dissolved in it. The SCOBY grows from the caffeine and eats the sugar to ferment to form probiotics. One of my favorite Kombucha flavors to brew is my Immune Boosting Kombucha. All Kombucha is immune boosting with the large amounts of probiotics, but this recipe is one that adds some of nature’s most powerful immune boosting herbs. While most Kombucha is made with black, green, or white tea, I use an unusual combination of Green Tea and Rooibos Tea. Green Tea and Rooibos Tea are extremely high in antioxidants which makes them both great to strengthen the immune system among many other health benefits. I created this recipe 100% myself based on my Immune Support Tonic and all of my experiences brewing Kombucha. Enjoy!

Immune Boosting Kombucha Recipe (1 Gallon)


  • 13-14 cups of Water
  • 1 cup Organic Sugar
  • Green Tea ~ About 3 Tea Bags or 1/4 Cup of Leaves. I use this
  • Rooibos Tea ~ About 5 Tea Bags or 1/2 Cup Leaves. I use this.
  • Kombucha Starter Culture ~ SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast)
  • 2 Cups starter liquid (from another Kombucha tea). I leave some in with every batch I make.
  • Brewing glass jar
  • Cloth cover
  • Rubber band

For second fermentation:

1. Bring water to a boil.
2. Turn water off , add tea bags or loose leaves – let steep for at least 10-20 minutes
3. Stir in 1 cup organic sugar
4. Let tea cool completely
5. After it cools, strain if needed, pour in brewing jar
6. Pour in starter liquid and SCOBY
7. Cover with cloth and secure with rubber band
8. Set in a dark place out of sunlight
9. Keep undisturbed for 7 days

After 7 days try your Kombucha with a straw or spoon.  If it tastes too bitter then it has brewed too long.  If it’s too sweet put cloth and rubber band back on and let sit for a few more days trying it every so often until it tastes to your liking.

2nd Fermentation: Flavoring and Bottling Kombucha

  • Once the Kombucha has finished fermenting, remove the SCOBY.
  • In each glass bottle ( flip top style like these ) or other sealed glass bottles add the elderberries, a cinnamon stick and a pinch of stevia leaf.
  • You can experiment with different combinations of herbs in each bottle.
  • Pour Kombucha over herbs.
  • Let sit away from sunlight for at least 2 days but you can leave them for as long as you want.
  • The 2nd fermentation makes it fizzy, and the longer you keep it bottled the fizzier it gets.

Let me know if you try my Immune Boosting Kombucha and how you like it.
Let’s all get healthy together!

Cheers to your health and wellness,

~ Alex

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Originally published at Earthiemama and reproduced here with permission.

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