Lightening Up: Astrology Forecast May 17-24, 2020

May 18th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The elements are shifting – less heavy Capricorn Earth and more Gemini Air. In the last couple of years, we had a record number of planets in earth signs and literally zero slow-moving planets in air signs. So the May Gemini stellium will be a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Welcome to feeling less heavy and restricted and more curious and forward looking. It’s time to lighten up along with the energy, no matter what is happening around you. This doesn’t mean that someone’s waved a magic wand and the virus has disappeared, but that the way you think about the situation is evolving.

Gemini is an Air sign ruled by trickster Mercury so watch as the airwaves go into overdrive but the caveat is that slippery Neptune will be at odds with Venus until the end of July so fake news is going to be hard to separate from hard fact. Neptune square Venus is a nudge to restructure your emotional reality to find a higher purpose and meaning for your existence. Venus turned retrograde in late Gemini until July 28th. As the Goddess deep dives into the dark of the world behind the world, you have 40 days to work with all the dualities in your life, sifting out what you love from what harms you, what nourishes you from what poisons you, what has eternal value and what is a distraction.

 The Node of Fate entered Gemini last week for 18 months and starting on June 5th will deliver 7 wild card eclipses across Gemini/Sagittarius between now and late 2021. The shift of the karmic South Node of Fate out of Capricorn into Sagittarius is good news!

For much more on the approaching eclipses, buy my essential guide:” Making Eclipses Work for You” and sign up for my June 5D Report:” Another Roll of the Eclipse Dice”

In addition to this shift to Gemini energy, we are witnessing a zeitgeist shift from Earth to Air. Saturn leaves Capricorn to move into Aquarius. On December 21st, 2020 we will have the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius-a beacon of hope when a new 200-year Air cycle will begin. In 2023 Pluto will move into Aquarius until 2042 and everything changes.

As a 200-year Earth cycle is coming to an end, and a new 200-year Air cycle begins, Earth values – materialism, consumerism, money, science – will be replaced with Air values – intellect, information, collaboration, multi-dimensional understanding of the world.

Thursday’s Gemini New Moon has Mercury conjunct Venus so the news could sound promising .Just be alert for what is not being said.

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The Chandra Symbol for Gemini 2:

A collection of large dried leaves, each one bearing an inscription.

“A neatly compacted little world. Everything fits together but everything is static. No movement destroys the coherence. You remember the way it is supposed to be and reconstitute all good things from the past, while inwardly craving to break through to something new. But underneath, slowly, gradually, you are losing all interest in this pattern and seeking a way out of it, which in the fullness of time may be there if you can let go of the need to please everybody and discover the greatest aspect of yourself lying dormant, waiting for the future to dawn. Needing relief and release to feel alive again and to know that it is possible to find real satisfaction in living.”

Aries Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

Feel your spirits lift this week as your 3rd House of connection and communication is lit up for the first time in a very long time. Suddenly, life feels more sociable again-even if it’s still at arm’s length-and it makes such a difference. The Gemini New Moon on Thursday 22 will bring friends and family out of their retreat to get together whether by Zoom, Facetime or 2 metres apart on a park bench. All this will make you realise how important supportive relationships are and as Venus retrogrades through Gemini until late July, make it your mission to sift through your people landscape and distinguish between those who drain you and those who lift you. You may find yourself making some long overdue decisions about certain one sided “friendships”.

Creating win/win relationships.

Taurus Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

On Thursday May 20th, the Sun leaves your sign for another year and lights up your 2nd House with a positive and bright New Moon. Money and resources will be forefront for you until July, as Venus retrogrades through this area of your chart and the Node of Fate throws in a cosmic wild card courtesy of an eclipse on June 5th.Whenever your personal planet Venus is retrograde, you feel slightly out of kilter so if there is an important decision to be made or a contract to negotiate, see if you can postpone it until after July 25th. In these 40 days, take a look at what and who you value the most. Then check if you are investing at least 80% of your time into them. If not, gradually narrow the congruency gap so that you are walking your talk. You may be surprised at the end of it how your tastes and preferences have changed.

Distinguishing between what and who has worth and what is a shiny distraction.

Gemini Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

Finally, this week you’re going to be right back in your element. It’s been a very long time since so many planets and points were gathered in Gemini and the emphasis on Earth and Water signs has made you feel stuck and uninspired. Almost as if you couldn’t breathe. Your personal planet Mercury is in your sign meeting Venus at the annual New Moon on Thursday. There may be some promising news, with new plans being made but with slippery Neptune at the top of your chart, beware of someone overpromising then underdelivering. That said, it’s the perfect moment to commit to someone or something you love, to look to the future and follow a passion wherever it may lead. Venus backtracking through your sign until July is going to make you really look hard at what in your life no longer inspires you and to make some hard choices about where to invest your energy.

A breath of fresh air.

Cancer Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

You’ll notice a shift in focus this week, Cancer, as planets and points cluster in Gemini, the deepest part of your solar chart. Especially with Venus travelling down into the world behind the world until July, all your exploration will be within. It’s a much needed period of withdrawal to tend to your soul needs and to your wellbeing. At Thursday’s Gemini New Moon with Mercury merging with Venus and both aligning with mystic Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces, this could become a rather beautiful retreat. Practices such as journaling, dreamwork, meditation, yoga are all direct connections to your soul and ways of renewing and replenishing. This is all about releasing the stress and inner pressure you’ve been feeling to lighten yourself in body, mind and spirit.

Your deepest self is calling.

Leo Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

There is so much elemental change this week from heavy Earth to breezy Air that you will feel your mood lighten up considerably. Gemini is your area of your social influence and now that the Node of Fate has moved there for the next 18 months ,7 eclipses between June 5th and late 2021 will shake this part of your life up from top to bottom. Eclipses are wild cards, changing circumstances around you beyond your control so there will be some root and branch endings. Think of this season in your life as a long overdue changing of the guard as far as friendships, alliances and groups go. With Venus also retrograde in the same area, the way you interact with others-at work or socially-will have to transform and with the lockdown, probably already is. On Thursday May 22 at the Gemini New Moon with fast moving Mercury conjunct Venus, it’s time to ditch associations made out of habit or duty and clear the slate.

Remember: those closest to you are your echo chamber. Choose carefully.

Virgo Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

Along with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, as a Virgo the big shift to the element of Air this week is going to be very welcome, especially as Gemini is the very peak of your solar chart symbolising your career, your service and your public profile. The Sun crosses this point on May 20th to form a brilliant New Moon on Thursday 22nd.This is going to be a lucky time for you as Venus merges with your personal planet Mercury and both align with mystical Neptune. If you have a creative project in process, inspiration could strike taking your far beyond what you initially planned. Go with it. Since Mars is in your opposite sign, any action you take at this New Moon is promises to be very well supported. You have all the time you need to immerse yourself in it as Venus is taking you on a deep dive into previously unexplored creativity and productivity.

A flowering.

Libra Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

Take heart, this week your astrology is going to feel like a fresh new beginning. As an Air sign, for a very long time you’ve literally been -and felt-out of your element with the heavy emphasis on Earth and Water. Now a cluster of planets and points moves into compatible Gemini, including your personal planet Venus who will spend until July 25th travelling back and forth. Gemini is your 9th House of travel, education and of broadening your horizons and now the sky’s the limit. Expect Thursday’s Gemini New Moon with Mercury conjunct Venus to deliver you some of those inspirational light bulb Aha! moments. This is the time to finish of an old project and launch yourself into something intriguing that you feel really passionate about. And if you haven’t a clue what that might be, channel Venus’ retrograde to dig deep and rediscover what interest and fascinates you. There might be an old childhood dream or pastime to rekindle.


Scorpio Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

From May 20th, notice the shift in energy as a gathering of planets and points in Air sign Gemini shift our elemental field. Thursday’s bright New Moon will reveal where your focus and attention is going to be over the next 18 months. The Node of Fate will soon start to deliver some wild card eclipses from June 5th to the end of 20201 to shake up your 8th House of family inheritance, psychology, sex and intimacy. This is deep stuff but one you are very familiar with as a solar Scorpio. And with Venus retrograde here until July 25th, you’ll soon get an idea of where this might lead. You could find yourself digging into ancestry, excavating family secrets or even claiming a forgotten inheritance. Also, many of your longstanding beliefs and convictions may be overturned by events that show you a different way of looking at things. Some of the values you inherited from your family may not be relevant to you now.

Digging deep.

Sagittarius Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

If the last year or so was all about work, making progress and dreaming big, from this week watch as your relationships, home and family take up much more of your time and attention. This is the first time for a very long time that your opposite sign of Gemini has hosted so many planets and it will feel like a literal breath of fresh air after all the heavy Earth energy. First, a beautiful New Moon on Thursday 22 adds heat and light to your closest partnership. If things have been on a slow burn, then this is the time to rekindle the ashes. Mercury together with Venus suggest hearing some good news about someone close that will affect you. As the eclipses shift across Gemini/Sagittarius until late 2012, expect relationships of all kinds to see a changing of the guard. Some people will leave, new ones arrive. And this trend is about more than other people, it’s about strengthening your own foundations-making your home life solid, stable and enjoyable.

Relight the fire.

Capricorn Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

Even though you as a Capricorn have been more at home with all the heavy Earth energy than the other signs, you welcome a shift in the elements this week. It’s been a very long time since so many planets and points gathered in Air sign Gemini and it’s going to deliver some much need fresh air. In your solar chart, Gemini represents your health and your day to day work, service and routines. These parts of your life are going to be shaken up from top to bottom over the next 18 months by 7 eclipses between now and the end of 2021 and -a heads up!-the first one arrives on June 5th! Venus will be going back over old ground here too until late July ,so Thursday’s New Moon is a clear statement that a new start is needed in some of your habits. The ones that hold you back, keep you small, affect your self-esteem and/or damage your health. Making the changes you know you need doesn’t have to be hard. Start by finding an activity you enjoy and just do it.

Clearing your ecology.

Aquarius Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

This airy astrology is going to be very much to your liking, finally giving you some much needed respite from the recent restrictive heavy Earth energy. Although your symbol is a Water Bearer, you are an Air sign and the gathering of planets in compatible Gemini is going to a breath of fresh air. Your 5th House of self-expression, creativity, pleasure and fun has Venus travelling across it until late July and the Node of Fate delivering wild card eclipses-starting on June 5th-to shake up this part of your life for the next 18 months. Your personal planet quirky Uranus is powering ahead at the base of your chart helping you to make long overdue changes on the home front. Think innovation, inspiration and insights into how you can create a much better future. Thursday’s bright New Moon in Gemini is aligned perfectly with your other ruler Saturn in Aquarius. It’s time to revolutionise your thinking.

No more comfort zone.

Pisces Week Ahead Forecast: May 17-24, 2020

Something important is happening:3 of the 4 angles of your solar chart-the foundations-are being activated. Most of the focus is in Gemini, the base of your chart, where Venus is retrograding until late July and where the Node of Fate is going to deliver 7 wild card eclipses between June 5th and the end of 20121.This puts the spotlight on your home, your roots, your family and your sense of belonging as well as your role in the world. Your life/work balance is going to transform-no ifs, no buts. On Thursday May 22, a bright New Moon aligns Venus and Mercury with Neptune in Pisces-watch for inspiration about what needs to change. It might be to do with your physical home, such as redecorating or extending or about how you can make yourself feel more at home in the world. It might mean moving out on your own or reclaiming your space from someone close.

Stake your claim to your own space.

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