Navigating the 3D New Norm in the Unravelling Energies of the 5D Shift

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There’s no doubt, following the instigation of the global fear pandemic and the lockdown, life in the 3D is going to change dramatically. The controllers would clearly have it one way, that of increased centralised control and erosion of civil liberties. However, don’t lose sight of the fact that this was all instigated BECAUSE of the ongoing 5D Ascension Shift, which is waking people up and challenging the narrative of the Old Paradigm. What can we intuit as the best way to navigate through our rapidly changing landscape?

A Synthetic 3D Reality

It’s become abundantly clear in recent times which way the shadow state wants to take society. It’s something I’ve spoken of consistently for many years, as have plenty of other mavericks and renegades out there (awesome job ickey!). Now the veils have fallen on this new iteration of the emperors new clothes syndrome. If you’re partially awake, it’s there in your face, in full technicolour. I came across this video recently, which captures the agenda (down to a certain level) quite brilliantly. I warn you, it can send some cold shivers through your consciousness. Watch it and then return to the inquiry with me, because I have some important guidance and intuitions to share about it…

For me the video poses a most important question… how will we break the control?

The 100 Monkey Effect and the Black Snake

I have a solid intuitive sense the recent escalation of the control agenda leading to what’s described in the video will not succeed – which is backed by synchronicity I share below. However, right now, we hang in the balance. Plenty of people are waking up to it and speaking out, protesting and demonstrating – this needs to accelerate, 100 fold, if we’re to have a real chance of stopping it.

It’s a tall order, but I see successes happening in the anecdotal stories – people employed in the mainstream such as doctors, nurses, politicians and police, beginning to speak out – a great sign.

Yet plenty of the masses are still asleep and acquiescent to the narrative – that’s the problem I see.

What I feel at this moment, partially based on a core yearning of soul, is that enough people WILL wake up in order to challenge the agenda enough so that the roll out will be, at worst, only partial. That might well be enough to prevent the system fully locking down the 3D, as forewarned in the video. Why do I believe this will happen? For me, always, the objective mother tongue of the universe is synchronicity…

I’ve been getting a good deal of ‘snake medicine’ recently. Yesterday I was running an online event Thrive in 5D from the place where I live in Glastonbury. During a break I was out in the garden, taking a breather and some welcome sunshine. A contemplation came to me from higher mind – “how will the current amplification of control break down?” There was no immediate answer. But as I walked down the garden path to go back inside for another session, there in front of me was a black and brown snake, hiding in a crevice on the path. Actually I couldn’t decide if it was a snake or a large slow worm. Although it did have a forked tongue, so probably a snake. But as I contemplated what it was, the words came to me, “it’s a slow snake!” With that, some strong energy reverberated around within me, and the next higher dimensional knowing landed, “the Black Snake will run out of energy”.

In the Openhand Approach, we’ve termed the controlling metaphysical energies behind the control system as Black Snake energy – it’s a metaphor referring to satanic energy. It’s essential to say that the key physical characters in the drama that alternative websites are pointing to, even the billionaires, are only pawns of the energy itself. It’s the consciousness behind it that rules the show. The Black Snake consciousness is a divisive energy which has been deceiving and controlling human consciousness since the times of the (metaphoric) Garden of Eden.

It’s an elemental energy that’s gone strongly astray and avoiding realignment with the creator source.

The Power of Non-Compliance

Well now, I get the strong sense, backed by objective knowing synchronicity, amplified from the Benevolent Mission around the earth, that the Black Snake energy will indeed run out of steam. It’s so wrapped up in trying to control all the various twists and turns of the narrative, that it will highly likely deplete itself. And we can all accelerate this depletion by waking up as many people to the drama as possible and through non-compliance – not giving in to the restrictions of civil liberty, which the energy is trying so hard to impose.

What can we do to open the channel of resistance wider?

We need to pay close attention to the ridiculous new rules and regulations that are clearly designed to strip away civil liberty. Any attempts to introduce a mand8tory v@cc1ne is sure to meet powerful resistance – the negative effects are well known and wide spread. This may indeed become an important ‘battlefield’ of non-compliance upon which greater civil liberty is hard won. We must each have the courage to stand up for our rights, whatever the apparent personal cost. This is the forging of the soul, which is another essential reflection of the current fear pandemic.

Another crucial aspect to pay attention to, is how will you live and work?

Breaking Down Centralised Control

Whatever comes of the battle for freedom, the economy has changed radically. Many jobs will be lost as small companies go under. Already there’s over 30 million people unemployed in the USA. This number is likely to escalate around the world. But with such change, there also comes great opportunity. It’s always the case when something perishes, the energy is released to create in another way. Plenty will not want to return to the work they once had – that’s also an understandable new trend.

But rather than simply subsisting from government handouts, for those prepared to be adventurous, open minded, creative and innovative, you’ll be able to seize the moment and create a new way of living that takes advantage of current trends – like for example the huge shift towards connecting community groups in the virtual space.

Yes, I know we would like to get away from screens and technology! But it is here to stay, and new Blockchain technologies, that host cryptocurrencies for example, are already inspiring a new revolution to challenge the hegmonay of the old system, in a way that the internet did a few decades ago (explore how Cryptocurrency Signals a Shift from 3D to 5D Consciousness). The problem is not our engagement in technology and social media, it’s getting LOST and ADDICTED to it! We must be highly discerning about what we invest our time and consciousness in. That way it can be soul inspiring and liberating.

Everything is happening BECAUSE of the 5D Shift

What we need to appreciate, is the driving force behind all of what’s going on in the field right now, what’s caused controllers to instigate the fear pandemic in the first place, and how all our individual lives are being effected. It is the progressive Ascension Shift to higher consciousness.

We know that everything is interconnected. The energy of Gaia, indeed our whole solar system, is moving to higher vibrations of consciousness. I maintain it’s the infusion of galactic energies that’s causing the acceleration in awakening – catalysing and activating the soul, bringing humanity to a new evolution of being (which I call DIVINICUS). The lockdown has been an attempt to resist the shift to higher frequencies and harvest blocked souls into the synthetic agenda – where ultimately, the ETs behind it will present as humanity’s “saviours” with new technologies such as “Free Energy” for example (here’s why Free Energy is not Free At All).

This is something we also need to be highly alert and challenging of. I notice that several mainstream spiritual groups are currently falling into this trap. The ETs I’m speaking of are not ‘out there’ waiting to be disclosed – they’ve always been ‘in here’ influencing and impacting human consciousness (through the imposition of energetic implants for example).

The accelerating shift is unravelling this intervention consciousness and breaking down the Old Paradigm. Although it’s going to go through many twists, many iterations of the Emperor’s New Clothes, before it ultimately bites the dust. For example, infusing itself within the eco-friendly, renewable energy, “save the earth for my grandkids” bandwagon. It’s still homocentric, it’s still not considering the interests of ALL sentient life here. And many of the new movements are being controlled by the very billionaires that once led the fossil fuel movement.

Check out Michael Moore’s free documentary “Planet of the Humans”. It’s a must see, showing plentiful evidence that the Black Snake has simply pulled on a new green skin… Planet of the Humans.
PS: Youtube have just taken the film down, I guess because it exposes the sham behind new ecofriendly norm in society.

Navigating with 20:20 Vision

I do believe, for the reasons I’ve expressed, the Black Snake will run out of steam. But nevertheless, we won’t be returning to the old norm. That’s long gone. The balance of energies and of power are shifting day by day. And it’s essential that we, as awakening people, stay light afoot within the shifts. In the immediate times ahead you’re going to witness strong changes, likely along some of these 5 key lines…

1) Areas of society will still be controlled to some degree. We must apply inform and arm ourselves through non-compliance – resisting draconian regulations that are being introduced in different ways in different locations. This will also serve to deplete the Black Snake consciousness more quickly.

2) Plenty of people will become dependent on government handouts. But the new freedom of time will encourage plenty who are awakening to look for new ways to thrive – connecting and providing services to people online for example (especially because of the increased travel restrictions, at least in the medium term). Explore spiritual facilitation to help plenty more in this Shift

3) We’re moving through a technological revolution, irrespective of whose running the show. If you have passion and apptitude, for new Blockchain technology for example, then pay attention to these developments. We’re going to witness new ways of exchanging and connecting, way beyond the centralised, controlled and heavily censored system.

4) Plenty of people will be inspired to go “off grid” – gathering in small community groups, aplying technology to help them live simply and growing their own food – it’s a cost effective way of living with increased resiliency, particularly as we’ll likely be going through food price hikes and shortages due to the inflationary corporate bailouts that have been printed out in recent times. Explore more nomadic van living for example.

5) Above all, be clear on how to navigate through life from the soul. Life is changing due to the shift in ways that will be uncontrollable and unpredictable. But one thing is for sure – the soul will align itself with the creative free flow of the progressive shift to higher consciousness on the planet. So learn how to tune into the soul and follow it. Here’s the Openhand Approach

Take a Deep Breath!

It’s time to take a deep breath, let go, and fall into the centre stream of your immaculate home coming. It’s going to require a great deal of trust – trust in yourself, that your soul has the innate intelligence to navigate successfully and resiliently through this rapidly changing world.

This can be the making of you.
The forging of your soul sovereignty.
Nothing can be more important and rewarding.

So seize the opportunity. Get comfortable in the not-knowing of infinite potential. Open a wide internal space so the new vibes of the new 5D consciousness can flood in. Then you’ll find yourself at exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, to prosper from the inexorably unfolding 5D Ascension Shift.

Seize the moment my friends. Let’s be all in!


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