Our Great Mother: What Does She Require of Us?

By Kashi

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Our situation is somewhat bizarre. We are all ectoparasites, living on the surface of an itinerant pioneer, careering through uncharted space at breakneck speeds, spinning and turning as we go. We are not aware of any destination or goal, we can not affect our path and today, we are located in a totally different space to yesterday and we will never return.

We are all 100% dependent on The Big Ball we live on and we have no idea what we are doing here and where our host is taking us, if anywhere at all.

In the big scheme of things, our individual lives are as uncertain as they are  unnecessary. We are not as important as we like to think. In fact, unless we are tending to the needs of our host in some way, frankly, we are either irrelevant or just a pain in the ass, a thorn in the side of our provider.

What are the needs of our Mother Earth? What does she require of us? I asked my own mother this question in my early 20’s, when I desperately wanted to enter a period of introspection that I suspected might continue for years and result in me disconnecting from the family circles.

Like any good mother, she told me that she just wanted me to be happy. After I pointed out that this was a hope for me, rather than a requirement of me, she gave it a second thought and decided that she had none. She had no real requirements of me whatsoever.

Likewise, our Great Mother requires nothing of us. We are on a ride, a freebee. We are on the back of someone so much larger and we can do precisely nothing for her. She is so magnificent, so huge and dynamic, with such intelligence that we have barely begun to realise her significance to us, let alone understand her or communicate with her.

The idea that we can assist Planet Earth in some way is insane. We have nothing to give her. All we have to offer is taken from her. We are her. Our duty is to live with her, her way, in unison and harmony – and to enjoy the ride, even celebrate the opportunity she has given us to exist on her.

But we misconceived an idea of who and what we are and we started to imagine that we are not a dependent part of Mother Earth and that we are in some way more than that. It is laughable that we have deduced that our individuality is more important than our collective nature. It highlights a lack of development in the areas of intelligence (as in common sense) and intuition.

Instead we humans focus on developing our intellect. We are lower-mind heavy. We like to try and know about stuff. We rub our chins and think a lot, dig around and study, stare up to the skies, observe, measure if we can, and write books to document what we find, when almost everything is subjective. Certainly everything is subject to change and everything changes constantly and so in truth, there are very few actual “facts”.

What we call facts are just descriptions of what we think we know about something, that we can not disprove at that time. This of course does not mean to say that any of these facts may one day be disproved, or developed and then what was a “fact” becomes “how we used to think”, and so it goes on.

I make no apology to academics when I point out that they are on a fruitless path towards madness unless they are developing their intelligence alongside their intellect.

Intellect is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Intelligence is leaving it out of the fruit salad!

One of the hardest things to accept is that we can not know everything. Our brains are not big enough to be able to perceive what’s really going on. Our best description of this experience is that it’s a mystery. This is the most useful perception, or acceptance that we can form and hold. It is a mystery and it always will be – to us at least. The deeper we go, the less it makes sense. It is like ants trying to perceive our world, it is not possible. It is not their designation.

Similarly, no matter how much we develop our brains, there are always higher forces at play all around us, beyond anything we can think about or “feel” in the common sense and they dictate our lives, like the dimensions we live in and the forces that allow us to function within them, as we stand on our Mother and hurtle through space.

The point is, to relax a little and enjoy the ride that we have all been blessed with, no matter what your circumstances are or how long or short your particular ride may be. The very isness of what we are all a part of is absolutely magnificent and if we can accept the unknowable and surrender to the mystery, we will all enjoy the ride.

Our only duty is to clean up after ourselves. For those of you that can still hear your own mother screaming up the stairs at you to, “Clean your room!” – You are the lucky ones, she taught you well. I hope you had to do chores around the house too. These things taught us that we are needed and we are useful. They taught us to help keep our environment clean.

For those of us that have not yet figured out why cleanliness is regarded as next to godliness and continue to leave a mess in the wake of your actions take heed.

This is not intelligent behaviour and my guess is it will only be tolerated to a point. If we dirty up the surface and affect the atmosphere of our host too much, everyone will suffer the consequences of our Great Mother shaking us off like an infestation, no exceptions.

Gaia is obviously undertaking a journey and we are with her. Whether or not there is a reason or a destination, we don’t know. If she really is predominantly feminine and she seems to be, it is likely there is no reason for this magnificent movement. The journey may be the point. Purpose will most likely be found within the experience.

If we want it to continue, our only duty is to clean up after ourselves, beginning at the core of our experience, our own body. Clean up the body which decontaminates the mind that governs our actions and we create a harmonious environment and atmosphere around us, which naturally supports our Mother and we will all live happily ever after.

About the author:

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