Fog and Frustration: Astrology Forecast for 8th-14th June, 2020

June 8th, 2020

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Hot on the heels of Friday’s game-changing lunar eclipse, this looks set to be something of an antsy, edgy week. The overall theme is one of confusion and fog, not least because the most prominent planetary aspects this week involve Neptune, that most nebulous of all planets.

The Sun-Neptune square this week is an annual event, but it takes on extra power and significance at this time of unrest and uncertainty. Here we have the power of will and ego at loggerheads with the power of illusion and lies. Rumblings of public discontent will continue to grow, but they’re likely to be met with confusing bait and switch tactics from those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. When the Sun squares Neptune, it’s not always easy to figure out who or what to believe, and we tend to lose faith even in our own instincts.

Having said that, no planetary aspect or planetary combination is either inherently negative or inherently positive – remember, astrology is a language of symbolism, with planetary activity reflecting and coinciding with events in our earthly lives. Not causing those events. Reflecting them. The energy of the Sun-Neptune square can also be a catalyst for positive things, if that’s how we choose to use it.

Neptune energy is associated with spirituality, higher consciousness, imagination and inspiration, as well as with illusion and deception – so some us may well find that the Sun-Neptune square is an opportunity to find new and creative ways to express our will. There’s potential here for some very ingenious and imaginative progress towards a greater collective spiritual understanding. It’s up to us whether we want to languish in the fog or reach for the stars.

Later in the week, Mars conjuncts Neptune, blending the passion, purpose and fire of Mars with the watery instincts of Neptune in Pisces. This can suggest a high level of frustration – think of being all dressed up, ready for action, with nowhere to go. Or think of a fire being doused with water. This aspect can also reflect misguided purpose and passions – actions and intentions which mean well, but which ultimately cause more harm than good, due to confusion or a lack of clarity. Conversely, the Mars-Neptune conjunction can also have positive manifestations. Here we could see an enormous push towards spiritual goals, or a breakthrough of some kind in our collective karma.

Despite the possible positive manifestations, however, it’s overall difficult to view this week’s astrology other than through the lens of the continuing pandemic and continuing fury over racial injustice. Lives are literally on the line in both cases, and in both cases citizens around the world are rightly angry with the powers that be and their in some cases catastrophic mishandling of either or both issues. I suspect therefore that we’ll see a week of continued fog and frustration rather than the more positive alternative. At the very least, do expect to have to do some serious fact-checking over what your government or any other authority tells you.


Spiritually, you’re on a quest for answers this week – but the problem with that is the number of people claiming to know the answers. From deliberate con artists to well meaning but badly misinformed friends and relatives, take what you hear and what you are told with a huge pinch of salt. Trust your own research and your own instincts. Meditation and prayer are more likely to provide insights into your current situation than any amount of advice or information from strangers.


Stop worrying and fretting so much about what other people think, including your own friends. You’re entitled to your own opinions, and if that differs from those in your social circle, so be it. Adults can agree to disagree. If you really can’t do that, consider whether a certain friendship or association is still worthy of your time and respect. If someone is dragging you down, move away from them now for the sake of your own sanity.


To make sense of the current whirlwind of events, get back to basics. Work out what you want to achieve, where you want to be in in six months time, and how you might get there. In your career and in your personal life, you need a route map now. You’re confused by too many options or too many choices – and definitely by too many what ifs. Dream interpretation, journaling or creative divination methods like tarot storytelling may help you with ideas and direction.


Your head is in the clouds, and not in a good way. Don’t be surprised if you feel unsettled and unable to focus. If you’re a student, this can be a particularly stressful time, especially if you’re still not certain what will happen in the next academic year. For anyone needing to achieve anything practical this week – get help. You don’t have do all of this alone. Friends, colleagues, and family members will pitch in to help, but you first have to let them know you’re struggling.


Much of this week’s confusion may center around a trauma from the past, or a relationship you thought was over. You seem to be caught in a web of lies, deceit, conflicting loyalties or secrets. The only way out is by being truthful and transparent, even if that hurts someone. If you have a difficult decision to make, try to keep your business to yourself; confusing and contradictory advice from others will only hinder your instincts.


In a loving relationship, this can be an inspirational week, especially if you focus on your shared spiritual bond. If you’re single, you may find yourself inexplicably drawn to someone, especially someone you would not normally want to be around. Don’t ignore this feeling; it’s there for a reason. In a troubled relationship, however, complex soul debts and interwoven soul groups may be prolonging the agony. Perhaps it’s time for a clean break.


It’s tempting to escape from reality at the moment, but this week you’re especially susceptible to drink and drugs, whether legal/prescription or otherwise. You’re also quite vulnerable emotionally, so turn to those you know and trust for care and nurturing. It’s just a temporary downturn in your wellbeing, but don’t ignore it. Honour your intuition about when you need to sleep and what you need for your own highest good.


For your sign perhaps more than most, Neptune’s influence can be highly creative and inspirational. Arts, music, dance, writing and drama will help you to work through complex emotions and you might also choose to get your message out this way too. You feel an urge to ‘do something’, to keep moving, to feel alive. This can be a useful catalyst to help you get out of a rut, especially in your working life.


Within the family, you can expect some tense moments this week, especially if your goals are not aligned. Kids, teens and older relatives will all have their own agendas, and rightly so, but for the sake of peace in the family home you’re going to have to engineer some compromises. Watch out for a passive aggressive response to the week’s confusion, or a lethargic feel to your days. Force yourself to stay positive and to keep approaching life with an open mind.


You’re likely to have a lot going on this week, professionally and personally. The layer of fog and confusion is therefore highly frustrating, and you’re tempted to bend or break the rules in order to keep moving towards your goals. This would likely be a mistake. Sit tight if you can, and wait it out. Distract yourself with journaling, drawing or quiet meditation. Step away from the perception of being in a rush; you’re only in a rush because you say you are. It can wait.


If you’ve been struggling financially under the current circumstances, this week brings some potential. Ironically, however, for you the confusion lies in suddenly having too many options to improve your situation. Presented with several different ways of increasing your abundance, you may feel paralysed and fearful. Remember that in the eyes of the universe, inaction is a choice, and one that is usually rewarded with even more events beyond your control. Take charge, however you can.


You’re filled with passion, fervour and excellent intentions this week and you’re convinced that you can make a difference in the world. And indeed you can – but you should check your own motives first. This is not a time for virtue signalling or for blindly believing what you’ve been told. Your path is not with the crowd; it never has been. Look deeper and rely on your intuition to find your own version of the truth. Then speak it, loud and clear, for the rest of us to learn from.

About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and Wake Up World’s editor.

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