A Balanced Heart: The Key to the Divine Self

June 26th, 2020

By Mr Deep

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The heart is the well spring of life and the gateway to spiritual freedom. When this emotional centre is balanced, we can realign our lower centres, including the intellectual, sexual and motor centres, while permitting access to our higher centres. This allows us to express our divine selves through our own unique personality and talents.  This article takes inspiration from the esoteric work of Mouravieff, who examines the inner process of awakening in great detail. I have chosen to expand on Mouravieff’s emotional process in the attempt to address the needs of our present times.

Healing and Purification: Two Keys to a Balanced Heart

In order for the heart to fulfill its grand role it needs to be balanced. This balance is possible when one is free of unhealed pain and is also spiritually purified. The danger of an unbalanced heart is that it can deceive us. It is also common for emotional distortions to create spiritual distortions. Many spiritual seekers are essentially trying to run before they can walk, spiritually speaking –  imagining they can authentically follow the spiritual path while their emotional development has been neglected. Such folk may not consciously know that their hearts are not yet sufficiently balanced but this unconsciousness is the nature of an unbalanced heart. In an ideal world,  spiritual paths would be holistic, developing both the heart and the spirit, but this is not always the case today. It’s not that the paths on offer do not claim to develop the whole person but the question is whether they can achieve that goal based on their doctrine.

Healing Unconscious Childhood Trauma

We live in traumatic times and the number one obstacle to either a functional life or the possibility of a liberating, spiritual life is trauma. Yet for most, their trauma is hidden from themselves. This is because it is childhood trauma. The wounds of our youth are received at an age when we are unable to process them, so we bury them. What results is an adult in denial. As invisible and inaccessible as our core wounds seem to be, they tend to write the script of our adult journeys, leading us to lives of dissatisfaction, denial and often spiritual fantasy.

The most prevalent abuse in childhood is emotional and psychological abuse. This abuse is of course found in the more exceptional physical and sexual abuses. However, few adults are unscathed by abuses of the heart and psyche. Most carry this childhood trauma unconsciously, which blinds them to the trauma other adults are carrying. And yet most of us, emotionally unhealed, believe that our hearts are balanced.

The greater part of the adult world is in fact made up of children and I don’t mean that in a good way. Underneath our layers of complexity, maturity and sophistication, we generally find well disguised, emotional immaturity. We are the children that never grew up. I say this not with judgment or malice but with sadness. To me, the child is sacred and it pains me to consider the childhood wounds we had to endure. It’s important to remember that such wounds were inflicted by our adult caregivers – who were also traumatised children with the impossible task of acting as functional parents. Adults have the responsibility to heal their trauma, especially if they hope to break the cycle when they become parents.

Healing childhood trauma is also essential if we are to avoid spiritual delusions. The road to spiritual freedom is already paved with numerous deceptive turns without us bringing our unhealed heart that will often make those deceptions more alluring. Even balanced hearts may fall prey to deceptive spiritual systems, but without a healthy heart, we really stand no chance of choosing a path that leads to genuine spiritual freedom. Childhood trauma is the norm and not the exception. Although an unbalanced heart is a deceitful one, there is hope. Your path towards healing starts with being more honest with yourself, as scary as that can be.

Purification: Reclaiming Your Energy

The other foundation of a balanced heart is spiritual purification. Unfortunately, however, purification is often confused with healing. It is common in religious and spiritual teachings to imagine that if one purifies themselves of sin, they will automatically heal their core wounds. The repentant one may act more righteously and believe themselves cured but while their outer self will claim salvation, their unknown self will continue to undermine their superficial victory. The non-religious spiritual seeker too is prone to seeking a path that leaves their shadows unchecked and their wounds buried. One can only know themselves when they have learnt what they don’t know about themselves.

Spiritual purification of the heart, therefore, is something poorly understood. Our centres are centres of energy and that energy is the staple food of hostile, inter-dimensional forces. The process of purification is none other than the reclamation of your precious energy and the denial of food for these hostile forces. They can only feed when we offer food, whether we are conscious of doing so or not. Complete purification of our centres including the heart is a clearing process and as we close the inner doors, more subtle ones appear, also requiring closure. Once our armour is established, we will continue to be attacked but now we emerge as more complete spiritual beings. The warrior in us has reached maturity after the many battles to overcome these forces. We now stand firm, solid and purified.

It is a grand achievement to realise we have been undermined by a hidden enemy all of our lives. This enemy lurks in our weakness and abides in our unbalanced centres like an energetic parasite. This parasite capitalises on our weakness through thought injection and emotional amplifiers in order to gain maximum revenue from our gushing lower vibrational energies.

Reclaiming Spiritual Sovereignty

You may think I describe the devil here and this is a decent archetype. Yet rare is the man who sufficiently knows the devil. Currently the devil knows man better than man knows himself and that includes almost every man, religious or not. So few men are complete spiritual beings. Genuine spiritual maturity necessitates overcoming the devil in order to reclaim sovereignty and freedom.

The first obstacle to that is to imagine a saviour can do that for you. Such fantasy bypasses the tremendous but achievable task of winning freedom for yourself. It also denies the divine potential that largely stays dormant in man, especially when one engages in the practice of worshipping supposed outer divinities. The energy of worship would be much better directed at germinating your dormant divine seed, after all, is the kingdom of heaven within or not? If this divine seed was properly cultivated, one could then more accurately know what is divine in these outer gods and importantly, what is not. Furthermore, one may then start to discern that the feeders shape shift between many of our sacred gods and disliked demons.

It is common for people to attempt to unlock their inner, divine connection through centres other than the heart. They tend to do this without the awareness that the heart centre is unbalanced. It is not that one can’t achieve spiritual experiences by doing this, but such experiences may not equate to full spiritual liberation. Many of us unconsciously avoid achieving a balanced heart, in order to avoid pain or cling to illusions. Remember too that healing the heart is not the same as spiritually purifying it. There are many who have successfully healed the emotional centre of trauma and yet remain oblivious to their spiritual and existential dilemma. Purifying the heart is a higher art and takes a higher level of awareness.

The Problem with Chakras and Kundalini

You may think that the centres I refer to are the chakras. However, I have concerns about the kundalini/chakra system. If you analyse the Vedic Gods associated with the charkas, namely Ganesha (root chakra) and Surya (rider of the 7 charkas) and attempt to find their counterparts in other religions, you may be surprised. I find discomfort in the idea that these dubious entities are in charge or lord of our chakras. Equally questionable is the goal of releasing the serpent energy of kundalini. I would encourage the reader to check the revealing research of Wes Penre on these matters (do a site search on ‘kundalini’ and ‘charkas’). Gurdjieff suggests that kundalini is a state of hypnotism that keeps a man asleep. Based on this definition, the kundalini is already active in the large majority of people. To truly awaken is to break the hypnotic, kundalini spell.

Soul to Soul

Counterfeit Spiritual Systems

It is not only the gods of the chakras that seek to harvest our energy but all the gods do this in one way or another. We are surrounded by spiritual systems that ultimately mimic a true awakening. Such systems may well be deep, elaborate, euphoric or ancient, but ultimately serve to contain you within a spiritual matrix while offering you a seeming spiritual treasure. The universal hallmarks of such counterfeit systems are as follows:

1: The convert is unmoved or offended when shown evidence that challenges the true nature of their god/path

2: The convert has excessive overflow of one centre while other centres are undeveloped. The overflowing centre tends to be a corrupted one.

3: The convert always allows their energy to be harvested in the form of adulation or worship of an external deity or guru.

Correctly aligning our lower emotional centre with our higher emotional centre can remedy this since this higher, inner centre is pure and uncorrupted. We must also awaken our spiritual sovereignty, understanding that true divinity is activated from within without the need of the ’gods’.

Lower Paths are Echoes of Higher Paths

Delineating between authentic spiritual development and superficial or deceptive development is difficult; the key is to understand that lower paths are echoes of a more authentic higher path. Take absolute knowledge, for example. There is an absoluteness to those who believe in pseudo paths that attract converts with an underdeveloped level of consciousness. The absoluteness of an authentic path, by contrast, is characterised firstly by the correct development of the centres and secondly, by having penetrated the lack of truth in what they held absolutely in their former, immature state. This may just seem like a difference of opinion, but it is in fact a difference in level of consciousness, a consciousness that can only expand with deep and authentic inner work to balance the centres.

The Power of a Divine Will

A balanced heart leads to the activation of the higher centres and a harmony through all the centres creates a full spiritual being. Having removed the fine footholds of the enemy in our being during the process of awakening, we achieve a real will rather than an imagined will. This new, divine will is no longer easily overcome by hostile forces.  The greatest threat to these forces is the reassembly of our spiritual being which is why they employ all their efforts in preventing the process. Yet once one has properly reassembled, they know they had faced a major defeat since they will likely never recover the ground you have claimed in your being and they are left to dread your further expansion.

A First Step: Self Honesty

While the gateway to authentic spirituality is a balanced heart, the most immediate access to the heart is self honesty. We must stop lying to ourselves. We must also face the possible inner collapse that may occur with such honesty but remember that one can only build anew when the collapse of the old is allowed. Tied into this is the application of surrender. It’s necessary to raise a white flag to begin with. Though the path of the heart requires deeper self honesty, surrender, courage and responsibility, it must be remembered that there is a force who hides in our shadows insisting we stay the same. Not only does it inject thoughts but it amplifies negative emotions to ensure its sustenance. This same force works round the clock to ensure its herd doesn’t leave the pen. When you try to leave the pen, this force will then try to pull you into the deceptive and imprisoning spiritual matrix.

While our deeper wounds remain unhealed, our emotional and intellectual centres are dysfunctional. In their faulty state our main experience is surface consciousness and we are quite blind to our unconsciousness. Quality psychotherapy can prove quite effective in piercing these barriers though it must be remembered that this method tends to heal the heart and not purify it as discussed above. Another method is quality body work. Again, one can bypass the calcified centres and allow the body to surface the wounds so the heart can heal. In both methods, I imagine it is possible to find a holistic approach that also spiritually purifies the heart.

Whatever the practice, we must not bypass either healing or purification. Both are essential. Stay alert to spiritual practices that link you to any entity other than the divine within. This is a trap which once fallen into, is very difficult to escape from. The emergence of us as full spiritual beings strikes right at the very heart of those who govern our matrix reality and also causes the deceptive spiritual matrix to crumble. I hope this article helps you move towards this victory.

About the author:

I work in music and live for freedom. My aim is to share the truth as I see it, in the hope of resonating with another soul who seeks to awaken the divine teacher within. I am a lover of nature and I have a passion for permaculture. I have been travelling for many years spending most of the last 10 years in India. The most profound location for an awakening though, is that special place within. My experience as a former Church Minister has given me much insight into the limits of religion. Psychotherapy has taught me the importance of a sound emotional foundation in order to pursue the spiritual. My personal research has confirmed the inner process of awakening and the nature of our reality. Now is the time to humble the gods by awakening the divine within!

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