The 2020 Parting of the Waves: Which Flow are You Riding?

By Richard West

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

When considering recent years, 2020 stands out as being particularly monumental and earth shattering. Corona virus lockdown, race riots, and we’re only half way through the year at the time of writing! It wouldn’t surprise me if those reading this in 2021 might be saying “Pah! Corona virus was nothing!”, or “Oh, so we didn’t have the alien invasion yet?”

But 2020 is truly significant, not only because of world events, but because of what it represents for the movement of the collective consciousness. There has been a marked and significant parting of the waves. On one side we have those who are living in fear, wishing to be controlled and protected, and live in comfort and security. On the other side we have those who refuse to contract around what’s happening. These are people who recognise that individual empowerment and raised awareness are what’s needed right now. Never before has the difference between these two paths been more clear.

Which flow are you riding right now?

The expanding conscious crowd are beginning to recognise that it’s not enough to simply hide away and do their own thing. That’s not possible anymore! They know that the only way to remain empowered and true to themselves is to stand up and be heard. Not in a way that judges others who don’t see what they see, or in a way that makes others small.

They’re here to say, “Hey, there is another way! I’m not preaching because I know I’m not perfect. All I know is that all this fear, all this need for control and security – it doesn’t feel like life to me. So I’m going to stand here in my power and my vulnerability and express who I am. Not because I need to change you, but because that’s who I am and I will not compromise it!”

What cased the 2020 parting of the waves?

At the end of 2019/beginning of 2020 there was a marked increase in the collective consciousness. People around the globe were waking up and questioning the control and individual suppression of society. When something like this happens then we usually see a reaction. In this case it was a pretty strong one. No matter what your views on coronavirus are, it’s clear to see that the situation was capitalised upon to further divide and disempower. Division and disempowerment lead to more trust and reliance on larger powers such as governments and corporations.

Then came the George Floyd case and the spotlight turned to racial inequality and oppression. And just like that came another movement away from disempowerment into compassion and freedom. Again we’re shown that the only way forward is heart-felt living. But, still the warrior within is required to stand even if we’re fighting for love and compassion.

People are standing up for their rights again. So poignant the words, “I can’t breathe!” Now we are seeing an entire culture coming up for air after being suffocated for so long.

But what does all this mean for you?

Taking the route of conscious empowerment is not the easy route for sure. Your expression will be tested. Your boundaries will be challenged. And if you’re committed to this path then you will feel it in your personal life. Perhaps you’ll feel like your job doesn’t serve you anymore. Perhaps you’ll rethink your living circumstances.

Most likely your personal relationships will be tested. Family, partners, friends and co-workers. It will become more and more apparent who you resonate with and who not. You will likely have to make some uncomfortable decisions and chose the degree in which you want some people in your life. In some cases this decision can be downright painful. I know how painful it can be to pull away from an otherwise good relationship because it holds you back from really living the conscious, connected and empowered lifestyle you want for yourself.

It can cause a whole lot of grief. And yet there should be expansion too. Between all the challenges and confusion I always knew I was on the right path if I felt a mixture between intense grief and a feeling of expansion and potential. That showed me that I was letting go of what ultimately didn’t serve to empower me and embracing what did.

Yes, there were moments of fear. There was plenty of confusion. But that’s the beauty of the conscious path. On this path there is no right and wrong place to be. There is no failure as long as we keep feeling into what each situation means for us and doing our best to be who we are.

You are the change

Believe it or not, working on these areas of your personal life is going to be the most powerful way for you to be an instigator of change in the world. By overcoming personal obstacles to consciousness and empowerment you will become more and more clear on what expands and liberates you and what seeks to control and supress you. You will start to rise above the controlling agenda in society simply by not needing to be a part of it any longer. You can’t be controlled if you don’t identify with the drama.

It’s a constant choice

Will you let fear get in the way of being who you truly are? Because that’s the only thing holding you back. Fear of not being accepted. Fear of loss. Fear of the unknown. Will you allow this fear to define you? Or will you be who you are in all your divinely imperfect glory? Will you become the tyrant or will you stand in compassion and say, “I understand you, but that isn’t who I am anymore!”

It’s time to part the waves.

About the author:

Richard West is a psychologist, spiritual facilitator, author of the book ‘Awakening through Change’ and a caring father. He facilitates the shift into a new paradigm by catalysing a parting of the waves of the old 3D consciousness to the empowered and free 5D consciousness. Specifically, he focuses on supporting people through relationship changes and facilitates soul sovereignty away from emotional dependency.



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