Nuclear Experimentation: Year 75

July 16th, 2020

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

It has been seventy-five years since humanity began the journey of death that is nuclear experimentation with the tests in the New Mexico desert and then the experiments on human beings in quiet cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It’s been about a half year since the US government has more or less openly stated they are tracking UFOs for years. Few really care about the ongoing nuclear experiment, nor the admission that governments are investigating unexplainable areal phenomena. Despite the most assured apathy few really care about much not directly affronting them right now, in 2020.

The world is wrapped up in the 2020 plague. The tragedy that is the global pandemic and the resulting opportunity for both benevolent and malevolent course change has caused all sorts of rocky pitfalls. The whole world has taken severe hits and the consequences are only now being determined. The potential downward spiral effects are not yet even understood as well. Here we have perhaps the first ‘accident’ of post covid-19 nuclear experiment.

The lessons that we can collectively hope to learn are applicable to all our manmade pitfalls. The invariable consequences of our immoral treading and unethical institutionalization worldwide are the same whether the disaster is a plague, or an industrial accident.

In fact, the indeterminable effects and the obvious consequences to the 2020 plague and any future consequence of nuclear experimentation will be the same only the level severity will differ. The same calamitous results that we have all tasted through the plague of 2020 would be multiplied in a nuclear experiment or any sudden climate change.

The effects of sudden climate change brought about by nuclear experimentation accidents would be the same as the Covid-19 Pandemic only magnified severity and prolonged longevity. Fukushima is still leaking radioactive elements into seawater by the by, and will be for the next million years or so.

Radiation, the cause of sickness, spreads and is unseen. The very difficult concept to accept about Covid-19 is the different incubation period and the matter of asymptomatic spread. Radiation sickness has bioaccumulative effects and its time scale is hard to calculate as it concerns our own life and as it concerns the half-life of radioactive materials.

Resources would be limited. Due to similar response we saw with Covid-19, and vast swathes of land being permanently altered and unable to produce resources everything would potentially be more limited, plus actual resources placed in contaminated areas become useless.

Social relations would be strained. It is certain that the Chernobyl nuclear experimentation catastrophe influenced the fall if the USSR and it is arguable that it is the main reason of many for the nation’s fall. Just as the worldwide movement against police violence really began during Covid-19 all sorts of social relations would experience increased strain and friction including international relationships.

Let’s learn the lessons of Covid-19 and apply them toward the future as it relates to sudden climate change of nuclear experimentation, climate change in general and situations otherwise.

Institutions will use situations to their benefit even if to the detriment of individuals, let’s uphold individuals over institutions.  

We need to bring liberty to the world not freedom to a few otherwise situations will be used as China used Covid-19 with Hong Kong.

Life is finite, resources are finite, let’s not make our thinking finite.

All ardent Monotheists, as well as most ‘spiritual newagers’ if you will spare the generalization have touted the idea that god will protect them or whatever happens so be it. These folks are touting not to care for the sick, not to pause and pray, not to volunteer resources nor time to those placed in need through the times, but to believe, and thereby disbelieve all else. Let’s promote knowing and not belief. Let’s promote care for others not impartiality for self and none else.

Without principles we will fall to our end via our own means.

Nuclear experimentation is a faulty and doomed endeavor without plan for how to proceed with planned operation let alone capability to deal with likelihood of radioactive release. We have to stop going forward endlessly with no principles besides to obtain more. We have to start working toward higher principled goals in order to lose what we still have.

Peace on Earth.

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