New Moon in Cancer: Trust and Responsibility

July 17th, 2020

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

The upcoming New Moon in Cancer links back to the energy of the Solar Eclipse on June 21st, giving us a second chance to deal with anything we failed to deal with a month ago. However, this New Moon is strongly opposed by retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, so it comes with quite a serious, sobering feeling attached. New Moons traditionally represent a chance for a new beginning, but any new beginnings here are likely to be undertaken only reluctantly, or with a heavy heart.

For most people, our daily lives are still affected to a greater or lesser extent by Covid-19 and its associated restrictions and limits on our freedom. Saturn retrograde’s influence on this New Moon is certainly representative of ongoing rules and regulations, and a growing sense of discord over how to handle things imposed by the authorities. Cancer is an emotional, intuitive sign, and one which at its most basic desires to care and to nurture, so this Cancer New Moon helps us to feel more connected to our fellow humans, and therefore perhaps more patient with ongoing unusual circumstances. 

However, Cancer is a cardinal sign, so this New Moon does ask you to take action. What kind of action? It’s a water sign, so the required action is centered around trust and intuition. Use the energies of the Cancer New Moon to actively align your vibration with the highest good, and to reach out to the cosmos in a sign of trust. We do not know what is coming down the line, but at this point we have to trust that it will be OK; to do otherwise will drive us down into the pits of despair which Cancer, as an astrological energy, knows only too well. The blame game and its accompanying conspiracy theories and ‘freedom fighters’ serve only to turn citizen against citizen, and this is the worst possible time for that.

With the New Moon being opposed by Saturn retrograde, this is also a chance to ponder our own responsibilities for the current situation. Each of us has played a part in getting the world to where it is today, and each of us has a part to play in improving matters. Think about your responsibilities to yourself, to your loved ones, to wider society and to the planet itself. As you surrender in intuitive trust, remember that such spiritual surrender is a positive and powerful choice, not a passive ‘giving in’. By blending your collective consciousness to work for the greater good, you are taking cardinal water action, just as the Cancer New Moon suggests. 


Meditate on your work-life balance, and use your intuition to work out whether you need to spend more time with your family, or more time trying to progress in order to look after your family. You have an opportunity here to redress the balance, whichever way it needs to go, but try to avoid feeling guilty. There are no right and wrong answers; all you can do is your best. 


Your words have power during this New Moon, so use them wisely. Others are looking to you for an example, and are willing to follow your lead. Try to lead through wisdom and intuitive compassion, not through division or by spreading fear or ill will. Whatever you think of the current geopolitical situation, your role is to speak kindly, in a manner which will bring people together. 


On a personal level, you may feeling the financial pinch, especially if your employment is or has been at risk. This is understandably exceptionally stressful, but you will benefit most from these New Moon energies by stepping back from your personal situation and instead looking at society’s collective values. What can you do during this New Moon to turn society into a more


This New Moon in your own sign fills you with hope – and when you feel hopeful, you are able to shine that like a beacon. Don’t be surprised if others are drawn to you this week, seeking comfort or solace. Your positive attitude will inspire people. In your own personal life, motives matter more than ever right now, so act with the highest of intentions and don’t be drawn into anything underhand just because you might get away with it.


You feel the spiritual call of this New Moon more than most, and you instinctively ‘get’ the need to trust. Despite your own personal difficulties, you’re able to offer prayers and meditations now which can help to heal others. Try to avoid noisy or crowded places, simply for your own sanity – you will feel happier out in nature at the moment, or enjoying solitude wherever you can find it. Plenty of alone time will inspire your creativity. 


This New Moon encourages you to be more socially active than you might otherwise have been and you will want to reach out to and nurture friends you haven’t seen for a while. However, you’re dismayed by the view and opinions some of your friends seem to have developed in your absence. Let it be. Don’t create discord where it doesn’t need to exist. Give your friends the respect they deserve, even if you deeply believe they are mistaken.


Your principal concern at the moment centers around your career and getting it back on track. This is essential for your own sanity and financial security, of course, but also because it makes you feel as though you have something to offer. However, you are more than just what you do for a living. Don’t discount the value you bring to people’s lives in other ways. It would be good for you at the moment to remember that you are a friend, a lover, a parent, an adult child, a sibling, a member of society.


Itchy feet mean that you may feel more aggrieved than some others about any restrictions on your freedom. However, you above all signs have the intuitive wisdom to know where mankind is heading and to understand the bigger picture here. It’s not about whether someone has to wear a mask or whether you can travel to such and such a place or not; it’s about what truths we want to her and which truths we’d prefer to brush under the carpet. Use your influence to help promote a wider understanding.


This New Moon highlights debts, whether they are emotional, practical or financial. You owe a lot, to a lot of people, and now would be a good time to start acknowledging that. On the other hand, you too have given a lot, and it would be nice to see an occasional thank you from others. However, try not to feel resentful if society seems to be taking from you right now without giving back. You are fortunate; you have plenty to give, emotionally. Don’t begrudge it to those who are suffering. 


This New Moon could bring fresh happiness into your love life, but it also underlines the responsibilities you feel so heavily towards your family, your employer and anyone else. You cannot keep on splitting yourself into a thousand tiny pieces in order to please everyone: use this New Moon’s energy to understand how pleasing yourself is a better option. Because you are a naturally responsible and sensible person, you will do what is right if left to your own devices. Don’t feel that you must jump to anyone else’s tune.


Even though you are normally a creature of freedom, you have built new routines and structures during this pandemic, and under the influence of this New Moon you’re actually quite reluctant to give them up and go back to ‘normal’. And you don’t necessarily have to. Look at what has changed in your life over the last six months. Work out how to keep the good changes as you move forwards. Normal is what you make of it; there’s no reason why your normal can’t adapt and shift.


Your inner rebel is activated by this New Moon and you may struggle with the concept of sticking to rules for much longer. Use that rebellious energy wisely by channeling it into projects which need your support – where people are rebelling against an unjust system or where people’s rights and freedoms have been overlooked. In your personal life, sticking to the rules will be much easier if you know that you are making a wider difference in a bigger issue.

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