Exiting the Triple Eclipse Tunnel: Astrology Forecast July 19th – 26th, 2020

July 20th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

On Monday July 20, we finally exit the triple eclipse tunnel we entered at the Gemini New Moon to find a changed landscape. This is a strong magnetic gateway to the second half of an epochal year, culminating in the December-January Aquarian transformation.

This New Moon at 28° Cancer is something of an inner homecoming-the esoteric mantra for Cancer is: “I build a lighted house and therein dwell.”

June 21st’s Solar eclipse and this July 20th New Moon bookend 0° Cancer and 28° Cancer, meaning that the time is ripe for somatic healing, for releasing the tender soul place where your psyche meets your physical body carrying your deepest emotions. There’s a sense of relief and release at this New Moon because it is finally the end of the triple eclipse tunnel but you’re never far from a reality check as the Sun and Moon exactly oppose Lord of Time and Karma in dour Capricorn.

New Moons always signal a new start and this is particularly poignant as you begin to feel what you haven’t been able to allow yourself to feel during the last 6 harsh months of collapse, collective fear and lockdown. Just think about the continuous physical and emotional wear-and-tear/trauma you have endured in this present lifetime of yours. We all need some gentleness now. We all need some healing. We all need a rest. It starts with being kinder to ourselves and then kinder to others, making the leap to trusting in life again.

This watery sensitive New Moon forms a Grand Cardinal Cross between Sun/Moon, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter to Eris and Haumea. These are all celestial heavyweights with the power to change collective consciousness. Haumea is as important and as powerful as Pluto. Now they are all aligned with the Sun/Moon in deeply personal Cancer. There is no escaping the reality that irreversible social upheaval has arrived at your front door – the personal really is the political and vice versa.

Keep in mind that Chiron, Eris, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune are all retrograde until the Autumn and that Mars enters his retrograde shadow on July 25th.Those 3 eclipses tore back the veil and showed you a definite Before and After. There is no returning to life before the virus -the past is definitely a different country.

From August to December, the time-line is going to be remarkable. We are in the eye of the storm … passing through the eye of the needle … from what was, to what is, to what is to become. All the ghosts of the past are catching up with us. We are in the amplified second half of this Sacred wild ride of 2020, and the etheric is going to get quite physical.? For your essential Guide to the next 12 weeks- sign up to my August 5D Report:” The Writing on the Wall”.

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The Chandra Symbol for the New Moon CANCER 28:

A Tremendous Cave on the Bank of a River.

“Inwardly knowing where to go, what to do, how to do it, and where it all leads. You have a special faculty for karmic clairvoyance or sensing the individual and collective destiny – territory that must be navigated through. Placed strategically in the molten core of world dilemma to remember how to get it right. Driven by a force of will that is overwhelming. You are guided to be in the right place at the right time for catching the drift of the tide we all are swimming toward. Unconsciously and super consciously in touch and in tune with what is happening. Consciously, walking a tightrope between the heights and the depths, and never sure while being sure. Given an engraved destiny invitation to participate to the utmost in collective cycles of renewal and to stay within your place of power throughout. For you have gathered considerable awareness toward this time of decision and this vertical climb.” from Inside Degrees Elias Lonsdale

As always, you can choose to flow with this in the calm of Zero Point, or wrestle with the currents in the chaotic fray of the storm. Know it is a Global effect. Don’t make it personal or an issue; rest and get offline. Earthing and grounding in nature will call back your scattered energy field.

Aries Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

Your home sector has been taking quite a hammering in the last few weeks with two eclipses creating upheaval and change. But take heart as on Monday July 20th the annual New Moon in Cancer looks like its granting you a new start. Before you jump straight into wholesale de-cluttering  or making plans to move home, give yourself the space and time to come to terms with your feelings. The last few months have been brutal and, with the rollercoaster of the eclipses behind you, allow yourself to release as much pent up stress as you can. With Mars back in your own sign, revving your engines, if you’ve been pushing yourself too hard, it’s time to learn the difference between strong will and skilful will. On July 22, the Sun moves into Leo for four weeks and some of your faith in life returns.

Sidestepping burnout.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

The New Moon on Monday July 20th is going to feel like a door permanently closing behind you, separating the recent past from the new landscape you find yourself in. Those three wild card eclipses have changed more than you know and, as change is an inside job, your new attitudes, beliefs and approach to life will propel you upwards and onwards. With Lord of Time and Karma Saturn in the mix, you are invited to play a bigger game on a bigger field. Your time of being a perpetual apprentice or student is well and truly gone, so tie up every loose end you can find, complete projects and clear the slate. From Wednesday 22nd, as the Sun enters your 4th House for a month, home may start to feel restrictive rather than a sanctuary. Turn outwards and connect with friends and groups to get some much needed input.

The trick is knowing when something is well and truly over.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

Monday’s New Moon in Cancer is opposite Saturn in Capricorn suggesting that issues of self-worth, self-confidence and income will re-surface. This has been a recurring theme since December 2019, so by now with three eclipses behind you, you may have found a way through all that old negative imprinting. Take notice if someone you trust gives you some positive feedback and instead of brushing it off, think about it. Could it be true? And if it is, what does that free you up to be, do or create? Make sure you sort out any financial glitches this week as, with Venus in Gemini and slippery Neptune in Pisces, you may be wearing rose tinted glasses over one particular purchase, investment or contract. Beware of buying something as a distraction from your feelings.

Know what you have, what you owe and what you need.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

Take a welcome breath of relief! On Monday’s New Moon in your sign, you finally exit the triple eclipse tunnel that has been so draining, tricksterish and demanding. This the 2nd New Moon in your sign this year-the first was the 0 Cancer solar eclipse on June 21st- and this one looks rather like an abrupt ending of some sort. With Saturn exactly opposing the Sun/Moon, if you’re starting something new, it will take patience to grow it into its potential. It may be that you are finally and firmly closing the door on one particular relationship or negotiating a new work contract that is a better reflection of your value. Boundaries of all kinds need strengthening. Lightening your mood, on Wednesday July 22nd, the Sun enters Leo and your thoughts turn to holidays, trips and relaxation.

Time to stop and smell the roses.

Leo Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

It’s been an emotionally demanding and draining eclipse season for you as a Leo and you can’t keep on keeping on -something has to give. This week, let yourself have some space, some peace and some time on your own to allow your emotions to surface. Be ultra -kind to yourself. Monday’s New Moon in the deepest part of your chart is likely to feel quite abrupt, bringing something to a definite end. Or it could even be a case of hitting rock bottom in one aspect of your life. If you’ve felt that you’ve lost your way or been in a void, take heart- in the next few months something spiritual, creative and imaginative will emerge from your soul searching. Since this New Moon is overseen by task master Saturn, you need to keep a balance between work, home and your spiritual life. Deal with any health niggles and get rid of anything that’s time consuming or unrewarding.

Lightening your load.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

If July so far has felt rather aimless or stop/start, the last week will change the tempo. On Monday July 20th, the New Moon in Cancer marks the exit from the triple eclipse tunnel rather abruptly. With Master Teacher Saturn opposite the New Moon, it‘s time to close a period of creative apprenticeship and move up to claim your own voice and your own authority. With both Pluto and Jupiter behind you, growth is assured as long as you play everything at 100%. Remember, the lovely Venus is in your career and public visibility zone until August 7th, making it an excellent time to put on an art show, start a blog ,publish a book, launch a website or claim a promotion. You may even decide to take a close relationship to the next level, as this energy is all about commitment.

Rewards for your efforts are coming through.

Libra Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

The New Moon on Monday July 20 marks the exit from the triple eclipse tunnel, but before you heave a sigh of relief, this is not your run- of- the- mill sugary sweet Cancer New Moon but quite the opposite. With Master Teacher Saturn ‘s fingerprints all over it, it feels like a door is slamming shut. It’s time to bury the past and wait patiently for the next chapter to unfold. With the New Moon at the pinnacle of your chart, it could be that someone in authority at work is leaving, creating something of a hiatus. At the same time, there are changes happening at home or within your tribe and family which will continue until late December. Rather than wait until they happen to you, come up with your own ideas. This might be connected with deciding to work from home or to move house or to downsize.

Getting everyone on board with your plans.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

The triple eclipse tunnel finally ends at Monday 20th’s Cancer New Moon and you emerge into a changed landscape-both inner and outer. Your 3/9th axis of perception and expansive growth has been shaken up by events outside your control. Your world view, beliefs and mental circuitry have been challenged to update themselves. You need new forms of input and new means of self-expression. This New Moon is not run of the mill, not all sweetness and light but more like a door abruptly banging shut on one chapter of your life. With dour Saturn’s fingerprints all over it, it seems as if you’ll have to wait a little before you see what the future will bring. As you do, some of those big questions that you’ve ignored until now are likely to need addressing. These are related to your primal need to belong and, sometimes, to control. As your sense of self is disrupted, so too are your relationships.

Getting up to date with yourself.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

On Monday July 20th, you see the light at the end of the eclipse tunnel. The three wild card eclipses have shaken up your finances and now you know that there really isn’t such a thing as a magic money tree. However, the New Moon is not your usual pleasant new start but more like an abrupt ending to one particular plan or project. Saturn travelling slowly backwards in your 2nd House of earned income is showing you where you’ve overreached yourself financially and need to re-trench and re-group. The brighter news is that from July 22nd, the Sun returns to fellow Fire sign Leo and you start to have more fun. Venus is still lighting up all your close relationships until August 7th so strengthen those bonds, make someone happy and remind yourself what life is all about.

Take comfort from the saying:” God’s delays are not God’s denials”.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

The good news is that Monday’s New Moon marks the exit from the triple eclipse tunnel. However, before you breathe a deep sigh of relief, know that this isn’t a run of the mill sweetness and light Cancerian New Moon but more like a door slamming permanently shut. That’s down to your personal planet Saturn opposing the Sun and Moon from Capricorn. It suggests that you are going to need to draw a line in the sand in one particular relationship- either personal or professional. If so, don’t hesitate. With Mars now in your angle of home and tribe until next January, relationship dynamics are changing. Happily, from July 22nd the Sun enters fiery Leo while Venus and Neptune make beautiful music together. It’s time for some well -deserved fun, leisure and downtime.

Stop and smell the roses.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

Monday’s Cancerian New Moon marks the exit from the recent triple eclipse tunnel and you emerge into a very different inner and outer landscape. That said, don’t expect this to be the usual “New Moon/ New Start”, it’s more like an abrupt ending than a new beginning. Someone might leave- a work colleague or a longstanding friend. Something you’ve been associated with for a while may come to a screeching halt. Whatever it is, with Saturn ruling the New Moon, accept it and move on. It’s clearing the ground for your once in 28 years new beginning in December. Happily, on Wednesday July 22nd, the Sun enters fiery Leo, your opposite sign for the next month shining warmth, love and light on your closest relationships. Seize the moment and let your inner child out to play- she/he’s been cooped up for far too long.

Feel the love.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: 19-26 July, 2020

Recent eclipses have focused your attention on your 11th and 5th axis of creative contribution. There’s been some push/pull between your personal and your social life. With expansive Jupiter here until December, invest your time in group activities or teamwork where your contribution will be noticed and rewarded. On Monday 22nd, an abrupt New Moon marks the end of this eclipse season by permanently closing one particular door. Collaborate with this energy by recognising what’s truly over and leaving it by the side of the road-probably a responsibility which was never yours in the first place. Meanwhile, until August 7th, the lovely Venus is lighting up life at home in cahoots with your personal planet Neptune, nudging you to dream big. With Mars now magnetising  your money zone, you might come up with some creative ideas for working from home.

Scatter bread upon the water….

Originally published at hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk and reproduced here with permission.

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