Choose Honesty: Astrology Forecast 27th July – 2nd August, 2020

July 27th, 2020

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

July draws to a close with Mercury in a difficult mood, creating a square aspect, two squares and a deceptive trine. Mercury in Cancer is typically a shrewd, strategic energy, but it can also be exceptionally manipulative at times – and now is one of those times.

On Monday, Mercury squares Mars in aggressive Aries; during this kind of aspect, if we can’t get what we want through the heart, we may instead choose to manipulate the hearts of others, scheming to get our own way, whatever the cost. Later, on Thursday, Mercury opposes Jupiter, so the enthusiasm of Jupiter clouds and over-rides the otherwise solid instincts of Mercury in Cancer. Over-exaggeration, whether deliberate or not, makes it hard to discern the truth, and even harder to act accordingly.

Factor in the Mercury-Neptune trine, which also occurs on Thursday, and things start to look distinctly foggy. Neptune can bring confusion even at the best of times, but right now worries and anxieties can be blown out of all proportion, making logical decisions harder than they need to be.

On Saturday, Mercury opposes control-freak planet Pluto, and this is when the manipulative talents of Mercury in Cancer really come to the fore. Lying, gaslighting, cheating, bullying – all these things are par for the course when reflected by this astrological influence. The following day, the Sun squares Uranus, which typically suggests highly impulsive actions, rebellious behavior or unpredictable outcomes. All that deceiving, cheating, lying and scheming may get us somewhere we really don’t want to be after all – so choose honesty above all else this week.


As ever this year, it’s your work-life balance which is most affected by these astrological oppositions. You may come up with a ‘brilliant scheme’ to fix this, but if it involves lying to anyone, or being less than 100% honest, don’t do it. You’ll get much better results from just talking things through with your family and trying to explain the difficulties you’re having in creating extra time for your home life. Just keep trying.


Think carefully before exaggerating your skills or trying to bluff your way through a qualification, interview or test of any kind. You have enormous talent and many abilities – you don’t need to fib about any of them. In terms of study or a work project which needs demonstrable results, if you haven’t done the required work, you’re going to have to be honest about that. Re-thinking your time management options might be a good idea so you don’t end up in this position again.


Don’t make any major financial decisions this week if you can avoid it; if you must, get expert advice first. Things are not clear around your finances at the moment, and there’s a danger that you don’t know the full story or that someone is out to con you. That’s not an excuse to spend like there’s no tomorrow, however. Reign in the spending and keep careful control over who knows what about your monetary situation. Do the responsible thing, rather than splashing the cash unnecessarily.


In your personal life, trust is a major issue right now. In your closest relationship, you may be struggling with power issues – but whether you’re being controlled or trying to control your partner, it has to stop. Reach out this week for any help or support you need, and don’t just stick your head in the sand over this issue. Obsession and jealousy are also major issues in love right now, so it’s important to try to keep a clear and rational head.


Your dreams and ideals aren’t matching up to real life right now, which is causing a huge amount of frustration. There are no easy fixes, so don’t be conned by anyone who claims to have all the answers. You’re especially vulnerable to fake gurus or so-called lightworkers with ego problems. Draw back from faith-based activities a little this week, so that you can make your own decisions through instinct and personal trust, rather than being guided – or misguided – by others.


You can’t force people to do what you want them to do this week – you’re going to have to persuade them instead. Socially, you’re taking a leading role, but this brings great responsibility. Check your motives and take the higher path, especially when faced with peer pressure or people egging you on to do something you know is wrong. Creatively, you’re facing blocks imposed by other people, but as a mutable sign, you know how to find legitimate ways around, over, under or through.


Career progress faces some difficulties this week, not least because of family responsibilities or issues at home, which are preventing you from working as you normally would. Try to stay calm and to just relax into the moment. You’re not missing any golden opportunities right now, although others may try to tell you that you are. In truth, there’s nothing you need to do this week, workwise, which you can’t also do at a later date. Focus on your family and put their needs first.


If you’re traveling this week, you’ll want to check the details very carefully. All is not quite what it seems, and Mercury’s opposition are indicative of circumstances reigning in your plans. If you do have to change course suddenly, look for the positive. Just because plan A is no longer possible, that doesn’t mean that you can’t instead enjoy the scenery along the route towards plan B. There’s always a silver lining.


If you haven’t paid your debts, this week’s astrological energies will remind you of this in no uncertain terms. We’re not necessarily talking financial debts here, by the way, although that may be a part of it. It’s more emotional debts – what you owe to those who have stood by you before, or who have made sacrifices for you. You still owe kindness, time, favors and gratitude, and if you don’t try to make good on those this week, you can expect to feel increasingly guilty.


You’re not typically an obsessive kind of sign, but this week you simply can’t let go of someone or something and can barely think of anything else. Unfortunately, the thing or person you’re obsessed with is not quite what it or they seem to be. Try with all your might to look at reality, rather than the illusion. See the flaws and problems, not only your idealized image of your obsession. If it’s a person, learn to love them, warts and all, instead of pretending that they are perfect – nobody is.


You may be pushing your stress levels one step too far this week. Slow down and stop pretending that everything is OK. It’s alright to feel vulnerable, exhausted, stressed out, sad, depressed or anxious. You’ve tried to keep up appearances for a long time now, but something has to give. If you are honest about how you are feeling, people will be compassionate and understanding towards you. Trust in that and let your feelings show.


Because society won’t allow you to be who you truly are, you spend a lot of time pretending to be someone else. This week, the mask is likely to slip, and that may have consequences if people close to you have been deceived. Use this week’s energy to assert your own authentic identity and to step away from the boxes other people have neatly packaged you into. By being yourself, you will have nothing left to hide, and no reason to fear.

About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and Wake Up World’s editor.

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