Retrograde Re-wiring: Astrology Forecast August 16th – 23rd, 2020

August 17th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Tuesday’s Leo New Moon August 19 2020 is a bonfire of the vanities. The ultra-transformative retrograde triple conjunction of Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn is exactly square Eris conjunct Mars in Aries.  Eris/Mars is in a Grand Fire Trine to the New Moon and Mercury at 26 Leo and the karmic South Node in Sagittarius on the Galactic Centre.

Since we are in a period of Retrograde Re-wiring with 7(!) outer/deep space planets retrograde, it looks as if the ongoing flux, chaos and disorder will be amplified by take-no-prisoners Mars in his own gung-ho sign. There will be a lot of frustrated energy expressed by people with no voice who need to be heard – the 99%.

Adding a karmic twist, this New Moon is within 2 degrees of the Great American eclipse of August 2017 which literally divided the United States as its shadow passed silently over the land and brought huge tornados, flooding and wild fires in its wake in Texas and California. Climate change suddenly became very real and moved right up the agenda.

At this New Moon, many of the states in second lockdown because of Covid 19 are also below that eclipse line. It is bringing home the reality of the political, social and wealth divide as well as the shattered healthcare infrastructure.

In your own life, you might want to literalise/ground the karmic South Node of Fate New Moon energy -removing psychic dross that keeps you stuck in the past -and do a ritual to cleanse and clear your space and your own ecology. Smudging or writing down what you want to release then burning it to ashes in a bowl would work well to amplify the fire energy.

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The Chandra Symbol New Moon Leo 27:

A Beaded Curtain

“A double identity: outwardly conventional, appropriate, legitimate, and orthodox; inwardly alien, cosmic, involved with other realities and boldly exploring the infinite. You feel compelled by inner necessity to maintain both worlds and to serve the outer by creating good will everywhere. Yet this is achieved with a fraction of your awareness and sensibility. Meanwhile the depths, the heights, the many worlds beyond are there, are attended to, are thoroughly made your own. You are the iceberg person with a wonderful tip showing and fabulous wealth inside to partake in endlessly.” Inside Degrees by Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

You should be in your element, Aries, as there is an abundance of Fire energy this week. The Leo New Moon lights up your 5th House of leisure, creativity and romance on August 18/19th.Let your imagination go into overdrive, start a new project, look at life through the eyes of a child. With the Sun and Moon in a helpful link to Mars in your own sign, take a leap of faith and go for it but make sure you wait until just after the New Moon to launch anything important. On August 22, the energy shifts as the Sun returns to earthy Virgo bringing a back to school/back to work frame of mind. This is your 6th House of work, habits, routines and wellbeing. If you’ve maxed out on enjoyment in the first 3 weeks of August, you should be ready to return to the fray full of ideas. With Mercury also in Virgo until September 5th, you can hit the ground running.

On fire.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

The lovely New Moon on August 18/19th is setting alight your 4th House, promising some sort of fresh start connected with your family, tribe and home. You could be full of enthusiasm for moving house, renovating, redecorating or even welcoming a new family member. Before you make a big leap, discuss it with everyone it affects and ask for their input. You could be surprised by some of their imaginative ideas. With Awakener Uranus in Taurus making you restless for change and excitement egged on by expansive Jupiter, be careful not to splurge on something big and shiny that you’ll later regret. Happily, on August 22nd, the Sun moves into fellow practical Earth sign Virgo, helping you to avoid buyer’s remorse and keep your feet on the ground.

Home is where your heart is.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

The bright Leo New Moon on August 18/19th lights up your angle of communication and is perfect for seeding new connections. With your personal planet quicksilver Mercury in the heart of it, contact friends, capture ideas before they fly by and think about learning some interesting new skills. Do this just after the New Moon and watch your world open up again. From August 22nd, the Sun returns to Virgo at the base of your chart and your thoughts turn to home and family. There’ll be a strong sense of leaving one season and entering another and the next two weeks are perfect for de-cluttering, both literally and metaphorically. Think about which outgrown ideas, habits and negative beliefs you don’t want to take with you and start removing them like the weeds they are.

Stepping right out of your own way.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

The importance of making strong, supportive alliances continues apace and, hopefully, you’ve been pleasantly surprised by someone showing up you for when the chips were down. You’re going to need wise advice around August 26-30 when Mars squares off with Saturn on the angles of your chart. If you need help, just ask for it. This week’s fiery Leo New Moon is all about your finances-especially your earned income. It could bring a new way of making money or a large bill to settle but no matter how it plays out, start over with a new slate. As the Sun then Mercury head into Virgo, everything needs to be in order, so tie up any loose ends straight after August 19th.This will stand you in good stead to make plans or go on short trips to visit friends.

Remember, you don’t have to do this life thing on your own.

Leo Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

This your time to shine as the annual New Moon in Leo arrives on August 18/19th.You are back in your own fiery element as the New Moon makes wonderful links to Mars in Aries and the South Node of Fate in Sagittarius. If you have something to announce or to launch on its way, wait until immediately after the 19th otherwise the Dark of the Moon could cast a pall over it. Mars in pioneering Aries can help you kickstart something new and creative, possibly connected with a course of study, re-training or teaching, mentoring or coaching. Ask yourself:” If everything were up for grabs and nothing was a given, what would I create?” then capture the answers.

Trust your instincts and if you get a Big Yes, go for it.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

This week, you might want to take a step back to regroup and retreat. You need some perspective on the year so far as well as some time just for you and your wellbeing. All the Fire energy around on Tuesday/Wednesday’s Leo New Moon, might make you feel drained or burnt out. Happily for you, your personal planet Mercury returns to Virgo on August 20th followed by the Sun on the 22nd in time to start your birthday month. Venus is giving your social life a green light until September 6th so maybe some sort of celebration is in the works. Enjoy this period as, in September, Mercury will be aligning with heavy hitters Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn nudging you to stand up and be counted.

Sit back and smell the roses – you deserve it.

Libra Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

The bright Leo New Moon on August 18/19th lights up your friendships and alliances making it a good time to reach out to those who support you and return the favour. You’ll definitely feel the sense of seasons changing from the 22nd when the Sun follows Mercury into Virgo. This is the time of year when your batteries are low and need re-charging. It’s been a year for the history books so far, so don’t override your need for rest and recuperation -it could lead to burn out. Plus you have a lot of family pressure or responsibilities at the moment which you can’t carry on your own. Don’t think you’re missing out, as Venus your personal planet is riding high in your chart and reminding others of what you have to offer.

Drop any burdens that don’t belong to you.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

August has been an excellent time for you to make inroads into work and to enhance your career prospects and August 18/19th’s bright New Moon in Leo gives you a final bite of the cherry. A New Moon usually marks an ending and, eventually, a fresh start wherever it falls in your life. Ask yourself: What’s dead in the water and where do I want to invest my energy going into 2021? Do nothing either way until after the New Moon and wait until the energy builds. When Mercury then the Sun move into Virgo this week, networking of all kinds is well starred. Discuss your plans with like minded colleagues or collaborators so that the word gets out. Just make sure your communications-texts, posts, emails-are crystal clear to avoid Chinese whispers.

Thinking ahead.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

The bright New Moon in Leo on August 18/19th marks the end of a period of fun, leisure and socialising. Make the very most of these days and squeeze the very last drop of juice out of your social life. Mars, in fellow fire sign Aries, is on a roll, giving you the momentum to make big plans for the months ahead. However, from August 22nd, you’ll definitely feel the change in both seasons and focus as Mercury and the Sun cross the top of your chart and once again your career beckons. Time to look ahead, plan ahead and get organised. Remember to build flexibility into your blueprint as Mars will turn backwards on September 9th and you’re likely to need Plans B, C or even D.

All change.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

The Leo New Moon on August 18/19 is the right time to make a big decision about finances. Your 8th House of shared assets, resources and inheritance is all lit up so you could be thinking about ensuring the security of your family by making a will or be the beneficiary of someone else’s generosity. Even if you have little material to leave, think about your bigger legacy and ways to increase its value. From the 22nd, with both Mercury and the Sun in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus-both fellow practical Earth signs- start exploring innovative ways to share what you know. Think about your life experience, this year’s steep learning curve and notice what you can pass on to help other people and add value. Your own inside out transformation has gifted you with a wealth of hard won wisdom.

New technology is the way to go.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

Make sure you tell those you care about how much they mean to you at this week’s bright New Moon in your opposite sign of Leo. It’s a wonderful chance to renew, revive or rekindle any relationships that might have lost their lustre or got left by the wayside in what has been an emotionally brutal year so far. Some information or news might reach you that makes you realise how important it is to stay connected. Then from the 22nd, the mood shifts as the season changes and your focus turns to your wellbeing. With both Mercury and the Sun in practical health- oriented Virgo, make a plan to engage in some self-care. If your car hadn’t had its oil changed for years or had a flat battery or a puncture, you’d make it a priority, wouldn’t you? Find some enjoyable, creative ways to eat well, sleep well and exercise and then turn them into an integral part of your life.

Just do it!

Pisces Weekly Forecast: Aug 16-23, 2020

How are all those innovative ideas for expanding your income streams going, Pisces? This theme continues as future-oriented Uranus is extra strong now having just turned backwards in your communication sector. Build those networks, learn coding, do some podcasts-anything that showcases your teaching and coaching skills across the virtual network. The Leo New Moon on the 18/19th is perfect for announcing a new project but make sure you do it on the 20th to ensure maximum publicity. From the 22nd as both Mercury and the Sun head into Virgo, partnerships of all kinds will take priority. So, listen more than you speak, make sure contracts are nailed down and enjoy some downtime with those closest to you.


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