Clearing Up the Debris: Astrology Forecast November 15th – 22nd

November 16th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Expect a week and more of witnessing the necessary outworkings and consequences of old power bases crumbling to dust whilst new ones are not yet established.

As the week opens, we tumble down November 30th’s eclipse rabbit hole in the active seismic window of Sunday’s Super New Moon in Scorpio when endings, completions and the true scale of the 2020 emotional wreckage become apparent. With Venus aligning with Jupiter, Saturn and Eris before entering Scorpio, there will be some old scores to settle and much to come to terms with, personally and collectively. On Tuesday 17th as Mercury opposes Awakener Uranus there may be one last shock or surprising new information to take on board.

The final conjunction of Jupiter /Pluto in Capricorn is going to overshadow the whole of November and beyond, bringing extremes such as another spike in the pandemic or in the erratic financial markets.

But take heart! As Saturn and Jupiter head towards the exit from Capricorn as Mars in Aries moves forward, breakthroughs of all kinds will start to manifest. As Leonard Cohen wrote: “The cracks are where the light gets in”.

In your own life, consciously stay in the Now, allowing any intense emotions to pass through you, taking extra rest and grounding yourself outside in nature as much as possible. There is much to heal before moving on. This is a never to be repeated collective and personal Rite of Passage when an old myth is dying, an old life has gone dark and the healing is all in the waiting.

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The Chandra Symbol for Venus 25 Libra:

In the midst of a forest, a great circular open area.

“In Celtic lands, steeped in a power beyond the world, there were openings always into other times and places, from within this time and place. Discovering once again these passages, and sending an expanded part of yourself to explore and inhabit all of the times and places officially denied. And being therefore given to a harkening to the unknown and to the sensibility of simultaneously feeling linked up with just about everybody everywhere in a mystical, magical realisation that pulls you along and calls you to become free and true, you walk onward into the limitless ways as though you had never lost them and no time had elapsed between great inward breaths.”

Aries Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

Lucky you! More than any other sign, you will be feeling the energy shift brought by your personal planet Mars turning forward in Aries. In reality, it’s way more than a shift-it’s a boost, a shot of adrenalin and life force after weeks of feeling in the doldrums, drained or flatlined. Projects that have stalled or been gathering dust can be restarted. Your spirits will rise further as Venus in your relationship zone smooths your path at work or in your closest partnerships. This week, everything that needs to be said can be said. This is going to be especially helpful when joint finances, assets and resources are under discussion.

Moving on.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

Last Sunday’s Super New Moon lit up relationships of all kind-personal and professional. You may have had the urge to re-connect with far flung family members or friends from long ago to remember and reminisce about old times. As your ruler Venus returns to Scorpio, researching your tribal or spiritual ancestral lineage may grow in importance, helping you to feel more deeply rooted. With Mars excavating your deep hidden 12th House of the unconscious, it’s a perfect time for shamanic journeying or psychotherapy. The gold you retrieve from your journaling or your dreamwork will become material for a burst of creativity when Jupiter and Saturn light up the pinnacle of your chart in a month’s time.

Connecting the dots.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

There’s a definite sense of renewal in your astrology. First, Mars is now moving forward waking up old friendships and stirring you to make some new ones. You’ve been pruning away outgrown alliances for some time and now it’s time to value the ones that really matter. Expand your social networks in the next few weeks, even if it’s just virtually. You never know, some intriguing project might just capture your imagination. You might also be feeling the ripples from the approaching lunar eclipse on November 30th, as it’s in your sign and about to shake you out of your comfort zone. These comic wild card Gemini/Sagittarius eclipses only happen every 18 years so the message is clear: you’re at a turning point.

A breath of fresh air….

Cancer Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

Hopefully Sunday’s Super New Moon in compatible water sign Scorpio is soothing your spirits restoring your emotions and reminding you just how creative you really are. As the final Jupiter/Pluto encounter pushes everything to its limits, beautiful Venus aligns with Jupiter and Saturn and Mars moves forward, you may finally make a big breakthrough in relationships that have-to put it mildly-been challenging ,unpleasant and quite destructive. This doesn’t mean that you roll over and accept harsh treatment but that you gather your power and create such strong boundaries that no one would dare violate them.

This far and no further.

Leo Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

Sunday’s Super New Moon is a reminder to strengthen those family or tribal bonds, which may have been stretched rather thin in recent challenging months. You’re probably spending more time at home but make sure that you lift your head from your pc or phone every now and again and have some meaningful conversations. Your work is likely undergoing some big changes so it’s doubly important to ask for the opinions of those who will be affected, especially if where you live is having to be reorganised. A lunar eclipse up ahead on November 30th is already sending ripples of change through your relationships with children and with networks and groups. Someone may be leaving.

Creating win/win scenarios.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

Sunday’s Super New Moon in Scorpio presses the re-set button on all forms of communication and around November 17th you might hear some surprising news. Anything to do with education, teaching, learning or mentoring is well starred and given that the expansive Jupiter/Pluto merger lit up your angle of creativity, you may be offered a chance to put together a program or podcast to pass on your skills and experience to like -minded others. If not, seize the initiative and do it yourself. A rare wild card eclipse on November 30th will activate the pinnacle of your chart, suggesting a high point in your public image or career. You might decide to make it a grand finale and sign off and move on to start something even more innovative.

 Everything is fuel for creativity.

Libra Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

This week is likely to be quite intense emotionally, as we are now in the November 30th eclipse rabbit hole and in the seismic window of Sunday’s Super New Moon. For you as a solar Libran, passions may flare, as Mars moving forward in your opposite sign opposes Venus in your own. Avoid outright confrontations and aim to clear the air and rekindle intimacy through straight talking. This might well be about finances, especially sources of income. If they are a concern, the welcome news is that by the end of the week Venus moving into Scorpio will help you get things back on track. You may get a refund or rebate, an unexpected bonus or windfall or discover a savings account you’d forgotten about.

Feeling the love.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

Sunday’s Super New Moon in your own sign marks your personal New Year, no matter what date your birthday falls. Now that your ruler Mars is moving forward again, just enjoy the sense of being at home in your own skin and back in your element. It’s been a while. This year, since Venus moves into Scorpio as the Sun exits, that birthday feeling will last longer than usual. This is all to the good as issues in one close partnership may be causing some concern. It could be connected with someone acting erratically over shared finances and resources. Perhaps you’re mulling over a big decision and need some support before the wild card eclipse on November 30th brings things to a head. There are certainly some important endings and new beginnings in the next few weeks and months.

Keeping your footing.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

This is a time when many things are coming to a natural ending, making space for eventual new beginnings. With the Sun in the deepest part of your chart until November 21st and Mars only just moving forward again, you’ve probably felt frustrated at every turn and also much lower in energy than usual. This week some of your natural optimism and enthusiasm returns as you feel the ripples of change from the eclipse arriving on November 30th. This cosmic wild card across Gemini/Sagittarius will impact your sense of who you are, your style and appearance and also your relationships. People may arrive and others may leave. See it as a welcome shake out of people you outgrew a long time ago.

Change has your name on it.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

As Jupiter and Pluto meet for the 3rd and last time in Capricorn, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to break out of the box. With Master Teacher Saturn, planet of your potential, also on your territory, you have tremendous power and purpose at your disposal. What have you been channelling this energy into? Ask yourself:” If everything was up for grabs and nothing was a given, what would I create? What would be cool? What would seem miraculous? What would make me gasp?” It’s time to make one last bid for one of your wildly impossible goals. The only caveat is that it must align with your values and make a difference for the better in your own and other people’s lives.

Reach for the Moon and the stars.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

As a solar Aquarian, the next month is all about tying up loose ends. With so many powerful planets in your 12th House-the engine room of your chart- you have been changing from the inside out. Think about it-what matters to you now is completely different from a year ago. Once you recognize the truth of this, you can start to open up to the possibilities of Time Lords Jupiter and Saturn returning to Aquarius on December 21st. Before that, at the end of November, a game changing lunar eclipse in a beautiful angle with your Sun wakes up your creative juices and you start to see that not only can you step out of the box but that in reality there is no box.

You will see it when you believe it.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: November 15-22, 2020

The welcome news is that Scorpio season is extended an extra month this year by Venus and for you as a fellow Water sign, that should play well. Scorpio is your 9th House so anything to do with communications, the media, publishing, teaching, mentoring or studying is going to be well starred. Sunday’s Super New Moon signals a turning point, perhaps putting you in contact with influential new contacts who could open doors for you. Hopefully, you already have material for podcasts, blogs etc that you put together during lockdown. The key to success in this area is original thinking based on your own experience. Nothing has more value. Prepare for sudden change before the November 30th eclipse shakes up both your home and your public status by de-cluttering everything that has had its day.

Making your own luck.

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