The Revelation Wave: Astrology Forecast December 13 – 20, 2021

December 14th, 2020

By Lorna Bevan

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Get ready to feel the waves of reality – shifting photonic light accelerating you into the very different astrology of 2021. This is a huge week, starting with a Total Solar Eclipse followed by the two largest planets in the Solar system – Jupiter and Saturn – moving into Aquarius one after the other. The epochal Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction re-setting the zeitgeist for the next 200 years happens the following week at the December 21st Solstice, delivering an inbreath of fresh air and a radically new beginning.

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The Evolutionary Burn

The December 14 2020 Total Solar Eclipse at 23° Sagittarius anchors a shock window that extends from the 7th – 21st December (!) along with signature extreme seismic disturbance. Everything feels different. Remind yourself that this deep space eclipse wave is not head stuff – it’s somatic, physical, integrative. You may experience a cocktail of tension, anxiety, bliss, exhaustion, clearing, freedom … side effects of Embodiment as the old time-lines are dissolved and permanently deleted.

If you have planets or points between 20-26 degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo these will be shaken awake. That area of your life will experience change out of the blue caused by events beyond your control.

This Total Solar Eclipse in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius between the Great Attractor and the Galactic Centre is a direct line to Source conjunct the karmic South Node of Fate, revealing what has to be left behind in the dustbin of history so that you can move forward in 2021.

You won’t need to search for subtle clues – all sorts of relationships, behaviours, habits, preferences and attitudes will suddenly seem like a total mismatch with who you are now. You are now in a moment where you get to review, rethink and recreate just about anything you want. You can’t so easily relate to your past anymore. Your soul sees it all as just experience. There is less and less emotional attachment to it. It’s a blessing because this cosmic recycling is making room for new memories.

Ask that quiet voice of wisdom inside you:

what’s heavy, weighing me down?

what or who am I tolerating, putting up with or settling for?

what am I fantasising about leaving or radically changing?

what would I love to never do again?

what is chronically inflamed?

what is dead in the water?

what no longer has traction?

what am I going to stop doing?

what’s the one thing I’m afraid to say about my life and what am I going to do about it?

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The Chandra Symbol for the Solar Eclipse SAGITTARIUS 23:

A woman wearing many tiny bells.

“Immersing yourself in the field of new ideas, fresh approaches, and innovative paths, imaginatively and energetically. Exposing yourself to possibilities, visions, ways to evolve. The body’s wisdom in touch and in tune, sensing the resonance of cellular awakening. Eager and enthusiastic and bright, you have given over to the process. Always in midstream. Seizing upon opportunities, challenges, openings. Needing to know just how it feels at the micro levels. What is it like to be free, to be joyous, to be unrestricted, here in the body, in the world? You seek the full-on motivating spark of knowing what it feels like to be tuned out and discovering what it really means to be tuned in all the way.” Inside degrees Elias Lonsdale

Aries Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

As your personal planet Mars powers through the last degrees of your sign between now and the end of December, make the very most of the forward momentum to ring the changes on your own terms. As soon as Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius, you’ll feel a sense of relief and release. Before then, Monday’s total New Moon eclipse closes down a part of your life to do with learning, teaching, mentoring or travel. It could mean completing a programme of study, changing subjects or becoming the teacher instead of the apprentice. However it plays out, know that it’s a permanent ending to make way for something new.

A burst of enthusiasm and motivation.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

Monday’s powerful total New Moon eclipse is clearing the decks ahead of a pivotal year for you in 2021.Work with this cosmic shut down and re-boot instead of resisting the changes as it affects your finances, resources and personal security. Knowing that your career, service, business and public reputation are going to be in the spotlight for the next few years, take a long hard look at creating strong support structures and platforms. With a total eclipse is in your 8th House, your integrity needs to be rock solid-no cutting corners or over promising and under delivering. This is your  moment to stop undervaluing your services and charge what you’re worth.

Becoming sovereign.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

This is a sociable time for you with so many planets in your opposite sign of Sagittarius and relationships are certainly on the front burner. Monday’s powerful total solar eclipse in your relationship zone could change circumstances around you affecting both partnerships and friendships. This solar shut down and re-boot marks the end of a cycle-some old friends may depart making space for new people to arrive. You may cut cords with someone who has become less and less significant to you. It’s a time when you see others in their true light and need to adapt to these insights. No matter how it plays out, as Saturn then Jupiter enter fellow Air sign Aquarius, you’ll feel a real sense of relief.

Stay close to your supporters and lose the drainers.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

Monday’s powerful total solar eclipse in Sagittarius is closing down then re-booting your 6th House of work, routine and health. This suggests that ahead of the holiday celebrations, you need to tie up some practical loose ends. It’s a time of permanent endings-a work colleague may leave, you may have to terminate then replace a contract or find a new form of medication or healing. Frame it a clear out or de-tox so that your work and physical systems can function at 100%. When Venus moves into this part of your chart on December 14th, your path will be smoothed ahead of Saturn and Jupiter leaving your opposite sign and moving into Aquarius. Much more on this next week, but expect to feel as if a burden is being lifted from your shoulders.

Clearing the slate ready for better days ahead.

Leo Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

Expect to feel back to your sociable self this week with so many planets gathered in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius lighting up your 5th House of pleasure, fun and creativity ahead of the holiday season. Monday’s powerful total eclipse marks the end of a cycle- you might suddenly be completely over a passion that’s engaged you for years or instantly obsessed with a new and exciting interest or person. The people you usually spend your time with might be unavailable as situations re-arrange themselves, meaning that you discover a whole new social circle. This is going to be a big theme for you as Saturn and Jupiter both move into Aquarius, your relationship zone, this week. There are all sorts of people who could be part of your new tribe out there, you just have to be prepared to prune away any outgrown commitments holding you back.

People who need people….

Virgo Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

This is a big week full of endings and the seeds of new beginnings. It starts with a powerful total New Moon eclipse at the very roots of your solar chart. As the changes ripple out over the next 6 months, you might find that someone leaves due to a change in circumstances. You might have to find somewhere new to live or a parent may need your help. You could upsize or downsize depending on your work situation. Be flexible about letting go of whatever or whoever needs to go and this eclipse will bring you something much better. It all fits beautifully for you as both Saturn and Jupiter enter Aquarius starting an entirely new chapter of your working life from 2021 which could become a vocation.

Knowing when to hold and when to fold.

Libra Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

Take a deep breath! As both Saturn and Jupiter-the biggest planets in the solar system-move into Aquarius this week, you’ll be back in your own Air element for the next 20 years. To add to the good news, they will be lighting up your 5th House of creativity, romance and life’s pleasures. Anything connected to the arts is very well starred as is starting a new phase in your family life. This will unfold over 2021 so, knowing this, start thinking now about what you want to grow creatively. Meanwhile, the potent total New Moon eclipse on Monday December 14th marks the end of one phase connected with study. You could be moving from student to teacher or finishing up a qualification that will improve your career.

At last, the cavalry is arriving!

Scorpio Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

Things will start to move very quickly from now until mid -January, so get ready to go with it. Luckily, your personal planet Mars is powering ahead giving you both the momentum and the determination to unblock situations that have been stuck and to clear the decks. Monday’s total solar eclipse may bring financial news. One income stream may disappear, a hidden account turns up or you hear of an unexpected bonus. No matter how it plays out, stay ultra-flexible and be willing to change track at a moment’s notice. As both Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius – the roots of your chart – the next two decades are going to be pivotal for your family life. Which makes it doubly important to strengthen your security base.

Building for the future.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

Life starts to look up for you this week as Venus joins Mercury and the Lights in your own sign, smoothing your path and your relationships. That’s going to be important as a powerful total solar eclipse on Monday 14th falls in Sagittarius, delivering a personal re-set and re-boot. You might start thinking about your style and appearance, feeling the urge to make a statement of some sort. Wait a few days until the dust has settled before doing anything dramatic. Adding to the excitement, both Jupiter and Saturn move into progressive Aquarius at the end of the week activating your angle of connection and communication. Your public profile could be enhanced by getting involved in some innovative projects, maybe as a leader or coach.

Choices, choices.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

It’s a big week for everyone and especially you as a Capricorn. The two biggest planets in the solar system exit your sign and head into Aquarius. You will notice the shift more than most over the next year or so. It will turn your focus away from the drive for power or recognition towards your personal security. Your 2nd House is about your income, your resources and what you value enough to work for. It’s a good time to start creating reliable support systems, especially financially. Think about what you care enough about to invest in over the longer term, such as your education or your commitment to charity work. Monday’s total solar eclipse will close the door on an old dream so that you can incubate a new vison.

A long game.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

This week’s stunning astrology marks your personal New year and it isn’t even your birthday month! The progressive trio of Saturn, Jupiter and Pallas Athena all move into Aquarius together, gifting you with a boost in optimism, strategy, staying power and luck. More on this once in a lifetime fresh start next week but for now, with a total eclipse on Monday bringing endings and changes to your family, tribe and friendships, take some time out to rest before January begins. Eclipses are emotionally and physically draining. Better to wait until the dust has settled before judging the repercussions as either positive or negative.

New horizons.

Pisces Weekly Forecast: December 13-20, 2020

It’s all change in the cosmos this week and this is reflected in your solar chart and in your life. Monday starts with a potent total New Moon eclipse at the pinnacle of your chart, putting your career and public profile right in the frame, throwing up issues to be sorted with your work/life balance. Expect some sort of re-arranging of personnel as circumstances change around them which have a knock-on effect on you and be ready to step up to the plate at a moment’s notice. There’s more! Both Saturn and Jupiter move into progressive Aquarius at the end of the week, your deep 12th House symbolising the engine room of your chart. As an intuitive sign, Saturn will bring you the gift of bringing order from chaos, of becoming a practical visionary.

Dreaming large.

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