How to Get Rid of Corruption Once and For All

By Paul Lenda

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Corruption seems like it’s been around forever. No matter how many regulations, laws, and safeguards are put in place, there always appears to be a loophole that circumnavigates them. At the end of the day, corruption is when someone takes something that is not rightfully and justly theirs. Getting rid of corruption is as simple as addressing the reason why corruption exists in the first place: lack.


Abundance is the nemesis of corruption. When there is enough for everyone, then there is no need for corruption. With issues like water scarcity, food scarcity, and other basic needs, there is no actual problem with those resources being too scarce. What exists is a distribution problem and a suppression of abundance-generating technologies. These resources are not being distributed fairly or being given access to.

Planet Earth belongs to no one. Yet, we have grown been entrained with the belief that certain countries are allowed to possess certain parts of it, using lines drawn on a map. They also had us believe that the natural capital of Earth, such as minerals and trees, can be bought and sold by whoever gives the most of an artificially-derived unit of currency, or whoever has the biggest show of violent force. These, and other misguided actions, have led to resources becoming hogged by a small few. After all, most people don’t have an area of land they can live on without needing to pay someone an artificial unit of currency regularly for permission to do so.

There Is Enough For Need But Not Greed

As true as it may be that there is plenty for everyone’s needs, there is definitely not enough abundance for everyone’s greed. That is because greed is insatiable. It is vampiric in that it is never satisfied. It wants it all.

Since the natural state is abundance, in both mind and the environment, we can do away with corruption by making resources so plentiful that there is no incentive to hoard them. Imagine if there was a limitless supply of freshwater. Corporations like Nestle wouldn’t try to own all of the water and charge people for this basic need. One way this is possible is by desalination of seawater. Instead of power companies, who are creating dirty electricity in the first place, hoarding energy and then charging humans for it, Tesla-like towers harnessing electromagnetic Zenneck waves can be installed to provide everyone with limitless free energy. There are many more examples but you get the idea.

Greed is something that is much more challenging to get rid of than unfair distribution of resources. That will only be eliminated when humanity is collectively evolved enough where they start holding those who have a problem with greed accountable. This doesn’t necessarily mean punishing them. However, it can mean shining a light on their greed and removing the ability for them to continue acting out their greed. Then, they can be taken through a heart-centered remediation process that involves shadow work and perhaps even profound therapies like mindfulness meditation, holotropic breathwork, and psychedelic therapy.

It’s Time to Step Up

Each one of us who is awake and aware of the imbalances in the world due to greed can play a part in getting rid of it. Even at the local level, if we see a friend or family member acting greedy, we can take action to help them first become aware of their actions (greed is an addiction and can be approached in the same way) and then together work towards eliminating it.

A world without greed is possible, but it’s going to take our active participation in manifesting it. No government or social institution is going to do it for us. We all are in this together, so let’s all extend a helping hand.

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