Beware Righteousness: Astrology Forecast 15th – 21st February, 2021

February 15th, 2021

By Nikki Harper

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Rebel energy clashes head on with the status quo this week, in the first of 2021’s three major squares between powerful planets Saturn and Uranus. Sitting out this energy is not an option – there’s simply nowhere to hide, so you’d better pick a side and fight for it.

It all starts well enough, with an assertive but well-meaning Aries Moon creating positive aspects to Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, all kicking up angst in idealistic Aquarius. Monday is the best day of the week for trying to channel positive energy towards change. From thereon in, however, the road gets distinctly bumpier.

On Wednesday, the game-changing Saturn-Uranus square becomes exact, with the added bonus of an exceptionally stubborn Taurus Moon in exact conjunction with Uranus. The last time Saturn and Uranus squared up like this was back in 1999/2000.

As an astrological planet, Saturn typically represents the status quo, while Uranus tends to represent rebellion, challenge and unpredictability. What makes this Saturn-Uranus square even more interesting, however, is that here the roles are reversed. Saturn in Aquarius is the rebel, with Uranus in Taurus fighting tooth and nail to keep things just as they are, thanks very much.

There’s a certain elegant irony here too regarding how things have changed since the last Saturn-Uranus squares. We were in the middle of an emerging digital landscape at the turn of the millennium, with new tech startups pushing the boundaries of everything we knew. Fast forward and here we are today, with those former upstarts now giant tech companies which can – and do – call all of the shots and hold most of the cards. Symbolically at least, it’s easy to see how Uranus now represents the status quo, with Saturn challenging for a return to “the good old days”.

Perhaps more importantly, however, especially given the upheaval the world is in, this battle between Saturn and Uranus has a spiritual and psychological dimension too. In a “post-truth” world, which of these two powerhouse planets speaks the truth? Is it Uranus, speaking up for the widening of human rights and the greater acceptance of our fellow humans? Or is it Saturn, harnessing the Aquarian energies of philosophy and religion, railing against progressive values and seeking a righteous return to a more conservative (with a small c) world view?

It’s up to us to understand that neither of these energies has all of the answers. Both directions of travel can claim right and might on their side, and both would be on shaky ground in doing so. To successfully navigate this Saturn square Uranus energy, we do need to pick a side, yes, but we need to understand that “our side” is also a work in progress, with faults and issues of its own. Realism is needed more than ever, because too much idealism and righteousness is leading only to more division and chaos.

We can see this in action later in the week when Venus squares up to Mars, reflecting arguments and discord in our personal lives. On the surface, what you’re arguing about probably has little-nothing to do with society’s progress in either direction, or lofty values and ideals. Beneath the surface, however, it’s our different values which ultimately bind us or tear us apart.

Look to Saturday for some relief from the tension. When Mercury turns direct in Aquarius, reason, logic and cool-headed discussion will become possible again. Just in time for us to salvage something from this otherwise exceptionally tense week.


You very much want to go your own way right now and you have plans which don’t involve playing ball with the rest of society. What others expect from you is of little interest to you, because you are confident in your own values and your own world view. Fair enough – but as Saturn squares Uranus you can expect your plans to be tested on a financial and material level as well as an abstract one. Effectively you’re being asked to put your money where your mouth is. Go ahead and break away by all means, it is your destiny to do so, but be very sure that you can look after yourself and your loved ones sufficiently well while the dust settles.


The Saturn-Uranus square highlights exactly how bound up your identity is with what you do for a living. If your job truly reflects who you are and who you want to be, this week’s astrological vibe will leave you more comfortable than many. If, like most of us, you are not living your dream, work-wise, then now is the time to figure out why not. Work out a plan, not only for what you want to do, but how you intend to get there. If you don’t start working on this now, you’ll find the situation increasingly difficult when the Saturn-Uranus square repeats in June and again in December. Consider this your advance notice to fix your working life and to find your authentic purpose once and for all.


You’re not normally a righteous kind of zodiac sign, famed as you are for your ability to see all sides of every coin several times before breakfast. But there’s something about this Saturn-Uranus square which brings out the zealot in you. Expect to feel passionately drawn to sharing your message – this is not necessarily about religion or faith; it could also be a political, social or humanitarian cause which calls you to campaign and take action. You’re doing this for all the right reasons, but you’re also doing it in all the wrong ways. You’re turning people away from your message because of your overly forthright attitude. As a Gemini, your job is to show the way – not to force people to follow you.


There’s something in your life that “others” don’t like. Whether this involves your religion, your individuality, your sexuality, your lifestyle choices or anything else, you can expect to be made to feel different and to some extent unwelcome during this Saturn-Uranus square. Society is not a happy place for you right now. But you know what? This is where your secret superpower comes in. You are more capable than most signs of not giving a damn. Carry on being who you are – shout it from the rooftops in fact – safe in the knowledge that you are secure and loved by those who matter. Cancer’s symbolic protective shell comes into its own during this difficult astrological period – it allows you to be authentic, against all the odds.


This week’s Saturn-Uranus square plays out on quite a personal level for you, Leo. Conflict between your working life and your personal life is acute, especially if you are having to spend more time on work and less on family issues. If you’re currently working from home, this just magnifies the problem – you’re technically available, and yet not. Expect some family drama around this issue, and try to keep your cool. It’s not an attack on you personally, it’s just that others want more of you than they can have. Consider it a back-handed compliment. You will be able to resolve this conflict later in the year, but if now, all you can do is to do your best. Don’t feel guilty for working hard – you’re doing it for your family, after all.


The world is opening up before you this week, with all kinds of possibilities emerging. You may have dreams of travel, a new job, perhaps even a fresh start and a complete new life. It’s all possible indeed, but is it practical? The Saturn-Uranus square seeds doubts in your mind and responsibilities you have seem to weigh even heavier upon you now. Your challenge is to keep resentment at bay. If you have caring responsibilities, for example, it’s all too easy to start blaming those family members for “stopping” you following your dreams. They’re not. It’s not their fault. It’s not your fault either – but you are where you are. You can only live life from this starting point. Look for your many current blessings, and have patience.


Don’t be surprised if your confidence takes a battering this week, especially when the Saturn-Uranus square is exact. Deep psychological issues are being stirred in your psyche and it’s bound to feel unsettling. Creativity may be your saviour at this time. Take time out to draw, paint, craft, sing, dance or otherwise flex your creative muscles. Getting your emotions out in this way is highly therapeutic and you should do as much of it as you possibly can this week. Don’t hold back or censor your self. You have much greater creative strengths than you realize, and part of this astrological vibe is designed to help you realise and embrace this under-used element of your soul.


Family drama is high on the agenda this week, particularly if you have unresolved trauma in your past or from your childhood. You may feel that extended family members are asking too much of you, or are being too harsh in their criticism of you. You’re not wrong. Try to avoid being drawn into a conflict between your love partner and your blood family. You may have to pick sides in this way – follow your intuition, but in most cases it’s safe to say that you chose your lover for a reason. You didn’t get to pick your family. So love, honour and defend the person you chose to be with. None of this is easy, but there are underlying lessons about trust and commitment which you will “get” as the year progresses.


Exhausted yet? As Saturn squares up to Uranus, the very limits of your patience and endurance are being tested. You probably feel overwhelmed with “stuff” you have to do, and you’re not getting much help with it. The key here is to understand the impact this stress is having on your mental and physical health. If you allow it to continue in this vein, you may be pushed to breaking point when Saturn and Uranus square off again, in June and in December. Take this opportunity to work on lightening your load. Look carefully at your priorities. Much of what you’re obsessed with doesn’t really matter, or could be done by someone else – or not at all. Choose your battles very carefully.


The Saturn-Uranus square this week speaks to the core of your material abundance and your notions about what really matters in life. Don’t be surprised if you go through some financial shocks and upsets, or if every calculated gamble you take seems to backfire this week. You’re being asked to re-think your values and to recognize that true abundance has very little to do with the size of your bank balance. One way of understanding this is to start a gratitude journal and to make a point of seeking and seeing every tiny non-material blessing in your life. In June and December, when Saturn and Uranus meet again, you will start to figure out a new abundance mantra, but for now, know that the universe will provide what you need, even if not necessarily what you want.


Saturn’s squares to Uranus from within your own sign are immensely challenging for you – but also full of potential. This is your chance to figure out who you truly are. Look to your past and your ancestry for answers to help you define your identity, but keep a firm eye on the present and future too. Remember that you can evolve and grow. Who you once were does not have to be who you remain. This energy is all about finding your authentic inner voice, so don’t be afraid to speak up about your experiences. Don’t allow anyone else to define you, pigeon hole you, bully you or tell you who you are. By insisting on your own individuality, you provide a light the rest of us can follow.


You sense the spiritual undertones of this significant cosmic energy, but you may be struggling right now with your role in the world. If you feel lost, look to your spiritual gifts to ground you and to give you purpose. You are talented in mediumship, divination, meditation, healing and other divine arts, but you also have simpler gifts to offer the world too – your compassion and your ability to listen are crucial in this divided world. You can best integrate the Saturn-Uranus square into your aura by refusing to stop being kind, even though others are not kind to you. In the battle between change and the status quo, it’s essential for all of us that you remain a beacon of gentleness and understanding.

About the author:

Nikki Harper is a spiritualist writer, astrologer, and editor for Wake Up World.

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