7 Steps to Change Your Life: Step 5 – Movement

March 30th, 2021

By Kanta Rudy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

[This is the fifth in a series of seven articles – the first step is here]

7 steps. 7 teachings. Are you willing? Are you worth it? Of course, you are!

The fifth step is movement.

Movement is the lifeblood of the universe.  Everything is in perpetual motion. Nothing stands still. The oceans move, the seasons change, day turns to night. Consciousness moves and shifts.

The world consciousness has shifted. Its daily push into a deeper pattern of fear of the unknown is creating much stagnation in people’s mind-body and spirit.

Human consciousness is cycling within strict patterns of control. All based on what we can do, and what we can’t do under the imposed propaganda machine of fear. What’s interesting here is when someone empowers the fear their internal movement shifts toward survival. Survival energy creates powerful mood swings and deep stagnation limiting the ability to feel and make critical choices. Our bodies are not meant to stay in a high-stress mode for long periods of time.

The world has changed, life is different, there is no more time to waste. Now is the time to choose to move into that direct path of what will be the best possible outcome for you and your families.

Movement on all levels is essential for the health as well the catalyst to change.

Movement is a required aspect to cleanse the blood and remove toxins from the body.

Movement is vital for life.

What choices have you been waiting to activate that will assist  you to move in a state of knowingness rather than be a pawn in a fear-based society?

What choices can you make now to not have a lockdown mentality in life?

What choices can you make now to live in more balance in an unbalanced world?

Now, let’s bring it a bit closer to home.

The human body needs movement daily. To the extent of how little or how much is completely up to the individual and his or her personal needs.

Automation in technology is a dangerous outlet for laziness. Over time and with the advances in technology, people have grown inactive; for many people getting up from the couch to change the T.V. channel is an unthinkable malady. It wasn’t so long ago in terms of human history that we had to move to eat; at that time no movement meant sure death. For the first time in history, doctors are pressured to find in medicine, miracle cures for this extremely unhealthy lack of movement.

Could it be that movement for the adult is at its core an extension of child’s play? Play allows us to change the way we look at difficulties in our lives and helps us to stay in balance. In today’s stressful world it becomes more of a challenge.

The simple fact remains, that it is still fun and healthy to play around. Play keeps us mentally healthy, young, and alive. Just maybe with a playful spirit, you can use your imagination to navigate a way through the unknown to create change in your life.

When one chooses to have physical movement daily, they instantly create a new pattern that allows them to release built-up tension and toxins from the body, thus changing how they react to problems.

Playing itself won’t solve the difficulties in the world we find ourselves in. It won’t make them go away, yet it can give us the strength to align with our internal power to help ease the tension with these shifting patterns. Movement gives the body permission to relax and regenerate.

My intention is not to tell you what to do or not to do, but rather to encourage you to start moving your body daily.

There are so many options to choose from. What is important here is that you choose something that you enjoy doing.

It can be from intense, high-impact, heart-throbbing sports to soft and subtle low-impact energy-enhancing movements. Whether you surf, ski, skateboard, or perhaps swim, dance, walk, run, bike, do yoga, or perhaps play volleyball, tennis, hike, mountain climb, or anything else you can think of, everything that engages your body through movement is beneficial. Always respect your age ability and athleticism to avoid a perilous situation. Just enjoy the process.

Learning to have some fun with your body, not confining it to a strict program, but playing and enjoying yourself will indeed help with staying in balance in an unstable world.

As I have stated choose something that works for you.

I offer you below a series of flowing exercises that can be done anywhere, any-time. Lockdown or not. Scroll down past the illustrations for the downloads. These movements open up and move the energy and the blood in the body without creating pain. I have chosen an exercise ball to work with for this segment of exercises. Also, the ball with its child-like connotation gives the users the ability to create a deep connection to their inner child offering time to reconnect and remember what it feels like to play and heal. Learning to feel your body takes time. So, relax and enjoy the process. The amount of time you spend is completely up to you, don’t be rigid. These exercises will not only help with opening the body they will assist in making new connections in the brain.



















Click the links below to download the images and the instructions for these movements:

Play and Heal – Movement Illustrations

Play and Heal – Movement Instructions

Or receive at no cost a copy of my book Play and Heal and go to the chapter on movement.

Play and Heal is a book that opens the heart to healing. It brings out the true meaning of healing, and that healing can be a joy. Play and Heal is a beautiful tool for healing.” -Hossca Harrision author of the “Tide of Change”

Also by Kanta Rudy:

About the author:

Kanta Rudy has been assisting people for more than forty years. He is a spiritual counselor and a Naturopathic Doctor with a Master’s degree in Natural Health, and he is a certified Hypnotherapist. Kanta works with individuals and groups, guiding ones in the area of “spiritual nutrition” and in healing in an enjoyable, playful manner. He has practiced in Los Angeles, California and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Luberon France, and currently lives in Athens Greece.

For more information about Kanta go to www.playandheal.com

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