Personal Care 101 for a Healthier, Safer Lifestyle

April 5th, 2021

By Alex ‘Earthie Mama’ Du Toit

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

As women, we all have a routine with the personal care products we use. From our everyday  beauty products to our preferred face wash, we’re constantly applying different ingredients and chemicals to our bodies. With personal care products being mass-produced in order to meet their demand, not all widely available products are actually healthy for us in the long run. In order to make sure we’re all living our healthiest lives possible, here are some tips for everything you should avoid in commonly used products. There are body care products for a healthy lifestyle.


As we all generally want to smell as fresh as possible, deodorant is always a staple in our beauty cabinets. But what we don’t think about is what’s included within our deodorant products that helps us stay dry and smelling fresh. With deodorant often containing harmful ingredients such as parabens, triclosan, phthalates and even aluminum, it’s safer to apply more natural alternatives. With there being several aluminum-free deodorants on the market, there are also alternatives that will keep you dry, that you can find right in your kitchen.

For citrus fans, lemon juice has been known to be an effective deodorizing method. Just applying a lemon slice or a few drops of lemon juice to your underarms will leave you feeling fresh for the rest of the day. Or you can apply a mixture of cornstarch and baking soda as another option. Having the perfect mixture of these two ingredients will prevent your underarms from feeling wet and leave you odorless.


Whether you apply perfume every morning before work or only on special occasions, we all have our favorite scents stored on our beauty shelves. Even though perfume makes us smell good, fragrances have the tendency to cause skin irritations for those easily susceptible. Not to mention, unlisted chemicals are often included, giving no clarity as to what we’re applying daily on our skin. A more holistic approach is applying essential oils to your skin instead. With scents such as lemon, peppermint and lavender available, not only can you curate the perfect scent but each essential oil offers health and mental benefits.

Hair Dye

Whether it’s getting a fresh cut or dying your hair a new color, everybody is tempted to switch up their hair every now and then. With summer here, we can expect to see highlights and fresh blonde do’s all around us but in order to make sure we have the best version of our hair possible, we have to apply the healthiest hair color possible. Many hair dyes often contain parabens and sulfates, which can prevent our hair from being moisturized and lead to breakage and split ends. When looking to apply the healthiest dye available, it’s most beneficial to look for a vegan hair color company. As these hair dyes only include plant-based ingredients, applying a safe vegan hair color to your tresses will have your hair thanking you eternally!

Natural Sunscreen


We’re all aware of how important skin protection is. Even though sunscreens are supposed to protect us from the sun, they may be causing us harm. As oxybenzone is included in a majority of sunscreens available on shelves, there’s a lot more that meets the eye of this UV absorbing chemical. With multiple studies showing the possible negative health effects of applying oxybenzone onto your skin as well as the devastating effects it has on our ecosystem (primarily our coral reefs), it’s worth it to invest in mineral-based sunscreens. If you’re a fan of DIY, you can even create your own sunscreen.

If you don’t feel like making your own sunscreen we sell an organic sunscreen in our shop.

Applying homemade sunscreen will give you peace of mind of exactly what you’re applying to your skin and give you the healthiest sun protection possible.

When looking for personal care products, it’s important to stay mindful of the ingredients included. Paying attention to what you’re applying onto your body on a daily basis will only help you live the healthiest lifestyle possible. Natural Body Care is important for a healthy lifestyle.

Originally published at Earthiemama and reproduced here with permission.

About the author:

Alexandra Du ToitAlexandra is a true Earthie Mama, helping others tune into their most natural, thriving state while bringing harmony and balance into all areas of their lives. She hosts a well-known blog,, where she writes about health and wellness, conscious parenting, green living, self sustainability and getting off the grid. Alex also has an MA in Psychology, and is a registered Yoga Instructor, environmentalist, conscious mother, green living advocate and natural birthing expert. She also sells all natural products and her ebooks through her website.

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